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Building Pest Inspection Services in Melbourne

building pest inspection melbourneSince buying a house isn't cheap and it takes investing a lot of your savings to purchase, buying a home for yourself and your loved ones is a very important decision.

However, before investing in a house it is important to conduct a thorough examination of the building, to ensure that it is termite-free, pest-free and is a good product worthy of your buying.

Our building inspection experts are highly trained and fully qualified to conduct building examinations pre-purchase, to ensure you make the right decision and the home you wish to buy is perfect for your stay.

What is the Need For a Pre-purchase Building or Pest Inspection in Melbourne?

Before buying a sound system at the store, we always make sure we check how well it works and if it is worth the cost, similarly, before investing such a lot of money in any property, it is a vital step to conduct a building and pest examination, to ensure that the house you are buying isn't a hideout for pests and is worth every penny that you have invested.

Where do We Inspect During a Pre-purchase Building Pest Examination?

  • Interiors: Ceilings, Roof voids, Fireplaces, Railings, Doors, Windows, Walls, Tiling, Bathroom and Kitchen fixture, are all a few places that we inspect during a building pest examination.
  • Exteriors: Roof exteriors, Subfloor, Soffits, Footings, Gutters, etc. are a few places we conduct a building pest examination.
  • Grounds: Fences, Pergolas, Driveways, Walkways, Steps, Retaining walls, Drainage, etc.
  • Structural: This includes, the Garage, Balconies, Chimney, Attic, Basement, Deck, Foundation, Patio, etc.

The Benefits of a Pre-purchase Building Pest Examination:

  • Identifies Structural Defects:

    A building pest inspection detects any structural damage or defects that might cause an issue later once you have settled into your home.

  • Identifies Hidden Issues:

    This service lets you know in advance of any hidden issues that might not be easily seen to the eye, such as any leakage or faulty drains, etc.

  • Option to Negotiate the Cost:

    Once the defects or flaws have come to your notice, if you are willing to work around it, you could use these flaws to your advantage by negotiating the price of the house with the seller.

  • Peace of Mind:

    Conducting a building pest inspection allows you to know everything about your future house that might have not been mentioned by the seller or the broker. Knowing the good as well as the bad will make it easier for you to decide if you want to go ahead and make the purchase.

Building Pest Examination Services:

Pest Inspection Report

  • Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection:

    A house can look perfect from outside but have many underlying defects that you may only come to know off after purchase. This is why it is best to get your building inspected before any purchase.

    This inspection will let you know of any hidden defects, leaks, building structural damages, pest infestations, as well as how much it will cost you to get all these problems fixed or to conduct any pest control and removal treatment.

  • New Building Inspection:

    Before you settle down into your new home, it is important that you get a building pest inspection conducted. Most times, we are in such a hurry to settle down that we forget to check for any hidden problems, and later on these hidden problems come to light but it is too late to call up the builder to get it fixed. Do not make that mistake and get your building inspected before settling down.

  • Vendor Building Report:

    It is always best to get your building inspected before listing it out as this provides you with many benefits, it allows you to identify and fix a problem before letting any third person know about it as well as it allows you to sell your property at a much higher and better price once the problems are fixed.

  • Timber Pest Inspection:

    This inspection involves a visual check of your property to check for any damage created by termites or for any existing termite infestation. During this inspection, our expert will also check for any existing conditions that could likely result in a termite infestation.

Latest Tools & Equipment:

Moisture Meter

  • Moisture Meter:

    A Moisture Meter is one of the latest tools used by inspection experts to check the level of moisture in your walls. It is most preferred because it is non-intrusive and does no damage during the process.

    Since termites are drawn to places with high levels of moisture, it is necessary to check for any presence of these timber pests and if there is an infestation, it would require immediate control and removal treatment services.

  • Thermal Imaging:

    A Thermal Imaging Camera is another most preferred and latest tool that is used to detect any underlying damage done by any termites or timber pests, any leaks or electrical defects in the wall or the structure.

    Once and if you have discovered any hidden pest infestation, it is important that you conduct pest control and removal treatments in your Melbourne home at once.

