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Rodent Control, Inspection & Infestation Removal Treatments in Melbourne

Rat Pest ControlAs much as cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry, make us like mice, they are not a pretty sight to find in your home. Rodents are notorious pests that are known to cause damage and carry disease wherever they may go.

Whether you are living in Melbourne or any other place in Australia, it is very difficult to remove these pests which is why professional treatment and control services are important.

At Protech Pest Control, we provide pest removal treatment services for every type of pest including rodents.

Rodent Species

  • Black Rat

    They are also known as roof rats and are known to munch on cereals, fruits, grains and other nutritious food items. However, since they are omnivorous they also eat meat and other insects. They are around 14-20 cm long.

    They have pink feet as well as thin and large ears. Their fur is usually grey, brown or black and in some cases, even white! Their lifespan is up to 1 year and they reach maturity by the 4th month.

    They are known for their exceptional ability to climb and usually nest in rooftops, buildings, etc. They are usually found near coastal or built-up areas. They can also be identified by their spindle-like droppings.

  • Brown Rat

    They are also known as Norway rats and are nocturnal in nature. They communicate through high-pitched vocalisation and have exceptional swimming and digging skills. They are omnivorous too and are attracted to starch and high-protein foods like nuts, fish, earthworms, weeds, etc.

    Not only do they weigh heavier than the black ones but they are also bigger in size. They can be identified through their sausage-like or banana-like looking droppings. They have thick and short ears along with a blunt nose, unlike roof rats and have brown or grey fur.

  • House Mouse

    Because they are curious rodents, house mice can live in both indoors and outdoors areas. Their diet includes grains, cereals, animal feed, fruits and nuts. They are around 8-10 cm and have a long tail that is as long as their body.

    They have a pointed nose with big and hairy ears. They can be identified through their tiny spindle-looking droppings and have grey or brown fur.

Sign of Rat Infestations

Rodent Pest Control

  • Droppings

    The first sign of an infestation is the droppings of the mouse. You can easily find mouse droppings in your cupboards and shelves of your pantry or behind furniture or inside wall cavities.

    A mouse dropping is 3-5 mm long, it is smooth and has pointed ends. Rat droppings are black, shiny and the length varies between 13-18mm depending on the species.

  • Rub Marks

    Rub marks are greasy smear marks that are created against the wall or surface by the mouse while it is traveling from one place to another. These marks are considered as evidence during an inspection of a mouse infestation, however, although these kinds of marks identify you of an infestation, it is unclear if these marks were from a previous infestation or a current one.

  • Urine Trails

    Since they have a weak bladder, they often leave urine trails that are hard to spot without proper lighting. A male mouse often leaves such trails as a signal to other rodents.

  • Burrows

    While conducting an inspection of your home, check your building's waterway, the fences, under wood or garbage piles and along the walls for any burrows. Since mice like to dig and build burrows for nesting, food source, and shelter, they will definitely build a burrow nearby your home. If you do find one, get a rodent control service conducted soon.

  • Sounds

    Mice make sounds when they are gnawing, squeaking, scratching, or scurrying around your house. A mouse can't avoid making noises even if they tried, therefore, if you hear any weird sound, get your home inspected for any rodents with a professional pest inspection.

  • Nests

    Mice usually build their nests from cardboard, shredded paper, rags, or newspaper near warm and hidden areas that are close to the food source in your home. Mice often choose your home's kitchen as the perfect spot to nest as it is close to the food and water source as well as it provides the right temperature for it to stay.

  • Smell

    If there is a mice infestation, there probably is a musky or pungent odor that will linger around your home.

  • Gnawing

    Since this pest's teeth continuously grow, they gnaw on plastic or wood items to trim the length, thus, resulting in gnaw marks on your wooden furniture or chewed up storage containers in your pantry.

    Sometimes these mice can even gnaw on your electrical wires and cables which could result in a fire, therefore it is very important to get a pest removal treatment service done as soon as possible if you notice any chewed up wires.

  • Pet Excitement

    If you frequently notice your pet clawing at a wall or closet, or if your pet is acting strange by sniffing around in certain areas, then there is a possibility that your home might be infested by a mouse or mice. This is because of your pet's high state of arousal.

Diseases Spread by Rodents

Since these pesky little rodents are known for roaming in the filthiest of sewers and garbage piles, they also carry various types of dangerous diseases and illnesses such as;

1. Diseases Spread by Rats

  • Typhus
  • Pulmonary Fever
  • Salmonella
  • Dermatitis
  • Infectious Jaundice
  • Trichinosis
  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rat-bite Fever
  • Bubonic Plague

2. Diseases Spread by Mice

  • Ringworm and Tapeworms
  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Rickets Pox
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis

Difference Between a Mouse and a Rat

While they are bigger in size, mice are small. The body of a rat is usually as big as its tail, however, the tail of a mouse is longer than its body. Rats have a darker color fur such as grey, black, or grey, whereas mice are a lighter color with an even lighter shade under their bellies.

Rats have big or medium-sized ears, however, the ears of a mouse are bigger than usual. Rats are neophobic while mice easily accept new types of food and new surroundings. Rats consume about 30-60 ml of water in a day whereas mice don't drink more than 3ml of water per day.

