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Termite Reticulation Systems: What to Know?

Termite Reticulation Systems: What to Know?

Posted by Muzi On 29 Oct, 2022

A termite reticulation barrier is a system that involves the installation of underground pipes around your home to control and prevent pests from infiltrating your property. When it comes to pest control, this method is extremely reliable and durable as it can always be replenished whenever needed.

This article will let you know everything that you need to know about pest reticulation, right from barrier regulation to the benefits.

Regulating Termite Reticulation Systems:

There are various reasons which cause a pest reticulation barrier to malfunction or be ineffective. One of them is installing the barrier with a cheap termite-repellant chemical that is supposed to keep them away.

However, by doing so the pests just go around it and not through it. Therefore, this doesn't work as a solution to eliminating pests from your home. Therefore, what you really need is a non-repellant chemical that eliminates the termites that try to infest your property.

Another common problem termite reticulation systems have is flooding on one side of the house of the chemical. This makes your property only partially protected from termites. Therefore, to make sure that there isn't any flooding, you should ensure there aren't any poor installations of the pipes and its bends on the corners.

Since older homes tend to have older reticulation barriers, it is essential to get them renewed with a durable and efficient reticulation barrier.

The Disadvantages of Pre-build Installations

Building Pest Inspection-melbourneThe con of having a termite reticulation barrier pre-installed before the construction of your home is that the builder could have hired just any pest control company and not necessarily a reputed and reliable one.

The parts used and barrier could also be of low quality as it is underground, the chances of knowing if the best equipment and parts are being used is extremely low and unlikely unless you dig it up in future for any regulation.

Not to forget, the barrier could also get damaged and inefficient during the construction of your property.

How to Effectively Replenish Termite Barriers?

The first step to effectively replenishing a termite barrier is by hiring the right professionals. Ensure you take the time to research the best pest control experts in your region that have proven to provide efficient and durable barriers.

Although reticulation systems aren't as common as they were in the past, an expert who is skilled and knowledgeable on regulating these barriers will be able to help you effectively regulate your barrier and will conduct a post-regulation check to ensure it is functioning properly.

How does a Termite Reticulation Work?

A reticulation system is created by making a trench around the perimeter of your home. The concrete footing is chemically treated and then the soil is filled back up to approximately upto 100 mm beneath the finishing point. The hose is then installed into the soil that is left, to enable retreating.

The recommended time to retreat the chemical barrier is after every 5 years. During a retreatment, a strong chemical pump is connected to your system and then the chemical is distributed evenly without any digging or landscaping of your property.

The Benefits of a Reticulation System

The benefit of a reticulation system is that it provides you with thorough protection from pests and ensures that there are no entry points or loopholes for them to get through.

Need us to Examine Your Reticulation System?

Termites on Damaged WoodIf you are considering getting your home renovated or your system has not been checked in a while and you wish to get it inspected, then you can contact the experts at Protech Pest Control to book an appointment for a system inspection.

In conclusion, a reticulation system is essential to protect your property against termites and other pests. It is vital that you only get your system retreated by a professional expert to ensure that the protection of your home from termites and other pests aren't compromised in any way. You must also get your system retreated at the recommended time to ensure that your effort to keep termites and other pests at bay isn't wasted.

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