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Attention Home-Owners: You're Not Ready For Winter until You Read This

Attention Home-Owners: You're Not Ready For Winter until You Read This

Posted by Muzi On 04 Jul, 2017

Winter is a people's favourites for several reasons. The most dominant one is the weather of course. While you're busy thinking of winter favourite dishes, hot beverages, wearing your favourite boots and looking forward to cuddling up in your blanket don't forget that that winter can bring with it, its own set of woes. And winter pests are one of those woes! That's right not all animals hibernate during the cold. good number of them are most active at that time of the year in Melbourne.

They also surface in search of food and warmth, which your home will provide. There are certain pests and insects to look out for. This is important for pest removal and insect control so that you don't land up with an infestation and a big bill to pay to rid yourself of the problem!

Of course there's a general hygiene check that you must maintain in and around your home. This proactive behaviour from your side ensures control of pests. It also is helpful in case you do chance on pests because then you can take the necessary measures for their quick removal!

There are a significant number of winter pests and insects to look out for during winter but the most common ones are:


Rats on WoodSo lets' start off by stating 2 lesser known facts about rodents – like us humans they too seek warmth and shelter during the winter months. The second fact is that their teeth continue to grow throughout their lifetime. This means that rodents feel the need to consistently gnaw things to file their teeth.

At the same time they need to constantly feed and shelter themselves, putting your groceries, wiring, furniture, etc at risk. Worse still they tend to carry fleas and other tiny insects on their bodies, making them carriers of diseases that could really harm you and your family.

Tips to keep rodents out of your home:

  • Store food in tightly sealed plastic containers instead of fabric and cardboard ones, which they can easily bite through.
  • Keep pet food away post midnight.
  • Keep your home, roof, yard and garden clutter-free so they cannot nest there.
  • Seal any entry points.
  • Set up rodent traps in and around the house.


Cockroaches are those insects that are freely available pests throughout the year.

One would think that they would reproduce at a slower rate during winters but that is anything but the case.

Considering the many places they tend to scurry around through they are extremely filthy and can transmit diseases easily.

So you're better of keeping them in control and ensuring their complete removal in your home.

Tips for cockroach control and removal

  • Inspect areas like under the sink, near garbage bins, in the niches of cupboards and place insecticides there (ensure they aren't hazardous to you and your family)
  • Store all your food away in sealed containers to cut off a food source for the cockroaches.
  • Do a professional pest control and removal treatment since insecticides will not get rid of any cockroach eggs.


Termits on damaged woodTermites are indeed hazardous insects to have your house infested with.

Also known as white ants they can do extreme damage to anything constructed out of wood in your home.

Termite Control and Removal becomes a hard task as it is difficult to spot them. Making use of mud tunnels, they move from their nest to the area they want to attack.

Tips for the control and removal of termites

  • Look for wings and droppings of termites.
  • Pay attention to any scratching sounds you might hear.
  • It is best advised to have a professional pest control company conduct treatment for your home.
  • Keep your home thoroughly ventilated and avoid accumulation of moisture.


Australian Bush Tailed PossumPossums tend to live in the roof since it is the place with the least human activity. Their urine and faeces not only will make the top of your home rot and spread a foul smell but will also stain your walls. Not to mention the painful bite they deliver if they come in contact with you and feel threatened.

The worst part is that they are protected animals so you can't harm them even in a situation of self-defence.

These nocturnal animals are hard to locate so it is best you follow the tips below and have a professional inspect your home annually in the very least.

Tips to keep your home free from possums

  • Use baited cages only so that you can release them somewhere far off in the wild.
  • Post trapping them seal up holes and gaps that may have been used an entry points,

With the way Melbourne's winter conditions are do not rule out the possibility of a few of these pests and insects making their way into your home. After all you're better off safe than sorry, right?

Do take precautionary measures so you can enjoy the joy of Melbourne's winter and if the matter does persist have a professional service conduct a pest inspection.

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