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Beetle Pest Control & Removal in Melbourne

Rice Weevil BeetleWhether you own a hotel in Australia or simply live in Melbourne, it is very easy for you to develop a beetle invasion in your home or garden. While some species are helpful, such as the ladybug, others are nothing but a nuisance and the root cause of the damage to your property.

If you have a garden or a backyard filled with various plants, you can agree that sometimes, these outdoor pests can sneak in and infest your home without even leaving a trace.

It is not until you find their dropping or notice damage to your furniture that you realise that your home has been infested. But fear not, if you doubt the presence of an infestation, you can call Protech Pest Control for a home/hotel pest inspection that will be conducted as per your convenience.

And if there is any presence of a pest, our certified technicians will create a treatment plan according to the results of the inspection and conduct a pest control and removal treatment service for your home/hotel in Melbourne.

Identification of a Beetle

  • Their size, shape, and colour vary with different species.
  • Lady Beetles and June Bugs are oval or round.
  • They have fully-developed chewing mouthparts and antennas.
  • Although they have wings, they are poor fliers.
  • Click Beetles are slender and long.
  • They have shell-like wings in the front that appear more like a protective shell rather than wings.
  • Their front wings (elytra) folds to cover the back wings.
  • These wings are hard, waterproof, and durable. They protect them from dehydration and physical damage.

Beetle Lifecycle

Lifecycle of beetleThey are holometabolous, meaning that their larvae pupate before developing into adults. Often, their larvae are mentioned as grubs.

Most grubs live inside trees or underground and are different in their choice of habits and shapes. There are a few species that look similar to caterpillars and openly munch on leaves while there are various other aquatic species.

There are also many species that continue to keep their segmented legs while other legless grubs have vigorous chewing mouths and can be distinguished from fly maggots.

Signs of Beetle Infestation

Depending on the species, the size will vary, making it difficult to identify the species if it is small. Therefore, when conducting a self-inspection of your home/hotel, make sure to look for the damage caused by the pest to any of your furniture, etc.

Once you have spotted the damage in your home/hotel, look for their droppings or bristle skin nearby. You will also notice the munched on fabric or furniture in the beetles dropping. You will also notice the live specimen crawling near your window or door trying to make its way outside during the summer or spring season.

While self-inspecting the house/hotel, do not forget to check for damage made to your garden, clothing items, or carpets as they are known for damaging plants, clothing, and carpets too! If you sense an itchy sensation while using any clothing, the chances are, there could be an invasion of your home.

Common Species Found in Australia

There are about 20,000+ species in Australia, however, the most common species found in Melbourne are;

Types of beetles
  • Christmas Beetle: These insects are ideally found in woodlands where they have easy access to trees and soil. They are known for attacking household commodities and crashing into windows.
  • Eupoeciles Australasiae: This type of insect can fly efficiently without even using their front wings. They are known for feeding on nectar-laden flowers and for intruding the interiors of your home and spoiling the surrounding environment.
  • Eupoecila: The species of this genus are common in Australia. This genus consists of 5 species, Eupoecila Evanescens, Eupoecila Australasiae, Eupoecila Inscripta, Eupoecila Intricata, and Eupoecila Miskini.
  • Calosoma Schayeri: This type of species easily adapts to habits of various climates but is most active during the rainy season. It is known to cause a lot of nuisance in places with bright lighting.
  • Lamprima: This genus consists of 7 species. Their body is oval and shiny while their color varies depending on the species.
  • Common Furniture Beetle: These types of insects infest timber and soft sapwood to lay their eggs in it and later to feed on the wood. If the infestation is severe it could lead to the damage of the internal structure of your furniture, etc.
  • Black Carpet Beetle: This species is known to cause a lot of damage to household items and for infecting food products. Their larvae mostly damage carpets, clothing, furniture, silk, wool, bedding, fur, curtains, etc.
  • House Longhorn Beetle: The larvae of this species are known to destroy floorboards, beams, doors, roof trusses, and any type of timber products. Since the larvae feed on the wood, it, therefore, makes the internal structure weak, thus, causing extensive damage.
  • Powderpost Beetle: This type of Beetle is known for destroying seasoned and dry wood, to the extent that it turns the wood pieces into powder. These beetles take around 5 years to mature into an adult.

Beetle Facts

  • Carpet Beetles do not eat synthetic materials but only animal materials such as fur, feathers, silk, leather, felt, wool, etc.
  • Most physical damage is caused by larvae while adults are mainly known to feed on pollen.
  • Carpet Beetles are found everywhere in Australia and can even manage low humidity levels.
  • In Australia, there are 30,000 species however, only 20,000 species are scientifically identified.
  • There are 350,000+ various known species of beetles worldwide.
  • Some species live in the nests of other animals.
  • Some species feed on other insects, fungi, rotten logs, wood, dead animals, fruits, fungi, plant material, etc.
  • Ladybugs and fireflies are also considered as beetles.
  • Titanus Giganteus is the largest beetle known to man and is 17cm.
  • Some species can glow in the dark because of a chemical reaction inside their body.
  • Lady Bugs are useful for the environment as they help by eating dead trees and pollinating flowers.
  • Boll Weevils and Japanese Beetles are known to be a nuisance as they destroy people's property as well as crops.

