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Mosquito Control in Melbourne

Mosquito Control Melbourne

Mosquitos are insects that are despised by all because of being known to transfer many diseases and sickness and let’s not forget their itchy and stingy bite’s aftereffect!

To ensure your family’s safety it is essential to carry out an effective inspection and insect infestation removal service within your home or building as well as outside your home or building to eliminate their presence!

Insects are also known to cause a lot of havoc in the business sector by spreading diseases to your employees or your potential clients. These insects can drive people away simply by being seen by them because nobody likes to be bitten by mosquitos. This is why effective insect inspection and infestation removal services are highly required in business sectors in Melbourne to maintain the good health and safety of their employees and clients.

We, at Protech Pest Control, Melbourne provide effective insect inspection and infestation removal treatments as well as provide protection systems within your home and buildings in the business sector to completely eliminate an insect infestation and to help you keep your family or employees safe from diseases.

Facts on Mosquitos

  • They are attracted to bright colors.
  • Mosquitos are known to have existed in the Triassic period (400 million years before)
  • There are a total of 2,700 discovered species.
  • They develop from larvae to adults within 10 days.
  • Their average weight is 2.5 milligrams.
  • They have 47 teeth but they aren’t used to bite human beings.
  • Only females bite humans while the males feed off sweet things and nectar.
  • Mosquitos flap their wings 500 times per second.
  • You will find them close to any still water area.

Signs of a Mosquito Invasion

  • Mosquitos make a very high-pitched sound when nearby if you hear that be sure that it is a mosquito and if you hear a lot of that high-pitched sound then you can be sure there is an infestation nearby!
  • Insect bites that keep increasing day by day is another hint that there may be an infestation nearby.
  • An adult mosquito is attracted to houseplant trays, still water bowls and other moist places for them to lay their eggs.
  • If you notice them flying around your moist lawn or among your plants, call for a professional inspection.
  • If you notice them walked upside-down on your glass surfaces and ceilings, call for a professional inspection.

How to Control & Remove Mosquito in Melbourne?

mosquito pest control

  • Eliminate entry points in your house, building or business space by drawing your curtains or closing your windows when it gets dark, to ensure these insects have no way to enter your home or building or business space.
  • Use insect screens and protection systems in your home, buildings and business space to keep insects at bay!
  • Get rid of any dead mosquito or other insects as it could attract other insects and bugs.
  • Ensure your water butts at home and in your building are covered to prevent them from laying eggs in them.
  • Get rid of any standing water cans or bowls around your house, building or business space to prevent them from breeding.
  • If you have a fishpond or a fountain in your garden think of getting some goldfish or natural predators that eat the larvae.
  • Use natural repellents like peppermint oil, neem oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella, or vanilla and lavender extracts to keep them away.
  • Clean your home, building or business space’s gutters regularly and maintain your swimming pools.
  • Secure your house and building’s rainwater tanks.

How to Avoid Getting Bitten By Mosquitoes in Melbourne?

mosquito bite

  • Ensure your home, building and business office is protected by using protection systems.
  • Keep your home, building and business office secured by installing insect screens.
  • Use mosquito coils or sprays regularly at your business space to control and remove insects.
  • If you are camping outdoors make sure you carry and use a mosquito net to avoid getting bitten.
  • If you are going to be out late, wear protective clothes like a loose skirt/pant and full sleeves and do not forget to apply a mosquito repellent.

How We Treat Insects?

After our skilled technician has finished inspecting your home, building or business space, they will come up with the best insect control and removal treatment that is curated according to your requirement. This inspection will help them understand the cause, what started it, where they hide and how to kill them effectively.

After inspection, based on what our technicians have observed, they will either use conduct a chemical pest control and removal treatment or a microbial control and removal service or a physical control and removal service. What are they you may ask? This is what they are:

mosquito treatment

  • Chemical Insect Control and Removal Service:

    During this treatment service, our technicians will be using larvicides and adulticides to eliminate the insects. Depending on the environment, the site of the infestation and the stage of development and amount of larvae, our technicians will decide which chemical treatment to apply.

  • Microbial Insect Control and Removal Service:

    Using Microbial larvicide will help control and remove the insects and keep you at peace of mind. Microbial larvicide is considered as a pesticide because of being toxic to the larvae of insects.

  • Physical Control and Removal Services:

    This consists of managing the water flow, environment modifications, covering or filling up larval habitats, and draining. Following these steps will help control and remove them effectively and prevent them from returning.

Insect Control & Removal for Businesses and Hotels

Whether you work in the hotel industry or your business is conducted outdoors, you can contact us to control and remove a mosquito infestation and after a thorough inspection of your building, home or business space, our technicians will customize a mosquito control and removal plan for you as well as treat your space to a control and removal treatment service and install protection systems.

Why Choose us?

We at Protech Pest Control, Melbourne, understand the need to safeguard your family and employees from diseases spread by mosquitoes, this is why we provide efficient insect control services and install protection systems that are carried out by our certified technicians. We also provide eco-friendly treatments and same-day inspection and same-day services.

Call us today on 1300 486 149 so we can step up and protect you from mosquitoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Season is Mosquito Season in Melbourne?

    Summer is considered as the season for mosquitos however, it is during spring and autumn that most mosquitos breed. This is why it is always best to switch to regular treatments from the start of October to the end of April.

  • What are the Treatments?

    Our treatments aim to control the infestation. After a thorough inspection, our technician will conduct a treatment to kill them.

  • Can the Spray Harm Me?

    No, although our chemical treatments control the infestation, it is very safe for the environment and to be used around humans and pets.

  • Is There Anything Home/Building Owners Can Do to Reduce Mosquitoes?

    Yes, home/ building owners can do their bit of reducing mosquitoes by removing containers or utensils containing water and cleaning their drains to eliminate breeding spots.

  • What Diseases Do Melbourne Mosquitoes Carry?

    Melbourne mosquitos carry diseases like Ross River virus (RRV), Barmah Forest virus, Kunjin diseases, and Murray Valley encephalitis virus.

  • What Does IGR Stand for?

    IGR stands for Insect Growth Regulators that prevents the larvae from maturing into adults and from reproducing.

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