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Silverfish Pest Control & Removal Services in Melbourne

SilverfishWhether you reside in Melbourne or any other part of the world, it is very common for you to find yourself stuck with a silverfish infestation issue.

Since they can thrive in almost every climate, it is very easy for them to soon set up their colony. However, once the colony is established, it will make it even more difficult to conduct a successful control and removal treatment service for the infestation.

If you sense an infestation already present in your home or business premises, it is best for you to contact the pest control and removal expert to get your home and business premises inspected as well as treated with a control and removal service.

How to Identify a Silverfish?

  • Grey or silvery in colour and shiny.
  • Size varies between 10-12 mm long.
  • They are wingless, with 6 legs and have 2 long antennas.
  • They are tapered towards the end, rending a tail-like look.
  • They have a flat body along with 3 long appendages at the rear end.

Where Do Silverfish Live?

Silverfish Pest ControlJust like other pests, silverfish love damp, dark, and moist locations and are usually found in locations that suit their preference.

In your home or business premise, these damp and dark locations include attics, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and storerooms. Since they love munching on paper, high-protein and sugar items, and starchy items, you will notice holes in your books, magazines, cereals boxes, and damp wallpapers.

In addition, they are also known for their love for silk and cotton cloth, so be sure to look through your clothes and carpets for any signs of an infestation.

If you do notice any signs, contact a control and removal expert today for a thorough inspection of your home or business premise.

Types of Silverfish in Melbourne That Invade Your Home & Business Premises

  • Common Silverfish:

    These insects are mostly found in moist locations indoor, such as your basement and kitchen. They are about 0.5-1 inch long, live for about 8-10 years, and are only active during the night and sleep during the day.

  • Grey Silverfish:

    As their name suggests, these insects are dark grey or grey in color and they live in small confined spaces such as bathroom pipes, basements, etc.

  • Firebrat:

    As compared to the other types of silverfish, the firebrat is a very different type of insect. It is yellow in color and prefers hot climates with the temperature being above 90 degrees C, such as the fireplace, insulation pipes,and furnaces.

  • Jumping Bristletail:

    This type of insect is usually found outdoors, like in gardens, among pebbles, grass, or stones. They are silver in color and grow more the 0.5 inches.

  • Four-lined Silverfish:

    As their name describes, these insects have 3-4 lines on their stomach and are longer than the other type of silverfish. They too are found outdoors and prefer dark and moist locations. However, if they do enter indoor locations, you will only find them in rooftops and backyards.

  • Bristletail:

    Although they belong to the insect family, they are mentioned among silverfish. This insect that is found outdoor among rocks, decaying leaves, and wood, has a cylindrical body and is wingless.

Facts About These Silverfish

  • They love munching on items containing complex sugars, including paper, clothing, carpets and glue. They also consume other animal and plant materials like leather and cotton.
  • An adult can live up to 8 years and grow bigger in size while laying eggs multiple times as time passes. During an inspection, if the silverfish you find is huge, then you may have a bigger issue than expected.
  • They not only damage food items and paper materials but also clothes.
  • They are nocturnal, therefore, they like dark and secluded areas, making it harder to spot them during an inspection.
  • They do not come out of drains and if they fall into one, they can't climb back up.
  • Since they like moist and dark places with high humidity, you can easily find them in cardboard storage boxes or basements, rooftops, backyards, etc. of your home or business premise.

Harmful Effects of Silverfish on Human Life

Silverfish on a RockSilverfish are not only known to cause serious damage to food items, paper, albums, books, cloth, carpets, and glue, but it is also known to cause some damage to humans. No, they do not bite humans, however, their presence can cause an asthma attack. Since they also love feeding on dandruff, they could crawl on your hair causing serious discomfort.

They can also cause an allergic reaction to any human that uses an infected cloth. If the infected food item is consumed by humans it can also cause illness. This is why thorough and effective pest inspection and control and removal treatment services are essential to avoid any of this from happening.

