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Black Ants

Ant Control in Melbourne

Ant Control MelbourneDid you know ants make hay while the sun shines? Sunny climates particularly get them active, making them happy workers but a pure nuisance for your home. These pests can work tirelessly to equip their nest with a generous stock of food sourced from your home and business quarters.

And if you don't have a professional control and removal service in place, you run the risk of a full-fledged infestation. Whether you're a business owner or property owner (building or home) you'll want to be shielded from an ant infestation with a competent protection system that controls the problem as well as offers treatment of the existing population.

With over 1300 species to tackle and Melbourne's sunny skies encouraging the population, it is far from wise to not opt for an ant control and removal protection system. Not only does it give your home or building the benefit of timely and comprehensive inspection but also matches the problems areas with an adept treatment strategy. Executed at the hands of certified professionals and equipped with a guarantee, control and removal services are a necessity for your home or business.

The Encyclopedia of Ant Species

    Types of Ants
  • Argentine Ant: Argentine worker ants measure to be approximately 1.6mm long. They appear to be light to a dark brown shade in colour. They do not swarm and may bite but will not sting.
  • Black House Ant: This species is shiny and black and are also known as Ochetellus. It can grow to be about 2.5 - 3mm long.
  • Bull Ant: Like its name suggests the bull ant can appear quite fierce and intimidating. They can grow upto18 to 20mm long. Concerning their colour, they tend to be red or black.
  • Coastal Brown Ant: This species usually builds nests in buildings and garden areas. Although their name says coastal brown ants, they are prevalent pests all across Melbourne's suburban areas.
  • Fire Ant: Fire ants are a Coppery–brown colour on the head and body, with a darker shade abdomen. Their queens grow to be 1.59cm long and workers grow to be between 3.18mm-6.35mm long.
  • Garden Ant: Garden ant workers are 4-5mm long while their queen can grow to be 15mm long. They are dark brown-black in colour and have no sting.
  • Ghost Ant: Ghost ants have a very unusual appearance and hence, the name. Their legs and abdomen are pale to the point of almost being translucent. They are 1.6mm long.
  • Green Ant: Green ants are known for their characteristic appearance and odor. They are 5-6mm and are black in colour with a metallic green head.
  • Odorous House Ant: These pests are brown or black and have 6 legs. Antennae possess 12 segments with no termination with a club. They grow to be 1.59mm-3.18mm long.
  • Pavement Ant: Being dark brown or blackish and 3mm long with 6 legs, these winged ants are often mistaken to be termites. They have 2 spines on the back with 12-segmented antennae with 3-segmented club.
  • Pharaoh's Ant: This species has black eyes and 2 small segments at the pedicel. The workers grow to be1.5-2mm long and are yellow-brown with a brown abdomen. The males are 3mm long, black, and have wings. The queen can grow to be 3.5-6mm long, is dark red in colour and has wings.
  • Singapore Ant: No more than 2-3mm in size, the Singapore ant is light brown in colour with a darker posterior abdomen. The head appears flattened and blocky.
  • Sugar Ant: This species has several variations in shape, size, and colour. Concerning size, it can range from 2.5 to 15 mm and are most commonly seen. They have bright colouring.
  • Whitefooted House Ant : Being dark brownish or black in colour, the Whitefooted house ant has yellow-white feet and is approximately 3mm in length.

You have an Ant Infestation If...

  • If you see live ants or a cluster of ants marching through parts of your home or building. You are most likely to find this sight wherever food is. So that could be your kitchen or pantry or even one of the rooms that has a food spillage.
  • If you are constantly seeing ant pathways, which are marching to and fro carrying back food to their nest.
  • If you find a nest, you most definitely have an infestation and require control and removal treatment as soon as possible. The nest will appear as a pile of soil or dirt, however, some species can also make their home in the wall.

How to Prevent Ants?

Keeping these insects out of your home requires a strategy that targets all the problem areas.

    Ant Infestation
  • It starts with clearing up. Clear up any food and liquid spills immediately. Do not put it off until later as it can attract them in a matter of minutes. Ensure all crumbs and drops of any liquid foods are cleaned out without a trace.
  • Sweeping is a hygienic habit that will take you a long way. Not only does it give you a clean home or building but it helps ensure there aren't any crumbs or food hidden in the cracks or near food applications or counters.
  • Store all your food in air-tight containers to block off access to food sources. Additionally, make sure you put the containers in the refrigerator or food cabinets to avoid clutter that could then conceal any spillages. If you have fruit bowls, keep a check on them to see they do not start fermenting. And remember to never leave food uncovered.
  • Block off entry points by sealing cracks and crevices or any holes in the wall. Ensure that all leakage and plumbing issues are treated so that they do not get in.
  • Clear up your pet's leftovers and rinse the bowl thoroughly. Avoid letting it sit for long because even pet food can be a food source for these pests.
  • Trim the greenery in your garden and avoid compost from piling up. Clean out the rubbish bins thoroughly so that no waste collects at the bottom. Moreover, remember to always keep the rubbish bins covered and sealed so these insects cannot make their way in.

