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Spider Pest Control

Spider infestations are very common around the world as there are more than 30,000 species in the world and most of them are found in the various parts of Australia, especially in Melbourne.

They are known to be a nuisance to have in your home or around your building as the very sensation of a spider crawling up your legs could make you feel grossed out.

They are definitely not good for business as you would not want your potential clients that visit your office building, to come in contact with them. The best control and removal method of an infestation in Melbourne is by using the right control and removal treatment service to treat the particular species that are available at Protech Pest Control in Melbourne.

How to Inspect For an Infestation?

The most common places to look for these insects are in your basement, attic, garage, storerooms, your garden, as well as in your cupboards. However, the few signs that confirm an infestation are:

Spider Infestation

  • Spider Webs:

    If there are spiders there definitely has to be webs. Depending on the species the size of the web may vary and could either be funnel-shaped or orb-shaped.

  • Spider Eggs:

    During Autumn, these insects come out of their hiding place in search of a mate. Some die as soon as autumn ends but some go into hibernation until next spring. The eggs are laid into a silken sac and can contain approximately 100 eggs. This sac is either carried by the female or is fixed to a surface or hidden on the web. If you spot a sac, be sure that the number of spiders will soon increase.

  • Spider Movement:

    You can get your home or business building's storeroom, basement, and garage inspected for their movements.

  • Check for Other Insects and Pests:

    Spiders feed on other insects and pests such as ants, flies and other spiders. If you find any of these insects there are probably spiders too!

If you inspect your home or business building and find any of these signs, get your home or business thoroughly inspected once again by a professional and get your home/business building treated with a control and removal treatment service while setting up control and removal protection systems.

How to Prevent Getting Bitten?

You can prevent getting bit by this insect by following these simple rules:

Spider Bitten

  • Avoid leaving any clothes, bedding and other items on the floor.
  • Always dust or shake your shoes before wearing them, in case there was an insect inside your shoe.
  • Always dust and inspect your bed, your sheets, and bed skirt before getting into bed.
  • Do not try to play or handle live spiders.
  • Seal all your storage items in plastic zip lock bags to prevent them from getting in.
  • Reduce the clutter in your storage rooms and attics as this could give them more hiding places, making it difficult to inspect easily.
  • Continue getting a scheduled pest control and removal service, to prevent any future infestations and by installing protection systems.

Main Spider Species in Melbourne

There are 6 major species found in Melbourne and they are:

  • Redback Spider:

    These venomous insects are nocturnal in nature and do not get aggressive unless if disturbed. They are identified through their unique red or orange stripes on the abdomen area and are found in dark and dry locations.

  • Black House Spider:

    They build lacy webs near window corners with the entrance shaped like a funnel. They are identified by their dark brown or black legs and charcoal grey abdomen with light markings. They are mostly found on tree trunks, rocks, walls, buildings and logs.

  • Funnel Web Spider:

    This is the only funnel-web insect found in Victoria. They are not aggressive, however, one might feel dizzy and fall ill, if bitten.

  • White-tailed Spider:

    They are identified by their white tips on their tail and their cigar-like long body. They are nocturnal hunters and feed on black house spiders. They are found inside homes and office buildings.

  • Wolf Spider:

    They come in different sizes. Their bodies consist of drab patterned colors like yellow, grey, and brown. Depending on the species, they are either found in the dry shrublands and woodlands of Melbourne or coastal forests and alpine meadows of Melbourne.

  • Huntsman Spider:

    They are large in size and can move very fast, they do not attempt to hide and show aggression only when provoked. They can be found in homes, office buildings and cars.

Spider Pest Control Methods

1. Crawling and Hunting Insects:

It is very difficult to control crawling and hunting spiders as they are not found in a web but rather make their home under a pile of dead leaves or a log waiting to attack their prey. Most pest control and removal services involve the removal of every spider individually by direct contact with a pesticide.

However, if the species is not dangerous you can remove it by yourself, all it takes is a glass bowl, a cardboard paper to slide underneath and a fearless family member.

If it is a dangerous species it is best to get a professional terminator to inspect and conduct pest control and removal treatment service and to install a protection system in your home or building.

2. Webbing Spiders:

Webbing spiders depend on the silk for their movement and for spinning webs to catch their prey. If you are dealing with a webbing insect, there are few more options to control them, these control methods are:

  • Reduce the food supply by switching off the lights before going to bed and by using other pest control and removal treatments like mosquito and fly control and removal treatments.
  • Remove the webs that are in your home or office building.
  • Use chemical sprays available at local stores in Melbourne and spray the insect directly rather than spraying the web as they can still hold on to the web using its claws that don’t absorb chemicals easily.

These methods are not a permanent way to control these insects, however, it is essential to remove the webs after a treatment service and install protection systems as this helps you identify if the infestation is cured or increasing.

Get a Rid of Spiders in Your House

There are various pest control and removal methods and they are:

  • Use yellow bulbs that attract fewer insects.
  • Hose the outside of the building regularly.
  • Destroy any eggs or sac that are found.
  • Cut off any branches or plants that touch the wall.
  • Fill any gaps, crevices or cracks in your wall or door.
  • Dust and vacuum your home or business building regularly.
  • Regularly inspect for any webs and if you find any, remove them.
  • Remove firewood of storage boxes to reduce hiding spots.
  • Clean your storage cupboards and storerooms every once in a while.

Why Choose Protech Pest Control in Melbourne

Protech Pest control in Melbourne is a trustworthy and well-known Pest Control and Removal Service Company that offers treatments and services customised as per the species that is infesting your home or business building.

We provide eco-friendly treatment services that do not harm the environment or home. We also provide same-day inspection and efficient same-day services to ensure you get the best and fastest solution to your problem along with a pest-free guarantee service and a free quotation of the service.

So it's time to stop tolerating those spiders, call us today and say good bye to web of problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which are the Common Type of Species in Melbourne, Australia?

    Web-spinning, garden orb-weaving, nomadic and ground-dwelling spiders are the common types of species in Australia out of which few are dangerous and could cause an allergic reaction or death if bitten.

  • What Attracts Them to Enter My House?

    The weather conditions outside your home or the ample food supply inside your home/ building could attract them to your home/building. Control and remove the food supply by opting for less attractive lighting and by keeping your home/building clean and clear of any other insects.

  • How to Prevent an Infestation?

    A minor infestation could easily build and turn into a major infestation that is why it is essential to prevent an infestation by a thorough inspection of your home/building, by following a regular clean up treatment service and installing protection systems while keeping your garden, basement, attic and garage in check.

  • How to Keep Spiders Away in Australia?

    Fill a spray bottle with peppermint essential oil along with water and spray all the corners of your home regularly. You can even fill all the gaps, cracks and crevices in the walls to reduce the hiding spots and prevent them from hiding in your home easily by conducting a professional treatment service and by installing protection systems.

Client Testimonials

Protech provide friendly professional service, in person and over the phone. Always helpful and no spiders have dared walked our new home.
- Karen Shaun

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