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Commercial Pest Control Services Melbourne Protech Pest Control in Melbourne provides a wide variety of commercial pest removal services according to your requirements. Pest invasions are a common issue faced all around the world by building-owners as well as company-owners.

You can find them not only in your building but also within your office, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, schools, clubs, hospitals, etc. Pests are bad, they can ruin your business reputation, your goods, and products, your time, your money as well as your drive away your clients.

We understand the inconvenience and nuisance caused by a pest invasion that is why we aim to manage and remove insects from your buildings and offices with our effective inspections and same-day commercial pest removal services.

Importance of Commercial Pest Removal in Melbourne:

To ensure an environment that is rodent-free for your customers and staff, it is essential to conduct a commercial pest removal service. Having birds, rodents, lice, and other insects within the vicinity can damage your property and your products and will definitely be bad for business. Rodents are known to defecate and urinate as they travel throughout your premises, polluting the surface, your items as well as spreading diseases.

It is a well-known fact that if your business is a part of the food industry, it is required to follow a set of food-hygiene requirements and health regulations to maintain the hygiene and purity level. Not abiding by these rules and requirements can scar your brand’s reputation if found guilty.

Our Commercial Pest Removal Involves:

  • Inspection: We provide a thorough inspection by inspecting your building, offices and outer-space for any signs of an infestation. We even provide a same-day inspection to give you fast and effective results to your problem.
  • Identification: After conducting our thorough inspection within your premises, we identify which pest has infested your building, to customise an effective treatment.
  • Preventative Action: Once we have identified the type of pest you are dealing with, it will be easier to provide you with preventative measures that you can adopt to keep the insects at bay.
  • Analysis: We provide you with detailed information as to why this has happened and what caused the pest to invade your building.
  • Treatment Selection: We provide you with a cost-efficient removal treatment that is customised as per your requirements and according to the pest you are dealing with, to effectively terminate it as quickly as possible.
  • Monitoring: We provide regular post- service visits to stay up to date with the pest situation and to prevent any future infestation.
  • Documentation: We also provide you with a thorough report on the removal service conducted, the treatment used as well as preventative measures and we also give you copies of our certification, license, and insurance to guarantee you that you are getting professional help.

We Specialise in Commercial Pest Removal Services for:

  • Food Industry- Restaurants, Bakeries, Wineries, Cafes
  • Accommodation- Travel lodges, Motels, Farms, Hotels
  • Retail Stores- Malls, Shopping stores, Grocery stores, Supermarkets, Department stores
  • Entertainment- Theatres, Cinemas, Amusement parks
  • Healthcare- Hospitals, Medical centers, Pharmacists
  • Education Institutes- Schools, Colleges, Training centers, Childcare
  • Sport Institutes- Stadiums, Gyms, Sport clubs
  • Manufacturing Faculties- Workshops, Processing plants, Factories
  • Storages- Parking lots, Warehouses, Garages
  • Public Services - Police station, Government building, Emergency centers
  • Community Centers- Churches, Retirement homes, Parks
  • Residential- Apartments, Houses, Boats, Buildings
  • Others- Airports, Offices, Banks.

Specialised Commercial Pest Control Services

    Insects Control Melbourne
  • Termites (White Ants): Termites travel a hundred meters in search of food. They squeeze in through cracks and will eat any furniture cloth and even electric wire and damage your home.
  • Cockroaches: They like to live in damp places and only come out at night. If you spot one cockroach, for sure many more will be hiding in some dark corner as this is where they like to hide.
  • Rats and Mice: They are found at any time of the year. They build their homes in the walls, furniture or even draws or cartoons and are known for spreading diseases.
  • Bull Ants, Brown Ants, and Sugar Ants: They are long and are either black or red in colour. They are very aggressive and their sting is very painful. They live outside and feed on other insects. The Brown ant is also long and is either yellowish-brown or brown in colour. They build their nest in the soil or along pathways or under dry leaves. They are attracted to sweet, fruits and meats. The Sugar ant varies in shape, size, and colour. They are mostly active during the night and are attracted to sweets, however, they very rarely enter the house.
  • Spiders: There are about thousands of species of spiders. Red Backs can be found in areas like gardens, sheds, swimming pools, and homes. They build their webs in a hidden area away from the sunlight. Funnel webs hole are found in moist sheltered areas. The male funnel web will leave its hole in search of other females. While the female never leaves her hole unless the rain has made her leave or gardening. Trap Door spider lines the entrance of the hole with a fine lining of silk which is only for a centimetre around the rim acting as a trap for its prey.
  • Fleas: There are about 3000 species and they are found in most parts of the world. They suck the blood of animals and birds they jump on to. The rat fleas cause plague. There are about 800 species of Ticks but only two are known to transfer sickness to humans. Bird Lice are found on sparrows, pigeons, and poultry. Once there are no birds the bird lice will start attacking humans in search of blood causing irritation.
  • Bees and Wasps: They look very much alike and can be mistaken for each other. Their stings are very painful. Honey bees attack when you disturb them while wasps are very aggressive. Honey bees have a hairy body while the wasp has a shiny body.
  • Birds / Pigeons: They are considered as pests as they endanger human beings. Their droppings are acidic in nature and eat away at the roofs damaging it. Their dropping contaminates water, food, and cause airborne diseases. The droppings also attract other pests like ticks, lice, and other insects.
  • Insects and Bugs: They can be a pest in homes and in your garden destroying the plants and causing harm to humans as their bites cause ‘rash.

