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Fighting Termites with Chemical Termite Barriers

A recent study showed that 1 in every 3 homes in Australia is subject to a termite infestation. Now this includes completed buildings as well as houses under construction. There are several ways to keep these pests from causing you loss and monetary damage.

However, it demands that you take precautionary measures. There definitely are chemical pest treatments you can opt for, all of which are very reliable. You can also use termiticides to eliminate termites.

There are 2 ways to use them. The first is to use them as deterrents in the soil i.e. as a chemical barrier that can help keep these pests at bay from your home or building. The second is using them to treat a live termite infestation.

Know All About Chemical Termite Barriers

What is a Chemical Termite Barrier?

It is merely infusing the soil around the house or building with termiticide to prevent termites from entering the property through the soil and thus saves you from grave damage or irreversible infestation situations in the future.

Why It is Important?

When they say precaution is better than cure, it really is true. Termites come in great numbers and work tirelessly to take over your home. The only way to defeat them is to beat them to it.

A chemical termite barrier enables you to reduce the chances of infestation creeping up on you. This pest treatment is increasingly important for houses/buildings in Melbourne that are under construction and help keep insects and infestations from entering on site through the soil. Additionally, the building code of Australia states certain rules on the basis of which residences need to be treated against termites.

Chemical applications are best used before construction as technicians can easily mix it deep within the soil without disrupting the property. It is important to remember that they best work along with other preventive treatments in keeping your premises termite-free.

What are the Types of Chemical Barriers?

Reputed pest control professionals in Melbourne and within the rest of Australia offer two types of chemical barriers namely: repellant and non-repellant.

  • Repellant Chemical Barriers:

    Once mixed with the soil these termiticides are created to treat the soil forming a zone that repels the insects. In case a termite or two wander into this zone they are immediately put off and hurry elsewhere.

    Hence, if there are gaps that termites find safe to pass through, they will make use of that passage to head into the building. Do remember that the efficiency of this treatment depends on how level the area is, the presence of rocks, etc and whether the soil is a type that mixes evenly with the chemicals.

  • Non-repellent Chemical Barriers:

    This particular treatment is made use of in modern pest control technology. Its distinguishing factor is that the pests cannot detect it in the soil and ultimately get killed. Although these cost more than repellent chemical barriers the good news is that they are more effective. Also, they cannot even detect the gaps missing the chemicals that might help them make their way into your home or building.

What Chemicals are Used in a Termite Barrier?

At Protech pest control we use:

How are Termite Chemical Barriers Set Up?

Chemical Termite barriers

Once you enrol in a termite chemical barrier, the technician will first conduct a primary inspection of the property to check if there is already an active termite infestation.

If that is the case the technician will need to exterminate them before carrying out the termiticide treatment. Once this is done, an approximately 300 mm wide trench is dug up around the house or building that will reach right into the footings of the building.

The termiticide is then added to the soil mixed with water and filled into the trench. This process may tend to vary depending on the size of the property and the type of soil and will take no longer than a day to be put together.

Are Such Barriers Safe for Children and Pets?

For those concerned about family members with allergies and the health of children and pets, our treatments are environment-friendly and entirely safe.

However, it is recommended that children and pets are kept indoors during the installation. If there are any specific allergies or health concerns you can speak to our technicians at the time of installation.

The Benefit of a Termite Reticulation System

While this treatment only requires an annual inspection and treatment of any live termite activity, the soil needs to be replenished with chemicals in order maintain the barrier.

We would thus advise you to opt for a reticulation system, which basically involves initially setting up a pipe with holes within the trench. This way whenever you don't need to dig up and disrupt your property but the technician will merely pump in the chemicals through the pipe that will release it into the soil via the holes.

This process is faster and cheaper in the long run and should definitely be a choice you consider.

Ready to Work with Us?

Now that you're familiar with the intricate details of the process and how important it is, considering a termite chemical barrier should be a decision that is linked with every property you own or rent in Melbourne. Call us today to avail of a free quote!

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