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Rid Your Home of Termite Nests

If you have ever had a termite infestation problem at hand, you'll know how difficult they can be to fight. In fact, the only sure shot way of actual elimination is to locate the nest in the building or home and then carry out the necessary treatment.

Without a nest destruction strategy in place, their elimination is difficult and instead can force you into considering relocation of your residence. At least half of the people you personally know will have encountered an infestation at some point or the other. So, how do you tackle this very devastating problem faced by most Melbourne homeowners?

Why is This Important?

Very simply put, nest destruction is important to ensure complete elimination of these pests from the property. That is the first step that helps the pest control professional devise a termite extermination plan. It's even more important to ensure that you destroy the nest to prevent the infestation from reoccurring. Only once you have professionals inspect the area will you know where its exact location is.

Many a time, it may be situated right at the very foundations of the construction or sometimes a few yards away from the boundaries. In such scenarios, it is nearly impossible for a common person to hunt it down and hence, you're better off assured by the experienced eye of a professional.

How is a Nest Destroyed?

Once we have located the nest there's no doubt that we will be exterminating its inhabitants and destroying it, but there are 2 ways to have the method executed.

  • Direct Destruction:

    This particular method is used once we have a clear idea of the specific location of the nest. Our team of skilled experts then proceed to skilfully and thoroughly destroy the nest by way of injecting a certified termiticide or physically removing it. In case the colony happens to be in a concealed area, which is difficult to reach without disrupting the termites, we then suggest the second route.

  • Indirect Destruction:

    In the event of your building or home having a termite problem that is located at inaccessible points like the foundation or behind certain walls, etc., our team of experts will then treat the area with either one of these treatments:

    • Injecting termiticide into the workings and corridors.
    • Set up termite bait stations whose success is based on the sharing nature of termites in carrying the bait a.k.a food back for the queen to feed on. Thus, the bait is soon consumed by the entire colony, finally leading to their death.
    • Liquid and foam termite treatments.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

In the case of any termite treatment, patience is key. The main thing to keep in mind is that once the elimination of the queen takes place the destruction of the colony is a given. Often it takes weeks and sometimes even months for this process to take place. It really depends on the type of product, the type of termite species you're dealing with, location and seasonal time of the year.

What Happens After the Nest is Destroyed?

It's not only about getting the nest off your property but also about ensuring that the termites don't get down to relocation to discover a new place and continue being pests. Once the colony is exterminated, the said area is treated in order to prevent the problem from returning. With a thorough termite protection monitoring and treatment solution in place, you can sit back and relax.

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