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While there are beneficial insects, pests can be a nuisance and harmful to other industries and a health threat to the residents but we know that they can cost you your bread and butter by infesting your farmlands. Rats and mice are known to be every farmer's worst enemies since ages. Destroying the crops by constant chewing, burrowing, soiling it with their dropping and rendering the crops completely useless is how they infest and that is why it is vital to get pest control for farming.

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To compete with the rats, there are the flying insects which ruin crops too. And when not on the farmlands, these pests go after the storage areas of grains and other produce. Furthermore, spraying harmful pesticides is a no-no whether you’re into organic farming or regular farming. This is why at Protech Pest we have extensive integrated pest control agriculture plans to make sure these agricultural pests aren't the ones enjoying your tended farm.

How can we help you?

HACCP Cert expAfter a thorough pest inspection of your farmland, we chart out a comprehensive preventive agricultural pest control farming plan.

We will even give you a complete management report with recommendations on proofing, hygiene and general pest control measures.

The best part is, we use only biodegradable and environment-friendly pesticides to ensure that your crops and produce remain healthy and unharmed.

We have all the certifications and a HACCP accreditation that speak for our quality of work. Also, our exterminators are well-trained in integrated pest control agriculture to tackle all kinds of harmful pests and your worries too! And the best part is, all our services come with a 100% job satisfaction guarantee and great warranties.

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