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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control Melbourne

bed bug pest control

Bed bugs infestation is a common problem that people all around the world and in Melbourne face, not only do these insects cause physical pain with their itchy bites, but they also affect a person’s state of mind by causing panic.

A common place to find bed bugs in Melbourne are in hotel rooms, hostels, offices, homes, schools, retail stores, as well as in public transport. They are not as easy to spot as other rodents because they are small in size and are known to multiply rapidly, which is why you will only know of an existing infestation in your home after you have got bitten or once you find spots of blood on your linen.

At Protech Pest Control and removal Melbourne, you will surely find the best pest removal solution to your bed bug infestation. Our team of professionals are highly trained and have the right removal service experience to carefully and effectively treat your home or business to make it pest-free!

Our control and removal services and systems are not only safe and effective but also cause minimal impact on the environment and are known to prevent any future infestations.

Facts on Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are roughly oval and are about 4-5mm long when they are an adult. Although they are wingless insects, they are known to be fast runners.

Bed bugs are normally brown, however, their colour turns into a deeper red-brown once they have finished a blood meal. Because they are tiny and dorsoventrally flat, they can easily hide in tiny crevices and cracks and can easily travel from one place to another through luggage, linen, mattresses, clothes, and furniture.

Between the time from the egg stage to an adult stage, bed bugs pass through five juvenile nymph stages. Every nymphal stage and adults of both genders require blood for development and nutrition which is why, to moult to the next stage, a bed bug is required to have had at least one blood meal.

They are known to feed every 10 days and then moult. The entire engorgement takes about 5-10 minutes. The lifespan of an adult beg bug is 6-12 months while complete nymphal development only takes place between 6-8 weeks. Post mating, each female is known to lay about 2-3 eggs per day throughout her lifespan.

How to Spot an Infestation?

You are sure to have an infestation if you notice any of the below signs:

  • If you notice blood spots on the sheets or mattresses.
  • If there is an unpleasant and sweet yet sickly odour.
  • If you notice faecal pellets (small dark spots) on your linen.
  • If you spot a live bed bug.
  • If you notice dark black stains on your mattress or surrounding the area due to excreta.
  • If you have recently got skin welts and irritation due to bites.
  • If you notice tiny eggs or eggshells.

How to Identify a Bed Bug Bite?

Bed Bug Bites

It is possible to get bitten by a bed bug anywhere on your body, however, the most common areas are the areas that are most exposed when you are asleep, for instance, your arms, face, your legs, your back, or your neck.

Their bite mark appears similar to a mosquito bite or a flea bite, however, the pattern of the bite is usually in a straight line or can appear in a small cluster.

The reaction towards a bed bug bite varies, some people’s body might not react to a bite whereas some people’s body might react badly to a bite, leading to a serious allergic reaction and in some cases, it could cause an anaphylactic response. It is easy to identify a bed bug bite if you notice any of the following:

  • A bite with a red swollen area having a tiny dark red spot.
  • Hives or blisters near the bite site.
  • An itchy and burning sensation at the location of the bite.

Some people have a reaction to the bite, several days after being bitten. It is impossible for you to feel the insect bite you as they are known to excrete a small amount of anaesthesia into your body prior to the bite. Itching or scratching the bitten area might cause it to swell or bleed which is why it is important not to scratch it.

How to Treat a Bed Bug Infestation?

In Melbourne, there are many services to treat a bed bug infestation, however, the choice of service completely depends on the type of infestation, whether minor or major.


Bed Bug Treatment

It is essential to get your home or office inspected by a professional expert before selecting any control and removal service. Once your house has been inspected and the pest control and removal expert has determined the type and level of infestation, then they will be able to suggest the right pest control and removal service and system for your home.

Once the inspection is over, it is essential for you to wash contaminated surfaces affected with blood for a better appearance as well as for an effective follow-up inspection.

