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How do I End the Menace of Birds Destroying My Commercial Property?

How do I End the Menace of Birds Destroying My Commercial Property?

Posted by Muzi On 26 Nov, 2018

Birds bear witness to the beauty of nature. However, to a commercial property, they are anything but. With their nests, feces, and mess, they can be a quite a nuisance to any commercial property. To make things worse you cannot go in for just about any kind of control and removal method.

Although you may regard them as pests, several bird species are termed as endangered and therefore, harming them in any way exposes you to the threat of legal action. That said, how do you go about dealing with bird removal from your property in Melbourne?

Here are some tips for bringing the problem under control and ridding your property of these pests.

Let's Start With the Don'ts

Considering that bird removal and control can get tricky let's start with what you should not do in this kind of a situation.

Pigeon droppings

  • Stay Clear of Poisoning Them

    Poison should definitely not be your go-to option for bird control and removal from your home or office, whether you consider them as pests or not. To begin with, if the species is an endangered one and the poison kills them, you will face serious legal action.

    Additionally, it is also illegal to make use of poison on these pests because of the way it affects the local ecosystem. Not to mention, decaying birds can also give rise to other pest and health problems.

  • Do not Attempt the Trap-and-release Method

    Now, this might appear humane in your eyes in comparison to the birds getting harmed by spikes or barbed netting. However, this process does not guarantee that the birds will disappear.

    In fact many times they find their way back to your property. Also, the whole trapping process can startle the bird to the extent that it may even die, which can cause you legal trouble.

Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Their Removal and Control

  • Research the Problem

    All great breakthroughs begin with research. Researching about the species of bird can help you understand their behaviour and what they are being attracted to on your property. This way you can eliminate the source of their attention.

    Also once familiar with the species, you can call for certified help from a reputed pest control service. The research will also help you understand how to prevent this problem in the future.

  • Check if the Nests have Any Chicks or Eggs

    Again you don't want to be destroying a young chick, even if its parents are a nuisance. Because, it could be a protected species and plus, you don't want to tamper with the ecosystem.

    If you do spot eggs, it is best you call for a professional service that can take care of them in a legal and environment-friendly way.

  • Wear Protective Covering When Removing the Nest

    Birds can be the carriers of various diseases caused by their droppings, feathers, nest, etc. It is best that you do not expose yourself to these directly, hence wear gloves and a respirator to avoid direct contact. When disposing of the nest, put it into a bag and seal the bag tightly.

    Additionally, sanitize the area with a strong disinfectant to kill bacteria and to remove any smell or markings that might attract birds making them think it is a safe nesting area.

Tips for Bird Control and Removal

  • Set up Bird Spikes and Perch Repellents

    Along with blocking off any easy space for these pests to rest and build their houses on, spikes are extremely helpful in deterring them.

    However, it is just as important that you clean the spikes and ensure they do not clog up with debris and grime. Installing bird wire along the ledge. The ledge can appear to be the perfect place for a nest. Hence, the wire can help make these small open spaces appear imperfect for them to build a home in.

  • Sonic Devices

    These devices are a helpful way to mimic distress calls that make birds think the area is unsafe or problematic thereby making them less likely to approach your home or office. However, not all devices are effective and so you need to check the one that you purchase to ensure it actually works and gives you satisfying results.

  • Visual Deterrents

    Based on the same idea of how scarecrows function you can use visual scares like plastic cutouts of predators (owls, snakes, etc) or holographic bird tape to make these pests think the area is unsafe. Again make sure that you keep alternating between them so they don't figure out it's all a hoax.

  • Netting:

    Netting is the most reliable preventive measure to keep these pests out. Netting works brilliantly to cordon off any open spaces near windows, ledges, pipes, etc. making them inaccessible to land on or build nests in.

Even though they aren't meant to be pests, with the rise of buildings and infrastructure taking over their natural habitats, birds can often land upon a commercial or residential property to use as their new home. The best way to go ahead with their control and removal is to contact a reputed service that has affiliations with the local board and uses eco-friendly approved solutions.

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