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Birds Pest Control in Melbourne

Bird Pest Control

At Protech Pest Control Melbourne, one of our specialties is pest control and removal inspection and services. Whether you require pest control and removal services for your home or for your office, we provide customised treatments and protective system solutions to eradicate and to prevent any future pest invasions.

We understand the risks and health issues that a pest in Melbourne causes, which is why, we provide same-day pest inspection and pest control and removal services, eco-friendly treatments that won't infect your products in your office building and certified technicians that possess the knowledge and experience to render an effective outcome.

Our control and removal treatments are customised to protect your home or business from a bird infestation without endangering the native wildlife of Melbourne or the environment and are only conducted after a thorough pest inspection of your building.

Common Signs of a Bird Infestation

You can identify if your home or office is infested by inspecting for these signs mentioned below:

  • If you notice the population of birds on your office building roof or near your building is increasing day by day.
  • If you frequently notice a large number of droppings on the flat surfaces of your building or around your property.
  • If there is a strong foul odor that continues to linger even after taking out the garbage or cleaning your home.
  • If you often hear bird noises of their little ones crying.
  • If you find nesting materials untidily scattered around the building premises.
  • If your product stock is damaged due to bird fouling and pecking.
  • If your gutters and drains are clogged with feathers or nesting materials.

If you notice a few of these signs but you still unsure if you are dealing with an infestation or not, it is best to get your home inspected or your building thoroughly inspected for a pest by professional pest control and removal expert in Melbourne.

Why the Bird Pest Control and Removal is Important in Melbourne?

If a bird infestation is not effectively controlled and removed they could not only physically damage your products and building but, they can also ruin the reputation and profits of your business overnight!

A Few More Reasons to Control and Remove a Pest in Melbourne are:

  • Nesting materials and droppings contain various parasites and transferable diseases such as salmonella and encephalitis.
  • Since droppings are highly acidic in nature, they could stain and corrode your building materials as well as your product stock.
  • Cleaning droppings regularly could cost businesses much more than eradicating a pest invasion with pest control and removal services.
  • Nesting materials and feathers could clog the drains and gutters of your building turning it into damp waste.
  • They contaminate the food products and stock with their transferable diseases.
  • Birds physically damage your building structure and rooftops for nesting purposes.
  • There is also a high chance of encountering mites and lice.

Due to these various reasons, it is essential for you to get a pest inspection and a control and removal treatment service conducted as soon as possible and to install protective systems to prevent a future pest invasion.

Bird Pest Deterrents for Business

Bird deterrents are essential for a business to prevent property damage, business reputation damage, destruction of products, and to control the health risks associated with a pest invasion.

A Few Pest Deterrents are:

  • Netting:

    In Melbourne, the most common bird invasions are seagull and pigeon infestations. Using nets as a protective system will prevent the access of seagulls, pigeons and other birds from entering your buildings.

    Netting provides immediate and effective bird control and removal. It provides 100% bird exclusion, preventing them from roosting and nesting within your building premises.

    These nets are customizable according to the requirement of your property. This net protection system is durable and provides long term value which will secure and protect your property from a pest invasion for the coming years.

  • Spikes:

    The effectiveness of using spikes as a protection system depends upon your property, which is why it is essential for you to get your property first inspected by a professional before installing spikes onto your property as a protection system.

    After the inspection is done and the expert has suggested you install spikes, you can then go ahead with it. Using spikes does not disrupt your business or harm seagulls or pigeons, but instead obstructs them from entering the premises which is why it is an effective and immediate treatment to your infestation.

  • Electric Deterrent:

    This is a cost-effective and discreet treatment that prevents birds from entering your property by giving out an electrical charge that is painful but doesn't harm them.

    This electronic protection system could be placed on the ledges, parapets, roof, and beams of your building to keep away seagulls and pigeons. It can conform its shape to any surface and practically appears invisible to the due as it comes in various colours.

  • Optical Scare:

    This is an ideal protection system for businesses that require cost-effective and discreet solutions. This method is harmless and doesn't disrupt your business.

    This optical scarer is powered by solar energy and reflects light beams to the bird, imitating the appearance of a predator that keeps the bird at bay. However, this method is only effective for birds approaching your property to land and not sitting birds.

