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Subfloor Ventilation in Melbourne

The health of your home depends on its subfloor air circulation. And, older brick homes can have too little of this! The solution - installing subfloor ventilation to improve the crawl space air circulation.

What is subfloor ventilation?

A mechanically installed system that can stop extra moisture from getting into your home and removes damp air. It also circulates dry and fresh air under your floors.

How does subfloor ventilation work?

Having extra moisture in your subfloor can lead to increasing dampness, moulds and mildew, and serious health issues. Choose an air circulation system as a long-term and pocket-friendly solution!

This can be easily installed by Melbourne’s skilled professionals. All you need to do is call Protech Pest Control Services to get started and leave the rest to the professionals.

Our skilled technicians help you get rid of excess moisture, remove trapped damp air from your floors and tend to your unique air circulation requirements - all within your budget.

Here’s how we do it

The first step to getting your property well ventilated is to ensure frequent and good circulation of air, especially in the small spaces under your floors. Any leaks need to be sealed up properly and excess water or moisture needs to be drained out of your floors. Well-placed and simple air vents around the perimeter can help encourage air circulation. However, this is sometimes not enough.

When existing vents are not able to get rid of all the excess moisture efficiently, an exhaust fan installed in the right way can help remove all the damp air. This is exceptionally useful when your property has extensions or a deck attached that can block ventilation under the floors.

What the procedure looks like:

  • Testing for moisture:

    To understand your property’s requirements, we conduct moisture tests of the space below your floors. When our technicians treat your subfloors or install ventilation systems, they conduct moisture tests before and after the work is done to ensure 100% success.

  • subfloor ventilation system

  • Measuring the area’s ventilation & access:

    To ensure your floors are well-ventilated, having circulation systems ducted to all the corners and cavities of your crawl space is important. Our technicians first measure the access space if there is one and then measure the space that needs to have more ventilation. A ducted system is installed if there is access to the space. Spaces that don’t offer access may require a fan to be installed in the exterior portion of your walls.

    To install a subfloor ventilation system, the crawl space’s cubic meterage needs to be measured (width x length x height), and then divided by the fan’s ventilation output. Our technicians ensure there are three air changes per hour for air to be introduced to the area under your floors.

  • Choosing the best fans:

    While the market offers a choice of fans, it is important to choose a fan that does the most efficient job silently. You can count on us to install quality fans that come with a warranty of giving you nothing but the best.

  • Installing them:

    To ensure the fans are well-fitted, we mount them on a base that has a rubber barrier of 20mm installed between the base and the fans. The fans are mounted on the cavity’s floor or screwed onto its joints. The goal here is to ensure that the fans are installed in a manner that offers even distribution of air in every part of the subfloor.

  • Switching it on and off:

    Our smart fans are installed with a waterproof timer that can run for a set period and adjusts to your requirement. To do this, its waterproof timer or hygrometer helps it switch on and off after determining the prevalent humidity levels. While the fans are programmed to function when there are no occupants, you can adjust them to suit your needs.

  • Following up on our services:

    To ensure 100% customer satisfaction and ensure that your home’s ventilation needs are met, our technicians visit you again a month post installation, according to your convenience. Our professionals ensure they have all the readings, and conduct due inspections and readjustments to ensure your floor’s requirements are met.

Features of subfloor ventilation systems

  • Effective design and energy efficient
  • Unobtrusive operation
  • Low maintenance and reliable
  • Neat and compliant with Australian standards
  • Pocket-friendly and efficient

Switch to high-flow vents!

subfloor solar-powered fans

With older brick-built properties on timber floors, when a vent is too high on an external wall, the back of the metal vent is usually blocked by its floor bearer. While using slit bricks is often considered, the gaps between bricks can also get blocked.

Choosing an Aleta high-flow vent can help you avoid moisture retention in your floors that attract termites, borers and other pests.

Our solar-powered/enviro fans efficiently maximize the airflow avoiding the build-up of fungi growth and moulds.

Types of subfloor solar-powered fans - Envirofans

1. Quad fan system:

  • Available in white or brown and with a heritage grill
  • Unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing design without protrusion
  • External measurements with integrated flange are 275mm long and 215mm wide
  • Solar power or low voltage 12V
  • Terracotta vent size
  • 27db - quiet operation
  • 5 ½ litres (5m3) of damp air per minute extracted
  • Completely serviceable with a long shelf life
  • Made and designed 100% by an Australian company in Australia

2. Roof fan system:

  • Controlled by a thermostat, no heat loss during winter
  • 7000 litres (0m3) of air per minute
  • 58.4 DB. Low Voltage 12V
  • Doesn’t detract from home aesthetics
  • Solar option available
  • Colours - Manor Red, Headland, Shale Gray, Woodland Gray, Windspray, Pale Eucalypt, Cottage Green, Wilderness, Deep Ocean, Silver, Night Sky and Mission Brown
  • Australian-made and designed

3. Dual fan system:

  • 2,750 litres (75m3) of damp air per minute is extracted
  • Convenient brick size
  • External measurement with integrated flange is 126mm wide and 275mm long
  • 27db - quiet operation
  • Solar power or low voltage 12V
  • Completely serviceable with a long shelf life
  • Available in white or brown and with a heritage grill
  • Unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing design without protrusion
  • 100% designed and manufactured by an Australian company

Why choose us for subfloor ventilation systems in Melbourne?

Become one of our happy customers by trusting our skilled professionals to efficiently inspect and fix your ventilation problems. You can count on Protech Pest control for:

  • Licensed and fully insured solutions
  • Budget-friendly property solutions
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Expert advice and services
  • Quality products and services
  • Skilled technician servicing

Talk to one of our experts today to get started and leave your property woes behind for us to take care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is ventilation important?

    The health of your family depends on the air circulation of your property. When your property is not well ventilated, especially in the subfloors, it can lead to respiratory problems for you and your loved ones through the build-up of mildew and moulds caused by the humidity. Bad air circulation in your subfloors also affects your structures over time and can lead to rotting and attracting pests like termites - commonly found in Melbourne. Tending to your health and property’s structure issues caused by poor air circulation under your floors can become an expensive affair for you and your loved ones. Having a well-ventilated home also reduces asthma symptoms and occurrences of other common allergies and respiratory ailments.

  • What problems should I look out for?

    In many cases, homeowners only realize subfloor issues when the damage begins to affect the main areas of their homes. If you notice a damp odour or a sunken floor, it may be time to call in a professional and get your subfloors checked. You also need to call them if you notice your home is humid all the time, there is a leaking pipe or you find a moist layer on your windows almost all the time.

  • Where does the moisture come from?

    While there can be some obvious sources like leakage, or a crack in the building, humidity and moisture can creep into your home in other ways. For instance, moisture can be coming in from your soil even if it looks dry on the surface during the process of evaporation. Air circulation is important to ensure that the humidity is not trapped or making your walls damp.

  • Why Roof Systems and Envirofan Subfloor Ventilation?

    In the 1970s, UniSearch conducted rigorous testing for Solarfan - a market leader for air circulation fans for subfloors. This was a trusted accreditation that paved the way for Evirofan to come along in 2001 and refine the quality of such fans. Choose Envirofans to get cutting-edge design and installation methods without using in-line fans and flexible ducting in up to 98% of subflooring installation cases. Envirofans come from over three decades of experience and knowledge in mechanical air circulation installations and designs. Envirofans are known to be a cut above the rest.

  • How much does subfloor ventilation installation cost?

    The cost of underfloor kits can range from $199 to $529, depending on the size of your property and its ventilation requirements. Get an estimated quote for your underfloor requirements by talking to one of our professionals today.

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