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How a Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Make a Wise Investment?

How a Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Make a Wise Investment?

Posted by Muzi On 27 Dec, 2016

When you are considering purchasing a house, you should be very certain what type of a building you are investing in. Once you have a building for purchase in view, to make sure you have made the right decision it's important for you to have, a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

It's very important for you to have a pre-purchase building inspection done to make sure you are not making a bad purchase, being well aware of the conditions of the structure of building in question so as to discover whether there are any cracks, leaks, weak points in the structure, dampness, and any other condition being well aware before you make a bad investments.

Many a time, on the surface all seems to looks good but later on pest and other problems seem to surface. When you get an inspection done those hidden flaws will surface helping you to negotiate the price of the building in question.

Having a pre-purchase building inspection does put your mind at rest but it is not enough as is. A pest inspection which can also be termed as a timber pest inspection ought to be done as well so as to ensure your home’s future has not become the home of hibernating pests which were not detected during the building inspection.

Pest exterminatorA building inspection and a pest inspection may have some points in common but are two completely different things. During a building inspection the building may be found to be in good condition but a timber inspection involves inspecting a radius of 30m all around the main building.

These inspection should be conducted as soon as you have spotted a suitable building for purchase. If the building is on auction it is important to conduct this inspection well in advance to the day of the auction or before you sign the deed papers.

Getting the inspection done is a pre-requisite which may mean you have to spend a few dollars more but, it would be worth it than for you to land up with a property that you have to spend thousands on to rectify the problem.

It is mandatory to employ a commercial pest control company to conduct a building and pest inspection and not rely on one done earlier as there could be a lapse of time from when the inspection was conducted to the time you are looking at the building .So this inspection should be done before you make any monetary contributions or commitments on paper.

Building and pest inspections are normally done on the buildings in question. The inspection can be quite time consuming as every part in the building has to be minutely inspected to make sure the wood and building material has not become home to unwanted pests causing decay or weakening to the structure.

So instead of having the building inspected first and then the pest inspection you could cut down on time and money quite a bit by opting to have a commercial building and pest control company carry out a combined inspection.

But do take into consideration that when the work of building and pest inspection is done separately the building is looked over twice so even if few flaws were overlooked during the building inspection it will not be missed during the pest inspection.

Melbourne has many commercial pest control companies offering services for building and pest inspectors. Whoever you employ to conduct this inspection must be qualified, licenced and insured.

At this time don’t let only money be your guiding factor, talk to your friends, colleagues, neighbours, browse through the internet, etc. and then arrive at a decision for a suitable inspector to look up your building and perform a pest inspection as well as a building inspection.

A pre inspectional agreement is very important so as to avoid any issues from the company making the buyers aware of all that is and is not included during an inspection. Read in between the lines so as to avoid any trap in the inspection agreement that were not made clear to you. A timber pest inspection is a visual inspection done minutely as every room inspection is covered. No open walls, moving of any furniture during a building and pest inspection are allowed.

When such things do occur the seller can use these types of tricks to hid the faults in the building these need to be made mention of to the buyer as the inspector should also be able to put your mind at rest as to how long before you should have the next building and pest inspection done.

Pest inspection normally can take about 2 hours or more depending upon the area, the size of the building, the lower floor surface and the garden area. It is advisable for you to be on the spot while the inspection is carried out.

At times the inspectors may be in touch with the seller and will try to rush through the procedure so that those weak points can’t be looked over. So when things like furniture that can’t be moved stops a thorough inspection it needs to be mentioned in the report.

Pest inspectionThe pest inspection report can consist of many pages accompanied with pictures of water seepages, weak structures, records of past infestation and how they were rectified and the present condition. (During a pest inspection, every nook and corner in the building structure and the surrounding areas are inspected for any pest that may cause harm to the building.

The inspection report will state these facts and will also state what means have been adopted to eradicate, fumigate or stop any further pest infection) and also stating how long the building can be free from any such infection and when the next inspection needs to be conducted so as to stop any pest from making it their home thus ruining your home.

In conclusion a building pest inspection is just about the best decision you could make for your investment.

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