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Termite Control

Termite Baiting Stations

Baiting for Termite Infestations to End!

What is Termite Baiting?

Termite on Damaged Wood Termite baiting involves placing a feeding station to attract termites. This feeding station is placed on the inside or the outside with an internal station. To lure these pests enticing cellulose based food is used and then induced with hexaflumuron.

This bait is passed from one termite to another through grooming and eating activities until the whole nest is contaminated.

The Hexaflumuron component in the bait is known to interfere and destroy a this pest's ability to produce new chintin which is what insect skins are composed of. Being unable to replace their skin even after shedding it a number of times slowly, these pests ultimately die.

The process of baiting leads to the slow death of the entire colony and can take between 4-5 months for the same.

The Types of Termite Bait

  • Agenda: These involve in-ground and on ground stations. Read More
  • Nemesis: This method involves chlorfluazuron being used as growth regulator for insects. It causes these pesky creatures to consume and pass this toxic ingredient on to the others in their colony for complete eradication of these pests. Read More
  • Exterra: Buildings that are being attacked by these little destroyers from under the ground and the surrounding area use this treatment to provoke these pests to gobble up the bait. Read More
  • Sentricon: This careful planning involves targeting the workers of this pest family with hexaflumuron to kill them first as the colony depends upon them for food. Once the workers die, so will every other member of the nest. Read More
  • Trelona ATBS: The Trelona Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS) is one of the most efficient and recommended termite removal system in Melbourne. Read More

The Stages

Termite Prevention

  1. The Luring Stage

    The first stage involves luring these insects with cellulose based termite food as these pests are attracted to chew on anything and everything that contains cellulose.

  2. The Stations have Hexaflumuron Put in Them

    As soon as the stations start attracting these ever hungry busy-bodies, the stations have hexaflumuron added to them which regulates insect growth and attacks the outer body of these pests. This ingredient is known to tear down the skin of termites and affect their mandibles so that they can no longer chew.

  3. The Nest Starts Getting Affected

    Once a few termites pick up this powdery toxin, they start passing it from one to another until the whole nest is affected by it. This leads to the death of the entire nest. The poison is passed either through the affected termite's faeces or in the attempt to bring food to the nest for their babies to feed on. This destroys the entire nest and ensures that there is no future left of it to build another nest.

The Advantages

  • You are stress free
  • Awareness of termites existence
  • The nest is destructed before your house
  • Budget-friendly and effective method of treatment
  • Guaranteed additional help when required

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