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Physical Termite Barriers

Physical Termite Barrier

Protech Your Home with Termite Barriers!

Termites are the most destructive kinds of pests that can destroy your home from its very foundation before you can even notice their presence. Such Pests are known to create more destruction than even the worst natural disasters.

A physical termite barrier is a moisture barrier that is installed around the perimeter of the building and pipe penetrations. This helps in blocking an entrance to your home.

A physical termite barrier is one that consists of wide sheets that are placed underneath the slab of your building or around your home. These sheets are secured with adhesive and cloth tape. The wide sheets are laid before the slab can be poured or can even be placed around your property and pipes. The actual method will depend on your unique needs.

Methods of Physical Termite Barrier

  • Membranes:

    These consist of polymer sheets that are flexible and thick. They also contain a strong insecticide. The insecticide on this allows it to act as a physical and chemical barrier. Hence it is an effective and safe method which is also affordable.

  • Collars:

    Houses that are constructed on a slab have hidden penetration points that need protection. Termite collars require a variety if installations that allow it to be placed before the concrete is poured.

  • Foams and Sealants:

    Termite foams and sealants are known to provide solutions with complex construction issues. These fill in the abnormal gaps in construction joining the concrete slab and protecting the home. Even though it acts as filler it is also a repellent and keeps termites away.

  • Metal Ant Capping:

    These are metal sheets that were used in old constructions to have termites directed to the outside and away from the house. As these are prone to rusting they can be proven useless especially when they aren't installed property.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh:

    This is made from marine grade stainless steel with openings that are too small for it to pass through. It is commonly glued to a slab or masonry and may even be used through slabs by going around pipes.

  • Aggregates:

    Crushed granite of a specific shape and size is used as a barrier especially for homes in Melbourne. This material is impenetrable and makes hard to get through them to get into the house. This method is not widely used because of cheaper alternatives.

  • Termcoat :

    This Sealant is sprayed on a clear Bifenthrin outside layer that coats brickwork and also cement. This builds a Termite resistant zone that can be used both as a barrier and an inspection area, in just one application. It is easy to apply and is known to be cost effective.

How Do Physical Termite Barriers Work?

Well installed barriers do more than just keeping them at bay and restricting them from entering your home. They also do the job in such a way, that these pests cannot enter your house while being hidden and will have to make obvious entrances allowing you to know that they are trying to invade your home.

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