Rats prefer nesting in places that are closer to food and water sources, however, mice pick their spot to nest based on areas that are least disturbed by anyone. Not only is the body of rats bigger than mice but their droppings too are bigger than that of a mouse.

Mice Prevention Tips

  • Keep the House Clean

    Vacuum regularly and get rid of any leftovers stored in the open or crumbs on your floor and carpet area. If your home is clean, the pest won't even be drawn to it in the first place.

  • Eliminate the Clutter

    Since mice love hiding beneath the clutter and inside stored items, getting rid of the excess clutter will not only eliminate their nesting area but it will also give them no place to hide.

  • Seal Entrances

    Seal off entry points such as your windows, your doors, your pet door flap too. Also, keep an eye out for any torn apart access areas that the pest might have previously used to enter and get them fixed soon.

  • Fill Gaps in the Wall

    Since mice love hiding in the crack, gaps, and crevices, it is important to eliminate these hideouts by filling in the gaps and voids around.

  • Fix Your Roofs

    As they are known for their good climbing skills, they can easily climb your pipes or vegetation branches and enter through your roof. Ensure your roofing is secured safely and that there are no entry points in your attic.

  • Cover Your Food

    Rodents can survive without food, if you eliminate the food source, they will run off to another place that provides them their food source. Cover your food stored in the open and store your food items in sealed air-tight containers.

  • Cover Your Drainage System

    Since rats are good swimmers, they can easily swim through your drainage systems and enter your home. Always leave your toilet seats down and cover your drainage system to prevent any access points.

Lastly, even after following these prevention steps, if you notice that you might have a rodent infestation, then you could contact our rat exterminator at Protech Pest Control to conduct a pest inspection and treat your Melbourne property with a pest removal treatment service

Effective Rodent Removal Methods

  • Sanitisation & Exclusion

    Since food, shelter, and water are the 3 main factors that make your home the perfect place to nest, it is important to target all these 3 factors to keep the rodents away.

    Sanitise often and eliminate any water and food source, as well as any hideout places by getting rid of any clutter, garbage, and sealing up entry points and cracks.
  • Trapping

    Multi-mouse traps, snap traps, glue traps are all traps and over-the-counter baits that you could purchase and use if you can't use any pesticides or chemical substance in the premises. Although these traps cost less as compared to a pest control service, they do however require much more time and effort.

  • Rodenticides

    Rodenticide is the most common way to eliminate pests in Melbourne. You could either kill the pest using a single dose or through multiple doses. The single dose is much stronger and kills the rodent at once as soon as it is consumed. If you wish to opt for a chemical treatment service, then you can contact our pest control expert and get an inspection of your home and get it treated.

What do We do to Treat Rodents?

Rat Trap

  • Inspection

    Once you have set up an appointment with our rat control and removal expert, they will arrive at the scheduled time and conduct a thorough inspection of your home and surroundings to check for any evidence of an infestation.

  • Bait

    After a careful inspection of your home, our expert will set up bait systems in the areas that are potentially infested by rats. These bait systems securely contain the bait, therefore, eliminating the chance of any non-targeted pet from getting poisoned.

  • Traps

    For the areas where bait systems can't be used. Our removal expert will set us traps.

Why Choose Protech Pest Control?

Protech Pest Control is a well-known Pest Control & Removal Company that specialises in providing an excellent service like pest control and removal treatment all around Australia, including Melbourne.

Not only do we provide eco-friendly treatments conducted by licensed and certified technicians and same-day services, but we also give you a pest-free guarantee and take care of your pest problem by eliminating it from the root.

What's more? If the rodents return, so do we for free! Don't forget to check out our warranty plans for more information!


  • When are They Most Active?

    They usually look for warmth and shelter during the start of autumn and winter. Although they are nocturnal, they might come out during the day in search of food or water.

  • Why do You Still See Rodents even After Using Preventative Measures?

    Even after storing your food securely and getting rid of clutter, if you still see them in your home, then probably the infestation has grown ever since you checked last. The mouse might still be having an open access point in your home that you may not have found yet. If this is the case, it is advisable to get a rat removal service done.

  • What to do if I Hear or See a Mouse Post-baiting?

    After setting up the baiting systems, give it at least 14 days for the feeding and toxics to act, after hearing or spotting a mouse.

  • How to keep rodents out of the house?

    • Proofing the whole house.
    • Clean any pet food left unfinished.
    • Cleaning around the house (hubrige area).
  • How Long Until the Pest Leaves?

    Usually, it takes about 14-27 days to eliminate the pest. While most mice take almost 7 days to die post-feeding, some take 14.

Client Testimonials

Cannot recommend Protech highly enough. They come quickly - especially if you have a problem. Have two different methods for treating rats/mice problems which is great. Their costs are very reasonable. Have been using them for ongoing maintenance for many years, and do not hesitate in recommending them to others.
- Rose Mary
Protech is a service first company that addressed our rodent issue promptly and effectively. The experienced and friendly technician identified where the rodents were coming into our home and took the time to explain the treatment process which took into consideration the needs of our pet Labrador. Within a day the scurrying noises in the roof and sightings in the home were rapidly reduced; a major comforting factor for our family.

This service is value for money and I would highly recommend Protech to anyone.
- Lee McSweeney

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