Dairy Factory

Dairy Factory

Dairy industryAll things white but never too pure!

Dairy industry is perhaps the trickiest industry when it comes to controlling the pests. Despite the various measures carried out to keep the dairy products pure and germ-free, one pest is all it takes to ruin the entire lot of production.

Pests are also most attracted to the dairy industries because of the aroma of the products and abundance of food. While they enter your factory premises to feast, you tend to pay a heavy price.

How Can We Help?

We know the pests of Melbourne like no other. We have also catered to a lot of dairy industries in the past. We hold the HACCP accreditation which allows us to service every kind of dairy industry. Our technicians are not only well versed in the usage of the latest technology but also well-versed with the sensitive needs of your industry. We understand that the pest control measures for a dairy factory are different from that of a food processing premise. And this is what differentiates us from most of the other pest control services in Melbourne.

Why Call Us?

Pest emergencies are common in a dairy factory. Even if you spot a rodent in your premise, immediate scrutiny and action is mandatory to prevent any further contamination of the products. Protech Pest is known to be the fastest to respond whenever you call. We provide same day service with a 100% job guarantee. We also use biodegradable and most effective pesticides to get rid of the pests.

After all, Safeguarding your dairy factory is safeguarding the people of Melbourne!

Client Testimonials

Dwayne arrived at our home as a priority. He sprayed the wasps and took time with me to try to locate the nest. The kids can now use the trampoline again!
- Brooke Clayton Rudd

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