How Ant Control and Removal Treatments can Protect Your Home?

Saying that an infestation is a nuisance to all home-owners alike is most definitely not an exaggeration. These pests can destroy your food, your home, and peace of mind. And this list doesn't even include the part where they bite or sting you and your loved ones, destroying the sanctity of your home.

However, expert treatment can put an end to your misery. Along with being certified and trained to examine the affected areas, identify the causes and species you're dealing with, these experts also propose a customised treatment plan that effectively results in their control and removal.

How Control And Removal Treatments Can Protect Your Business?

Without a professional pest service guarding your business, you run the risk of :

  • Wastage : These insects can eat you out of your business. Apart from contaminating food products they can also destroy the appearance of other products giving you monetary losses and damages to compensate for.
  • Bad Reputation : A pest infestation can ruin all the effort and money that has been invested to boost your company's name in the market.
  • Anxious & Fearful Customers : Pests going out of control can alarm customers and destroy the trust they once had in you.

Why risk your investments and the future of your business when professional pest control and removal treatments can take care of this issue for you.

How Professional Inspection and Control Systems can be a Game-changer?

    Ant Removal Treatments
  • Inspection : Inspection is crucial to the success of professional treatment. And the difference between the inspection carried out by a layman and that carried out by a professional is the technology, tools, and knowledge employed in the process. Experts are taught how to identify zones where the pests are most active, or hidden. This includes several carefully concealed places that home-owners may not think of. Additionally, certified experts also investigate to identify the species they are dealing with and the reasons for their presence.
  • Chemical Treatments : Chemical treatments are used for control and removal. These treatments can be in a powder or liquid form and are placed around the property after careful inspection and a thorough understanding of how to create a protective barrier for the house or building.
  • Ant Baiting : This system includes making use of a tool in which bait is added to attract the ants. Once their presence is identified the poison is then introduced which they then carry back to the colony, assuming they are taking back food. This success of baiting depends on the knowledge and expertise of the professional service and if administered well can yield very fruitful results.

Why Choose Protech Pest Control?

  • We offer Same Day Service
  • Our Ant Control Methods are safe and environment-friendly
  • Skilled & Certified Technicians
  • Guarantee-backed ant control treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What causes Ant Infestation?
    Food is the biggest attraction for ants. So any food leftovers or spillages left to be cleaned later can have assured the ants that your home is a food source they can rely on to grow their colony. Bear in mind theyare especially fond of sugary foods, crumbs, etc.
  • Can Ants be Harmful?
    It differs from species to species. Certain ants which are big in size can also cause painful bites and stings. They can be life-threatening especially if you are allergic to their sting/bite. Moreover, if you are attacked by many ants all at once, it can even lead to anaphylactic shock.
  • How can I Deal With the Infestation?
    Experts recommend that you schedule a professional inspection by a certified service since you may not be able to identify whether you are dealing with a dangerous species and how grave the problem is. To avoid any accidents, it is important that you schedule the appointment at the earliest.
  • How can I Prevent Ants From Entering My Premises?
    • Clean up food spills immediately.
    • Store food in airtight sealed containers and keep containers in the refrigerator or cabinets.
    • Clean up crumbs or spillages under kitchen appliances and on the floor
    • Do not leave left-over food in your pet's bowl.
    • Trim the greenery outside your home.
    • Seal up cracks and crevices.
    • Empty the bins regularly and have them covered at all times.
  • What's a Natural Ant Repellent?
    They mainly communicate through their sense of smell. Hence, strong fragrances like peppermint oil, citrus oil, cinnamon, and vinegar can act as a natural repellent.
  • What do I do If Ants Appear Inside After Treatment?
    Speak to the professional service immediately and notify them about the problem. If they offer guarantee-backed services, they will surely tend to the problem immediately.
  • How does Our Exterminator Get rid of Ants?
    With in-depth knowledge on the species on ants, causes for the infestation, and familiarisation with the property, the exterminator creates a strategy that employs the most effective solutions for ant control and removal.

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I had an excellent experience with Protech Pest Control. I had a major problem with Ants but since treatment, I haven't had a problem or any ants. The pest controller was very helpful and professional; office staff was extremely helpful made it so easy to book the treatment with no hassle. I’m a very satisfied customer and would recommend Protech to my family, friends and community.
- Armando Yousif

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