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Termite Dusting Treatment

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What is Termite Dusting?

Termites Control Termite dusting an effective termite control method. The procedure is based on blowing dust toxicants over the area infested by these pesky creatures or their nesting area, this product powder is transferred from one termite's body to another during grooming and eating activities which encourages it to be spread throughout the entire nesting area.

The toxicant has the ability to poison the queen eradicating the entire nest. Using this method in summer can be proven effective as these pests are much more active during warmers climatic conditions.

The Process of Termite Dusting

Dusting involves a procedure that requires small holes to be drilled in those parts of the home or property that are most infested by these pests. The holes allow the powdery-poison to be passed into the workings and re-sealing these holes ensure that the powdery-poison stays there and does not escape.

Type's of Dust Used:

  • Termidor Dust:

    Being non-repellent in nature, food alpha cellulose constitutes 95.5% of this powdery-poison. This is similar to the material used for termite bait. These busy-bodies aren't able to sense the toxic nature of this product and easily transfer the powder to the others in the nest. This product may require the dusting procedure to be conducted multiple times to ensure that these pests have been completely eradicated.

  • Arsenic Trioxide:

    This procedure involves the use of arsenic dust to be launched into the workings of these busybodies. While this powdery-poison attaches itself to the bodies of termites to be transferred from one to another until spread over the entire nest, it may take 10-20 days for the completion of this procedure. This treatment also requires these pests to be undisturbed before and after this treatment to ensure maximum results.

The Advantages

Termites DamageMost treatments involve bait systems that necessitate the need for constant and regular follow-ups by your pest control company to ensure that the bait is being used to achieve results in terms or termite eradication.

This method, on the other hand, do not require regular check-ups and can prove to be a much more successful and faster method of ridding your property or home in Melbourne, of these insects.

This means that your busy schedule will not need to be constantly interrupted and changed in order to accommodate the pest inspection procedures in your schedule for most days.

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