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Moth Pest Control Services in Melbourne

Moth Pest ControlA moth infestation is very common all around the world, including Melbourne! Since moths are known to live and breed in dark, damp, and cool area, it is very common to find them in your cupboards or wardrobes. There are many types of moths in Melbourne, however, very few are found in residential and business premises.

To keep your home or business premises safe from any damage caused by insects, it is essential to get a home/ business premise inspection, and if found present, then a control and removal treatment service must be conducted.

If you are living in or conducting business in Melbourne, then it is necessary that you get your home or business premises inspected and treatment conducted every once in a while to keep the pests at bay!

Signs of a Moth Infestation

Since insects are usually hidden away under carpets or in clothes, it is usually hard to spot them, however, there are a few common signs you can look out for to identify an infestation.

  • Finding tiny holes in any woolen, silk, or other material.
  • Half-eaten leather and feathers.
  • Live moths flying around your business premise or house.
  • Insect carcasses lying in your home or business premise or on your carpet.
  • Webbings, cocoons, and small caterpillar-like larvae on clothes.
  • Damaged fibres on your carpets.

Types of Moths

Moth infested foodIn Australia there are approximately 10,000 different species of moths, however, the few common ones to be spotted in homes and business premises in Melbourne are;

  • Brown House Moths:

    These insects are brown and are mostly found in supermarkets and offices. You will often see them flying around dim lights during the night and are larger than cloth moths. They mainly feed on cereals, food grains, and dog biscuits.

  • Case-making Clothes Moths:

    These insects are also called webbing clothes moths and are small in size. These insects can cause severe damage to fur and expensive silk. Their larvae create webs for them to hide in clothes once they hatch.

  • Common Cloth Moths:

    These types of insects are found mostly in your homes and are known to destroy expensive fabrics. They are usually found crawling on the floor and are tiny and light-coloured.

  • White-shouldered House Moths:

    This type of species is rarely found in business premises and homes as they are known to feed on plants, which is why they are usually found in parks, gardens, etc.

  • Pantry Moths:

    These types of insects are found in your home/business premises pantry as well as if you run a food store business. They easily enter and infect your stored or processed food items that is why it is important to maintain cleanliness within your kitchen and pantry as well as to treat the surroundings with a treatment service routinely.

Prevention Tips

Prevention is better than cure, which is why it is important to follow these prevention tips to keep these insects away.

  • If storing your garments, make sure they are stored away in an air-tight plastic bag to prevent any dampness.
  • If you notice any insects or any signs of an infestation, take action quickly and call an expert to conduct an inspection of the area.
  • Store and seal any food items in air-tight contains to prevent them from accessing and infesting it.
  • Keep your clothing, carpets and food storage space clean, dry, and secure.
  • Keep your home or business premises clean and dry.
  • Regardless of spotting any signs, get your home or business premise thoroughly inspected and treated every once in a while to prevent any infestation.

Why Do You Need Moth Control and Removal Treatment Services?

Even though insects do not directly harm human beings or pets, they do cause serious damage to furniture, food, clothing, and other items in your homes and business premises, which is why it is important to conduct an inspection, get rid of them and conduct a moth control and removal treatment service. Some of the damages are;

  • Insects flying around people are considered a nuisance and could drive away potential clients or guests visiting your home.
  • Their droppings could contaminate your food items and lead to illness if consumed.
  • During the caterpillar stage, the hair of the moths could trigger an asthma attack.
  • Some insect species feed on fabrics and cloth, thus damaging the fabric or carpet. In some cases, an individual can even get an allergic reaction from using the cloth, carpet, or blanket that is infested.
  • Brown house moths consume cereals, food grains, and dog biscuits along with many food items and can contaminate the food with their presence.
  • Few insect species can disturb people in their sleep with their noise.
  • White moths and green caterpillars that are active between December to April are known to damage food crops, this is why it is important to get rid of them immediately.

Moth Treatment Procedure

Our Insect Control and Removal Treatment Service are available for both business premises as well as homes, to make the environment pest-free! Our treatment service follows these 4 procedures

Moths in the moth trap

  • Inspection:

    Once you have contacted us, our certified control and removal technicians will thoroughly inspect your home or business premises. They will not only inspect for an infestation but also carry out an inspection to identify the type of insect, the root cause, the intensity of the damage and more.

  • Treatment Plan:

    Based on the inspection conducted on your property, our specialist will curate an insect control and removal treatment plan which will include the suggested treatment, the timeline of the treatment, the expected results, and any other instruction necessary. Before conducting the treatment, our expert will go over the entire treatment plan with you to ensure full transparency.

  • Extermination Procedure:

    As mentioned in the plan, the control and removal service will be conducted within the given timeline based on the inspection. Organic insecticide sprays will be used in your cupboards and wardrobes for your clothes. However, it won't be sprayed on your clothes rather on your curtains or floors, etc. Similarly, even in your food storage cupboards or food infected will be sprayed with the control and removal treatment.

  • Ongoing Prevention:

    If there are no ongoing prevention steps followed, you will not be able to achieve long term infestation removal. Based on your property condition and the state of the infestation, we will recommend some tips and suggestions that should be followed.

Moth Facts


  • Moths are good with navigation and use geomagnetic clues on a cloudy night.
  • They do not have a nose but can smell extremely well from their antennas.
  • A giant male silkworm can detect a female single-sex hormone as far as 11 km.
  • They have the ability to impersonate other animals to avoid predators and some have even evolved to look as predators like wasps, spiders, and mantis.
  • Few insects eat nectar while some don't eat at all! The Luna moth doesn't have a mouth and lives only up to 1 week, long enough to lay eggs.

Why Protech Pest Control?

At Protech Pest Control, Australia, we provide efficient and thorough inspection along with effective control and removal services in Melbourne, on the same day by certified and skilled technicians. We also provide a free quote and our control and removal services are eco-friendly and provide efficient results with a pest-free guarantee!


  • What to Do with My Infested Clothes and Blankets?

    Any Clothes, blankets, or linen that are infected with insect eggs, must be washed at a high temperature and kept to dry in the sun. Moth eggs and larvae can't survive low temperatures, for your delicate garments, you can seal it in an air-tight bag and freeze it.

  • What to Do with the Damaged Food?

    Even though moth eggs are harmless, it is best to dispose of the infested food and to secure your remaining food items that are not infested in air-tight containers and use insect traps to prevent a future infestation.

  • Is the Control and Removal Service Safe?

    The control and removal service is safe, however, there are a few steps that one must follow before and after conducting the control and removal service such as the area should be free of pets before and after the control and removal service, the room should be aired out.

  • Is It a Guaranteed Control and Removal Service?

    Yes, once the control and removal service is conducted, your home or business premise will be pest-free and effective for up to 3 months, however,if you do notice some signs or doubt a new infestation you can contact our experts for a follow-up visit.

  • Are Australian Moths Dangerous?

    Yes, they are harmful to humans and pets as they can cause serious illness, asthma attacks, or an allergic reaction, however, moths do not bite.

Client Testimonials

Protech Pest Control thank you for the great customer service I received. When the technician arrived to my home he was pleasant and explained the treatment process in detail. His manner and knowledge in his field was excellent and comforting in leaving him in my home. I highly recommend your company and will use Protech again. Thank you.
- Dimitrios T

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