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Mosquito Bites Got You in A Twist? Here's How to Get Some Relief

Mosquito Bites Got You in A Twist? Here's How to Get Some Relief

Posted by Muzi On 26 Oct, 2018

Perhaps the strongest deterrent for any person in Melbourne to be spending time outdoors is the threat of returning with mosquito bites.

Once you're bitten it is almost as if things spiral out of control and you get caught in the vicious cycle of scratching. The worst part is, there seems to be no way to end the itching.

A mosquito bite is just about the most annoying sensation for anybody. And, did you know the more you itch the more the itching sensation continues?

Mosquitoes can be real pests preventing you from enjoying spending time outside, hampering enjoyable moments that can only be enjoyed outdoors as well as getting into your home and making you uncomfortable within your own home.

The best way to avoid mosquito bites is through a mosquito control and removal treatment, which will keep them off your property. Professionals can guide you with a check-list on what to do for control and removal as well as visit your home for an inspection of the same.

Why do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Let's start with 2 facts; only females bite, and actually, mosquitoes don't bite, they only suck the blood out of the blood vessel. So when you experience an itching sensation it's merely your body's reaction.

This reaction takes place because when these pests use their needle-like mouth to inject it into your skin, they also release some saliva, which lets them feed without being discovered. Their saliva in anticoagulant in nature and hence, your body naturally reacts to this by creating histamines for the affected area. Now for the big reveal: it's the histamines that cause itchiness and not the bites.

The more you scratch the more histamines your body creates and thus continues the vicious cycle. So really, if you can keep yourself from scratching you're actually helping to stop the itchy feeling.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to think that scratching provides relief and hence, can never get ourselves to stop doing that. However, if mosquito bites are bothering you is there any way to put an end to the misery? The answer is yes!

Here are a Few Home Remedies That Can Help Provide Some Relief

  • Toothpaste: Known for its cooling sensation, applying it to the area that has mosquito bites can give relief and will also help prevent you from scratching any further. As a bonus, its astringent quality can help reduce the swollen area by preventing the build-up of fluid.
  • Honey: Honey has been doing the rounds as an antiseptic for skin, for centuries now. It comes as no surprise that its healing properties act as an antibiotic to mosquito bites. Here's a tip, use fresh honey for better results.
  • Banana peel: Banana skin possesses certain natural oils which are therapeutic for mosquito bites. By simply rubbing the fleshy side of the peel onto the affected area, you will find relief.
  • Vapor rub: Haven't we all enjoyed the soothing effect of vapor rub during a bad congestion or cold? Well, the good news is, it has been proven to relieve the itchy sensation caused by mosquito bites as well. Plus, its cooling sensation provides relief and soothes the skin.
  • Ice: Just like ice offers relief for many other wounds, it also helps for mosquito stings. The cool temperature numbs the area to the right amount to prevent you from continually itching.
  • Aloe vera: This miracle plant is a natural antiseptic agent with much value to offer. Possessing vitamins and minerals, aloe vera can soothe the area affected by mosquito bites and helps quicken the healing process. You can choose to use fresh aloe vera or the gel on the area as a treatment. If needed you may even refrigerate it for 10 minutes so that its cooling sensation provides double the relief.
  • Mark an X with your nail: This may sound amusing, however, it can provide relief. All you've got to do is apply light pressure with your nail to form an X on the mosquito bites in a way that minorly dents the skin. Mind you, this temporary fix will relive you for as long as the X lasts.

Finally, treatment for mosquito bites can get tiresome and hence it is best advised that if you have a mosquito problem you should seek out a professional treatment for their control and removal from your property.

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