  • Borescopes:

    This is another latest equipment that is used by our experts to detect any underlying damage within your walls that could have been done by termites, pests or any fungi that is causing the timber to rot. If there is any presence of termites, it is best to get the pest control and removal treatment service done as soon as possible.

  • Probes & Levels:

    Our expert will also use a spirit level device to check for any leveling issues while installation of windows, flooring, and walls.

  • Pressure Applications:

    A water pressure gauge will be used to check the pressure of the water systems and to identify if there is any leak of drop in the pressure due to any defects or damages.

  • Tapper:

    A Tapper a.k.a a timber inspection tool is a device used by the expert and run against the surface of any timber, if there is any presence of termites, this device will produce a distinct sound, identifying you of the pests.

  • Length Measurements:

    A measuring tape will be used by our experts to check the dimensions or size of any crack or defect in your home.

Our Inspection Process:

Regardless of you being a seller, a buyer or the type of inspection service you opt for, our services are hassle-free, easy, efficient, quick and thorough.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, our expert will show up at the scheduled time and place to examine the area. A normal inspection usually takes 40 or 60 minutes depending on the size, age and condition of your home.

While examining the structure of your home, our expert will check out all the interiors, exteriors and excess ground space, including your walls, roof, foundation, driveways, patios, door, windows, floors, sub-floors, etc.

During a timber inspection, our expert will also examine the property for an existing infestation or past existence of any timber-pests infestation or if any potential factors could result in an infestation. Our thermal imaging device also detects any underlying moisture-related problems.

After thoroughly examining your home, our expert will then provide you with a thorough report. Our expert can also send a copy of the report to settlement and real estate agents. Our reports are not only unbiased to any party but it is also thorough and leaves no wall left uninspected!

Your Building Inspection Report:

After thoroughly examining the area, our inspector will create and provide you with a comprehensive report that will list down all the findings as well as photos of any underlying damages, issues or defects. This report will let you know if there are any;

  • Leakages in your rooftop.
  • Faulty roof plumbing.
  • Structural damages.
  • Timber-framing faults.
  • Fire hazards.
  • Expose any cover-up work.
  • Faulty stormwater and drainage systems
  • Pest infestations.
  • Damaged footings.
  • Collapsing and weak structures.
  • Weak water pressure.
  • Leaks from bathroom fixtures, etc.

Why Choose Our Building Inspector?

Building InspectorWe at Protech Pest Control understand how big a commitment, buying a property in Melbourne is and because we understand that, we strive to provide you with the best building and pest inspection services in Melbourne as well as termite control treatments and removal treatments.

From pre-purchase home inspection services, timber inspections and complete inspection reports to effective control treatments and removal treatment services. our experts are fully equipped to solve your every problem.

Our certified and experienced Inspector will not only fully examine and create a complete report of your home but will walk you through and help you fully understand any underlying problem as well as provide you with a list of pest control and removal treatment options.

So, if you are planning to buy or sell a property or worried about termite infestation, please call Protech Pest Control on 1300 486 149 today and talk to our experts.


  • What is a Pre-purchase Building Pest Inspection?

    It is a thorough pre-purchase examination of the exteriors as well as the interiors, the structural strength, an inspection of any infestation activities and damages as well as any hidden defects.

  • Can I be Around While the Examination is Conducted?

    Yes, you can be present while our expert is examining your home, this also allows you to directly communicate with our expert after the examination and clarify any doubts or findings or ask for his advice on any treatment options.

  • How Long does This Examination Last?

    Depending on the size, condition, and age of your home, the time might vary. However, it usually takes around 40-60 minutes.

  • When will I Get the Report?

    Once the pre-purchase examination is finished, our expert will provide you with a thorough and reliable report within 48 hours.

  • What Equipment is Used During the Examination?

    Thermal imaging, moisture meter, Borescopes, pressure applications, length measurements, probes and levels, and tapping are the latest equipment that we use while examining your home.

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I've been using Protech for over 5 years now for both my home and business and have been very happy with the results and would highly recommend. I mainly have Dwayn service my home and cafe and find him very informative and friendly, always happy to explain what he is doing and very thorough! Also find them very reasonably priced and have recommended them to family and friends also!
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