If you are discarding your mattress it is necessary to burn it, to prevent other furniture item from getting infected. If you are disposing of bedding, then it is necessary to seal them first in a plastic bag. Ensure that the linen in your home is washed in hot water and dried in a drier. You can freeze your delicate and sensitive materials in the freezer and allow it to be stored until completely frozen.

How to Prevent an Infestation?

Bed Bug Infestation
  • Keep your bedding, linen, and furniture clean.
  • Avoid purchasing second-hand or old bedding and furniture that has fabric.
  • Use plastic protective covers to protect your mattresses and bedding box.
  • If you have returned from vacation or from a stay at any hotel but feel like you might have got a few bed bugs with you, keep your luggage first in the bathroom or in your garage, it will be much easier to spot a bed bug on your tiled floor than in your carpet.
  • Clothes that you are concerned about should be washed at the highest temperature.
  • Vacuuming your carpet, furniture, and mattresses thoroughly and frequently will keep the bed bugs at bay.
  • When traveling or staying in hotels, spray aerosol on to the exteriors of your luggage to repel and prevent any bed bug from crawling into your bag.
  • Wherever you stay, whether it is a hotel or a motel or simply your grandmother’s home, check for any signs of bed bugs before unpacking your stuff or using the bed and furniture.
  • Thoroughly inspect your luggage when you arrive at your hotel for any signs of bugs.

Why Should You Choose Protech Pest Control and Removal Melbourne?

At Protech Pest Control and removal Melbourne, we provide our customers with effective control and removal services to completely eradicate a bed bug or any other infestation in your home or offices.

Our professional control and removal experts have the knowledge and experience in eliminating pests the right way, by using the latest and best top-notch equipment and technology in Melbourne, to effectively eliminate and prevent infestations.

We provide professional inspection, same-day inspection and control and removal services in Melbourne, free quotation, pest-free guarantee, and certified professionals to ensure that you get the best inspection and control and removal services in Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Dangerous are Bed Bugs?
    Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed of human and animal blood, thus endangering your pets and your family members, their bites could ruin your sleep while putting you in physical and psychological discomfort, however, they do not transmit any diseases.
  • What should I do if I find Bed Bugs in my Home/Office?
    If you find any bed bugs in your home, hotel or office, it is necessary to take appropriate control and removal measures to eliminate the bugs, if you are unsure on what control and removal service is appropriate, you should consult with our pest control and removal expert and they will guide you on selecting the right service.
  • Where are Bed Bugs normally Found?
    Bed bugs are usually found in facilities having a large turnover of people such as hotels/motels, hostels or backpackers, hospitals, homeless shelters, military barracks, college dorms, apartment complexes, and business offices.
  • What are the Signs of Bed Bugs?
    Skin welts, bite marks, swollen skin, itchy sensation, blood spots on sheet, and dark stains on your mattress are some signs of a pest infestation.
  • How can We Help You With Bed Bug Control and Removal?
    After carefully and thoroughly inspecting your home/office, depending on the severity of the infestation, we will conduct a control and removal service. 10 days after the control and removal treatment service our pest control expert will follow-up with an inspection and if the infestation isn’t dead yet, there will be another control and removal treatment service and follow-up inspection that will be conducted to completely eradicate the problem.
  • Is Bed Bugs Treatment Service Secure to Stay in the Treated Area?
    Yes, you can still stay in the serviced area of your home. Our pest control and removal experts will carefully do their job and cover all your items and furniture in the room and will keep it away from you and your family members.
  • How can I get rid of Bed Bugs Fast Permanently?
    Once you have discovered your home is infested, you could wash your infected items with hot water, freeze any delicate item, and vacuum your home, however, the best and fastest way of pest removal is by hiring a pest control and removal expert to inspect and terminate the infestation.

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Great experience from begging to end. The ladies on the phone were polite and efficient and Dwane did an amazing job. We have a baby at home and we’re initially concerned about the chemicals. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the process and reassuring us. Excellent service all round at a very fair price.
- Richard K

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