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Solar Panel Bird Protection and Proofing

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

As you may already know, solar panels are one of the most price-efficient alternate energy sources for homeowners despite them being costlier. This has led to an increase in solar panel installations in Melbourne homes.

However, as more homeowners install them, the more shelter they provide for harbouring pests such as rodents and pigeons. They serve as the perfect spot for them to build their nest and once they do, it is challenging to remove them or prevent them from returning.

Additionally, they also cause a lot of damage to your solar panels that most often aren’t covered under your warranty. Therefore, it is essential to protect them from pests .

Proofing Solar Panels

At Protech Pest Control, we provide pest removal, prevention and protection services without hampering your solar panel’s efficiency.

Bird proofing and solar panel protection are conducted by blocking any access for pests to enter by the gap between your rooftop and the base of your solar panel. By doing so, we prevent them from damaging your solar panels and your rooftop.

It is way easier to prevent pigeon nesting than removal as it involves the removal of the mess created by them and then getting rid of them. Therefore, you shouldn’t delay proofing any longer and get them as soon as you can.

Why is Solar Panel Bird Protection and Proofing Necessary?

  • Solar panels protection: An infestation would result in damage to your solar panels because their acidic droppings could cause the aluminium frames to erode or get stained which could also affect their efficient functioning. Additionally, they could also tamper with electrical wires while building their nest. Therefore, protection is vital.
  • Prevent property damage: When there are pigeons involved, you can expect a total mess. Their feathers and nesting material could clog the roof and cause water build-up that could soon seep into the roof sheathing and insulation.
  • Maintain property aesthetics: Finding droppings around your home along with nesting material on your veranda and roof is an unpleasant sight to see and completely ruins the aesthetics of your home. Not to mention, the sight of pest activity in and around your home would scare your neighbours and future guests.
  • Reduce roofing maintenance: Once birds take over your rooftop, it is very hard to get rid of them and their mess. You are bound to soon find eggshells, nesting materials, feathers, grass, etc., in excess peeking out from your rooftop and falling onto the ground. This would definitely increase the effort, time and money you would invest into maintaining your rooftop. Protection and proofing significantly reduce your roofing maintenance.
  • Stop noisy nesting pigeons: Birds are noisy creatures so having them around would definitely be a huge inconvenience to you and other family members. Not to forget their babies would be even noisier and make it even more unbearable for you to stand.

Common Signs of an Infestation

Solar Panel Bird Protection

  • Clogged drainage pipes and gutters with nesting material or feathers
  • Foul odour despite cleaning your property
  • Loud crying or screeching noise of baby pigeons
  • Spotting nesting material such as feathers, twigs, dry grass and dried mud around your property or roof
  • Garbage scattered around your property
  • Scratching sound coming from your roof
  • Increase in pigeon dropping on the flat surfaces of your home such as roofs, veranda, eaves, solar panels, etc.

How we Pigeon Proof your Solar Panels

The best way for pigeon proofing and protection is by using solar panel mesh and clips. We at Protech Pest Control only use the best for our customers to provide the highest level of protection from pests and to reduce their interference in the daily lives of our customers. Therefore, we only use professional bird control products such as the Solar Panel Deterrent Mesh & Clips by Bird B Gone.

Bird Protection and Proofing Mesh

The Bird Deterrent Mesh by Bird B Gone helps keep the birds out by eliminating their access and filling in the gap between your rooftop and the base of your solar panels. It keeps them away from your solar panels to prevent any damage or hampering with its efficiency.

Additionally, unlike other meshes, it allows sufficient air to easily flow through. Keep in mind, that the mesh prevents the birds from entering but without harming them.

Mesh Installation

Our process for bird mesh installation considers two primary steps:

  • Bird Proofing Inspection: First, our technicians would pay a home visit to conduct a proper inspection of your pigeon situation and finalize the areas that require bird proofing including your home solar panels. We keep into consideration various factors such as the costs, property access, levels, and roof types before coming up with a final plan. If you wish to get a free quote to get an estimate of the service, you can contact our experts today!
  • Bird Proofing Installation: Once you approve the plan that our experts created based on their home inspection , our certified technicians will get started on the installation process. They would install the Bird B Gone bird proofing mesh on the areas that require pigeon proofing including your solar panels. After installation, they would also check to ensure that it is securely installed so that no pest or bird can get past it.

We make sure that we follow all the necessary safety and precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your family members during and after the completion of the installation of the bird proof mesh.

Why Choose us for Pest Proofing?

  • We are a customer-focused organization, 100% committed to providing the best experience possible.
  • With 26 years of experience, we provide the best residential and commercial pest control services.
  • We offer same-day services in Melbourne by certified experts who have sufficient knowledge and skills to provide the best services.
  • We offer a free quote and a pest-free guarantee for all our pest control services .

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