Carpet Beetle Prevention Tips

carpet beetle

  • Vacuum every room in your home regularly, especially the rooms having carpets.
  • Move your furniture around from time to time to check for any insect droppings, skin, or damage.
  • After every season, wash your clothes and linen and store them away in sealed air-tight bags.
  • Use insect screens and systems to prevent any insects from flying into your house.
  • Use insect removal systems and dispose of the dead or trapped insects effectively to prevent it from drawing it more insects.
  • While looking, if you notice any signs of an invasion, spray an insecticide for the time-being on any place of furniture infected or damaged by these insects.
  • While conducting an inspection, if you notice signs of any damage in your cupboard, spray an insecticide.
  • You must carefully seal any infected or damaged linen or clothing in an air-tight bag and leave it under the sun for 2-3 hours.
  • Lastly, if the situation is severe, immediately call for an exterminator in Melbourne to get your home/hotel inspected and treated with a control service.

Beetle Pest Control Technique

Our certified and skilled technicians will follow various methods and techniques to help keep away these pests;

  • Modification of Habitat: First, our technicians will conduct an inspection of your home/hotel and analyse the root cause. Once they find out what is making your home/hotel pleasant for pests, they will help you modify and make changes to make the environment unpleasant for any pests.
  • Growth Regulators: Applying special balms or sprays to their hideouts to regulate their normal development and growth.
  • Barring & Exclusion: Caulking, door sweeps, and any other non-chemical treatment will be used to prevent these pests from entering.
  • Insecticides: Lastly, spraying insecticides to any crevices and cracks to prevent them from re-entering post-treatment.

Our Removal Treatment Service Procedure

Our Removal Treatment Service consists of 3 steps;

Beetle Pest inspection
  • Inspection: First, our certified technicians will conduct an inspection of your home/hotel to examine which type of species you are dealing with, the intensity of the infestation, the root cause, the damage caused by it, and many other factors.
  • Treatment Plan: After the inspection is over, our technician will create a treatment plan according to the requirement, level of the invasion, type of pest, and other findings. The treatment plan will involve the timeline, type of treatment, prevention guidelines to follow, and much more.
  • Treatment & Eradication: Based on the treatment, our technicians will conduct the extermination process that includes applying a pesticide to kill the insects, their eggs, and larvae. Depending on the severity of the infestation, this procedure might have to be conducted twice.

Why is this Removal Service Necessary?

Beetles are known to cause damage not just to your garden plants but also to your property inside your home!

Some beetles eat into your clothing, expensive fur and silk, wool, feather, leather and felt, while some eat into your wood and timber furniture, weakening the interior structure and causing extensive damage. Using an infected cloth can even lead to severe allergic reactions.

To prevent the damage from occurring, it is best to get a removal service conducted.

Natural Ways to Remove Carpet Beetles

  • Locate the Problem: Before you begin any procedure, it is best to first locate the infestation and spot the signs. Look for dropping, skin, or any damaged area or cloth as that is where the invasion is!
  • Spot the Source: Once you finished locating the problem, spot the source by observing which area shows a bigger amount of damage. This includes places like cupboards, secluded places, and carpet regions.
  • Vacuum the carpets: Vacuuming your carpets regularly is proven to be the best way to eliminate these pests. However, it is important to dispose of the vacuumed waste effectively as it could worsen the infestation.
  • Wash the infected clothes and fabric: It is important to wash the infected clothes and fabric in hot soapy water to kill the insects. Since you can't wash your carpets, steam clean them to ensure they are clean.
  • Use Steam: Steam is an effective way to get rid of bugs. Steam not only helps kill adults but also eggs and larvae.
  • Glue Traps: Glue traps help kill the insects hidden in the cracks and crevices. They also help in identifying the intensity of the invasion and you could also use protective systems.
  • Store Clothes in Plastic: Store your clothes in a sealed air-tight plastic bag to keep it safe from any damage. Using mothballs is also an effective way.
  • Clean Regularly: Clean your home regularly to ensure no food crumbs are attracting new insects to your home. Cleaning your home regularly also helps prevent the infestation from increasing.
  • Apply Insecticide: You can use Boric acid as a pesticide to kill these insects. However, make sure you use gloves while applying it.

Why Choose Protech Pest Control?

Protech Pest Control provides efficient Control & Removal Services along with efficient inspections conducted by skilled technicians on the same day! They provide a pest-free guarantee by conducting eco-friendly treatment services to help you get rid of your bug-intrusion.


  • How to get rid of Beetles?

    Vacuum regularly, use insecticides, store items in plastic bags, use glue traps and insect systems, and get a control and removal treatment service to get rid of them.

  • Which is the best method to remove them?

    The best way to get rid of them is by using insecticides, protective systems, and conducting a control and removal service.

  • Are they dangerous?

    Some beetles sting humans while some could cause one to have an allergic reaction due to using an infected cloth.

  • Do they die in the laundry machine?

    Washing your clothes, linen, or any fabric in high temperatures can help kill these insects. For your carpets, you can use steam to kill them.

  • My pantry is infested! Can you help?

    Yes, at Protech Pest Control, our experts specialise in eliminating all types and degrees of infestations from various places indoors as well as outdoors! All you got to do is contact our experts.

  • What are the signs of an infestation?

    Common signs of an infestation are dropping, bristle skin, live specimen, or damage caused to your wooden furniture or plants.

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