Why is It Important to Conduct Commercial Pest Removal Regularly?

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  • Saving You From Losses in Business: Pests can cause great havoc in an establishment. By having the commercial pest removal done on a regular base you can safeguard your business and avoid your supplies and products from getting infested or tarnished. Thus, avoiding unnecessary losses in your business.
  • Maintain Healthy and Clean Surroundings for Both the Workers and Your Clientele: It is necessary for the surroundings of your commercial setup to be clean and free of hindrances for the wellbeing of all your employees so that, they are all in good health, enabling the smooth performance of the business. To maintain and increase your clientele and for their satisfaction, a hygienic setup is also very important.
  • Keeping Government Regulations in Mind: When an establishment does not comply with the Hygienic rules set down by the authorities, they are more likely of having unexpected checks and fines laid or even cause the establishment to be shut down.
  • Neglect can Cost You More: Commercial Pest control should not be avoided or overlooked. To ensure the smooth running of your establishment and the functioning is not hindered, consult the registered pest control company. Neglecting to conduct a pest control or a follow up will just increase the infestation and damage which in turn will turn out to be more expensive.
  • Keep Your Valued Business Reputation Together: Pests can create great havoc in your business so the sooner you get a pest control done it will save your valued business from suffering any degradation from other competitive companies.

Why should You Choose Protech Pest Control in Melbourne?

We at Protect Pest Control, are known in and around Melbourne for our efficiency and top-class services. We have the best organic Pest control services. Our trained and efficient experts are prompt and they value their customer’s satisfaction.

The experts are efficient and have undertaken pest problems in kitchens, homes, offices, and different commercial setups. They are well trained and without a waste of time can pinpoint the problem and conclude the mode of action that will be taken.

We at Protech Pest Control in Melbourne value time and so with the least delay, put your mind at rest having eradicated your premises of every trace of a pest in no time and to your satisfaction, making your commercial space once again safe and pest free.

So don't hesitate to call us for a comprehensive solution to your pest problems and we'll put your commercial property back on a happy and healthy track.


  • How to Prep the Commercial Building for Inspection?
    After minute inspection of your commercial establishment, we spot the pest that has been attacking your building, what the extent of the infestation is, and where are their hideouts. Then we mentally chalk out the plan of action that will be taken and what will that amount too financially. Once our quotation has been approved we will get down to investigating the issue without getting in the way so as to disrupt the daily working. Making sure all the material used is organic and safe for the employees. And nothing is damaged during the process. During the pest control, we will inform the concerned person if there are any changes and also when the next follow-up should be done.
  • How often should You have Commercial Pest Control done?
    Commercial pest removal has to be done twice a year. We at Protech Pest Control Melbourne offer you a one-year warranty.
  • What Happens During Pest Inspections?
    During an inspection the premise is minutely searched from top to bottom and inside out, to try and inspect the insects and detect any damage that they have caused to the structure of the premises. Then the ‘how it will be rectified’ is chalked out.
  • Can the Place be Cleaned After Pest Control?
    Normally, after the inspection and treatment, it would be best if you held off cleaning for a week. This will allow the treatment to have its maximum effect on any stray pest that will try to invade the premises.
  • Client Testimonials

    I had a really big problem with pests at my office. Protech Pest Control came out immediately and with no hassles. The staff are great, friendly and work very efficiently. FIVE STAR SERVICE! I will definitely be recommending this company to others
    - Ane Dodevska
    Professional, accommodating, great service and pleasant, from the office staff to the tech. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.
    - Valerie Spierings

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