Signs of an Silverfish Infestation

  • Spotting a Live Specimen:

    Even though this sounds obvious, most people turn a blind eye to the issue even after spotting a live insect crawling around. But what most people don't know is spotting one means there are plenty more hidden away.

  • Dropping:

    Where there is an infestation, there are droppings. While getting an inspection of your home or business premise, ensure to keep an eye out for droppings. You will easily spot their black spherical poop where they eat, around paper or cloth items.

  • Paper Damage:

    Since these insects mainly eat starchy items like paper, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, albums, wallpapers, etc. it is easy to spot an infestation when conducting an inspection of your home or business premise.

  • Shed skin:

    As they are small, their skin too will be too small to notice easily, however, while conducting an inspection of your home or business premise, look for their skin in your kitchen, basement, etc.

How to Control & Remove Pests from Your Home & Business Premises?

  • Store Food Items in Sealed Containers:

    Doing this will not only make your pantry look organised but it will also prevent any future damage caused by pests and eliminate their food source, thus driving them elsewhere in search of food.

  • Vacuum Your Home or Business Area Regularly:

    Not only should you vacuum the floor but also the carpet and every damp and moist area to remove any food crumbs etc. that may have fallen down.

  • Use Dehumidifiers in Humid Places:

    Since silverfish love humid climates, the best way to make the area unpleasant for silverfish is by installing dehumidifiers for humid places especially during humid climates.

  • Proper Ventilation:

    Ensure your home or business space is properly ventilated, allowing fresh air and sunlight to pass through, as this will eliminate any moisture present.

Silverfish Control & Removal Methods

  • Pro-active Spray:

    Apply a silverfish control and removal treatment spray to the walls and flooring of your home or business space once every 30 days to get rid of silverfish. However, ensure that you keep the area free from pets or children before spraying.

  • Cyber WP:

    This powder is visible of dark surfaces and can be wet for use. You can use it to spray any entry points.

  • Dust:

    In Melbourne, you can use Cimexa Dust and D-Fence Dust on a 1000 sq. ft. area. You can use the dust in the attic insulation, behind electrical machines, and any place common for silverfish to hide.

  • Bait:

    Using baits to kill silverfish is a really effective way since once they eat the bait, they die on the spot.

  • Diatomaceous Earth:

    Using this is an effective way to control and removal of the silverfish. You can easily apply it to all the locations and areas you think might be infested. However, it is best to apply it toward the evening since they are active during the night.

  • Traps:

    These Traps too are effective control and removal techniques, however, you should make sure the area is clear of pets and children.

Why Protech Pest Control for Control & Removal Treatment Services in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, Protech Pest Control is a well-known Pest Control & Removal Service Expert that offers thorough pest inspections and eco-friendly insect control and removal treatment services on the same-day and is safe to use around pets and children. Their services are only conducted by certified technicians who provide a pest-free guarantee post the service.

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  • Can Silverfish Harm Humans?

    Silverfish do not harm humans directly but they can be a cause for asthma attacks and allergic reactions or in some cases can cause illness due to consuming infected food items.

  • How to Protect Your Home or Business Premise From Silverfish?

    Vacuuming regularly, storing food items in sealed containers, eliminating any excess storage of paper, using dehumidifiers, baits and conducting treatment services are all effective ways to keep your home or business premise clear from these insects.

  • What Kind of Property Damage can These Insects Do?

    From chewing on your wallpapers, photo albums, food items, cereal boxes, cotton cloths and silk cloths to ruining your carpet! They are known to cause a lot of harm to your property and clothing.

  • How to Identify an Insect Infestation?

    Look for any droppings, skin, nibbled paper items or cloth and live specimens. If you notice any one of these, there surely is an infestation.

  • Is the Chemical Used Eco-friendly?

    Yes, Protech Pest Control only uses eco-friendly products and treatments for their services that are safe to use around children and pets.

  • Cost of Treatment Service?

    The cost of the treatment service depends on the type of treatment service suggested post-inspection. To get a free quote for the service, you can contact our experts.

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