Negative Impacts of Bird Pest Invasion

Seagulls Nesting

  • Health Risk:

    Bird nesting material, feathers, and droppings are known to carry around 60 various transferable diseases such as salmonella and encephalitis which could be transmitted to your loved ones or pets.

    If there is dried up dropping found near an air vent, it could travel throughout your building, infecting everyone and everything in it.

  • Bird Mite:

    They are small and barely visible to the human eye, however, they are very mobile. They travel through birds like seagulls and pigeons and their nests, they feed on the young as well as the adults and can come in direct contact with humans and pets once the bird has infested your home.

    Although they cannot survive on human blood they will still bite any other blood source while trying to find a new host. The presence of mites can cause discomfort and a sensation of them crawling on the body will disturb some of your employees, which is why it is essential to eradicate the pest invasion as soon as possible.

  • Poor Image:

    Having bird droppings or nests around your building is an unpleasant sight and might ruin your image and reputation for anyone that sees it.

  • Inventory Damage:

    A commonplace to spot seagulls and pigeons are in warehouses, however, having them present can cause a lot of damage. The dropping could damage and contaminate your products and stock and it could also affect the product safety audits.

  • Clean-up Cost:

    Regular clean-up of droppings and nest materials cost businesses much more than executing control and removal services. Installing protection systems around your facility will prevent any future invasions as well as reduce the health risks of your employees.

  • Equipment & Property Damage:

    Due to the dropping being highly acidic, they could stain your products and corrode your property. These droppings could also ruin the operation of your machinery which will require more money to service and fix.

  • Safety of Food:

    Droppings found in your food manufacturing houses, packaging, storage facilities, and restaurants will damage your reputation, call for various lawsuits by affected clients and ruin your safety audits.

  • Blocked Gutters and Drains:

    Nesting materials, feathers and gutters could all clog and block your gutters and drains of your building causing it to turn into damp waste and could also cause flooding within the building.

Why Choose Protech Pest Control in Melbourne?

House Inspection

Since they are known to roost and nest in high areas such as rooftops and ledges, trying to control them on your own could be dangerous. Even if you try to shoo them away, they will definitely keep coming back to their nests.

The best way to remove an infestation is by dealing with the situation with professional help before you prevent them from coming back you must first remove the infestation from within with our effective pest control and removal services and install protection systems to prevent future pest invasions.

In Melbourne the most common type of invasions is seagull and pigeon infestations, with our experience and knowledge, we can help you completely eradicate this invasion and prevent it from re-occurring with our effective control and removal services and durable solutions.

At Protech Pest Control Melbourne, we provide same-day inspection, same-day control and removal services, eco-friendly treatment, and certified technicians to ensure you get the best control and removal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Birds Damage My Property?

    They can damage your property with their droppings, feathers, and nesting materials. Because their droppings are acidic, they can damage and stain your property. With their feathers and nesting materials, they can clog your drains and they could also weaken the structure of your roof while trying to enter your home, which is why is it essential to keep inspecting for a pest invasion and to terminate it with a control and removal service once you are aware of it.

  • How do I Keep Them Away From My Property?

    Birds are very stubborn and keep coming back even if your shoo them away which is why it is important to give them a direct message by throwing away their nests whenever you spot one, controlling any food and water source, conducting a control and removal service and installing protection systems such as spikes to your home.

  • Are the Excrements Harmful to Humans?

    Yes, the excrements are harmful to humans as they are a carrier of 60 different diseases and pathogens which they transmit through their droppings. If there is a pest infestation nearby it is possible that you are inhaling those pathogens without even knowing about it.

  • The birds are Gone but have Left a Mess with Their Dropping. Now What?

    Since the dropping is known to carry various diseases, it is recommended not to clean it on your own but instead leave it to the professionals to do the job.

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Our experience with Protect Pest Control has been great. After dealing with a couple of pest control companies, I contacted Protech to help solve our pest issue. The office staffs were very friendly and efficient and returned my calls promptly. Muzi was wonderful, when I first spoke to him on the phone he discussed my concerns at length and then he came to our property and thoroughly investigated the issue and gave us some options. We felt that he and his team went above and beyond what we expected and we would have no hesitation in recommending..
- Julie Valeri

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