Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control in Melbourne

Home sweet home was never used to describe a place frequented with termites or bees and wasps. And since we're not all Cinderella, rodents will never really be our friends and help us with our chores instead, they're going to make the clean ups tougher.

Let your fairytale home retain all its glory with the touch of some honest to goodness reality.

What's at Stake for Domestic Pest Control?

Residential Pest ControlYour family and your health can get severely affected when your home becomes a breeding ground for pests. They spread an array of infections and diseases that disguise themselves as influenza. Not to mention the hazard that is cause by a bee sting or a wasp attack.

The last thing you'd want is to have to walk around egg shells in your own Melbourne home.

Another way pests and insect infestation can burn a hole in your pocket is by the damages that they cause to your property and furniture which gets very expensive to repair and/or replace. And as morbid as the extent of their tyranny sounds, you also have to remember that the values of properties that have been subjected to infestation, reduces significantly.

The Silver Lining

ResidentialTo get rid of the menace, we give you the backing of 26 years of experience in domestic pest control and a team of trained experts certified by the HACCP.

Our same day service is aimed at making sure you don't have to wait for a thorough inspection of your house. Get the process started in a jiffy at affordable rates! After all, why put away going back to a warm and comforting home?

We don't just call ourselves experts for nothing, we have a dedicated research and development team that studies the nature and behavior of household pests and insects to understand their biology and therefore create the best and most effective residential pest control to drive them away from your home.

Some All Natural Magic!

Our task of making your residence a happy and healthy one starts with the use of all natural, environment friendly treatments and the use of the latest technology. This way we keep your family safe from harmful chemicals and keep up our responsibility to the environment and surroundings as well.

We even give you some time off to relax, unwind while we're at it. Our process requires you to stay away from the residential premises for about 2 hours. So when you return completely rejuvenated, you're greeted with a clean and pest free home, just the way you dream it would be!

And if the pests return, so do we - for free!

So call us now for a check-up or a treatment and we'll give you a customised plan that upholds your best interest!

Client Testimonials

Pleasant and responsive staff, quick scheduling-time, and fair prices for effective services (haven't seen a creepy-crawlie since the treatment - it was a daily occurrence beforehand)! Would happily recommend Protech to anyone for residential services.
- Laura Stegall
I had a service man come out from Protech to identify the pest issue in my roof, not only was he very knowledgable but he explained the pest problem in detail and went through the treatment process. I was very happy and impressed with the service provided by the company. I would recommend Protech.
- Carla Arfi

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