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The Importance of Pigeon Proofing Your Solar Panels

The Importance of Pigeon Proofing Your Solar Panels

Posted by Muzi On 18 Nov, 2022

If you are someone who is concerned about reducing your carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly, then installing solar panels for your home and office building is the best solution. However, one disadvantage of installing solar panels is that it attracts pigeons and other pests who are seeking shelter and a home to nest.

Since they provide pigeons with the warmth and coverage needed, they find them as the perfect home. If left unattended, you can soon go from dealing with just one pigeon to an entire infestation problem.

How Pigeons Affect Solar Systems?

  • Pigeons are Noisy and Filthy:

    As you might already know, it is easy to detect the presence of a bird due to the constant scratching, cooing, and scurrying. This indeed will lead you to becoming frustrated, annoyed, and many sleepless nights.

  • They Make Your Solar Panels Inefficient:

    The performance and efficiency of your solar panels in generating solar power are impacted due to the dirt, mess, droppings and damage caused by pigeons. Additionally, if you are using a string inverter, it could be troublesome to have them sitting or covering your panels.

  • Pigeons Damage Solar Panels:

    Your long-term solar investment could all go to waste if pigeons destroy the interior and exterior of your panels. Since their droppings are highly acidic, it could cause the wires and surfaces to get damaged or eroded. They could also bite through your wiring to make their way further inside and get comfortable which could cause your panels to perform inefficiently. Therefore, it is essential to get your solar panels pigeon proofed.

Pigeon Proofing Explained:

Solar Panel Bird ProofingProofing your solar panels from pigeons and other pests means that a protective barrier would be installed around the perimeter of your panels to prevent them from entering or getting access to the base of your panels.

Since they won't be able to get through the barrier or build their nest underneath your panel, they will have no other option but to look elsewhere for a nesting ground. This is why pigeon proofing is a long-term and permanent solution to keeping them away from your panels.

Proofing Services Involve:

  • The first step is removal of nesting material and pigeons as well as ensuring there are no pigeons or nesting material left behind.
  • The professionals will then sanitize the area above, below and around the cells to get rid of any droppings or dirt.
  • They will then install a proofing barrier of your choice around your cells.

Cost for Proofing Your Solar Cells:

The cost for proofing depends on various factors including the installer and product you choose, if the cells are accessible without scaffolding, the size and the intensity of destruction. If the professional is able to access your cells easily then that does bring down the cost of the service.

  • Choosing a Bird Proofing Installer:

    It is vital that you choose a well-reputed and trusted bird proofing installer who has the necessary skills, training, and experience in bird proofing solar cells. If the person or company you hire lacks the necessary skills and experience, they could end up causing further destruction which could lead to increased costs for damage repairs.

  • Products for Pigeon Proofing:

    There is a variety of products available in the market to pigeon proof your home and cells, some of them include;

    • Bird Mesh Wire: Installation of a mesh on your roof is one of the most non-intrusive solutions that keeps birds at bay without causing them any harm or damaging your cells. Since the mesh is attached to your home cells by being clipped underneath, it makes it easier to remove whenever you need to get it cleaned or serviced.
    • Anti-Roosting Spikes: Stainless steel spikes are installed on your property specifically on your home rooftop to prevent birds from perching and causing any damage to your property.
    • Bird Blockers: They are similar to mesh barriers and help keep birds and pests away from your property. They are also non-intrusive robust barriers that are environmentally friendly.
    • The Solar Skirt: A sleek skirt-like proofing barrier is installed to the edge of your home to keep pests away and hide any entry ways or gaps.
  • Solar Array Size Requirement:

    The size plays an important role in determining the cost of the service as the bigger and many the panels, the more proofing it would require, meaning more proofing barrier materials used for the service.

  • Damage:

    As we mentioned before, birds cause a lot of damage and mess if not taken care of. The longer you leave your bird problem alone and the bigger the problem gets, the more damage they will cause and the higher the costs of damage repairs. Therefore, even if it is just one bird giving you trouble, you should pay attention to that small bird problem to ensure it doesn't grow into a bigger problem.

Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels Today!

If you wish to get your home solar panels proofed against pigeons and other birds, then you can contact the experts at Protech Pest Control today to book an appointment and avail of their same-day home services. With 26 years of experience, they are professionally trained and experienced in dealing with all types of pest control and removal along with precise and durable installations of solar barriers.

In a nutshell, if you wish to increase the longevity and maintain the effectiveness of your solar panels, it is essential that you install proofing barriers to keep birds and other pests away and prevent them from damaging your home.

Although there are various types of barriers available in the market, you should first get your home inspected by a professional and based on their recommendations, you should opt for a barrier that best proofs your property according to your property requirements.

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