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Bee Hives Removal in Melbourne

All You Need to Know About Bee Hive Inspection and Removal Services in Melbourne

Bee Removal Melbourne

A swarm of bees can be quite difficult to handle and trying to get rid of the infestation and the hive yourself can be dangerous not just to you but other people and pets around too!

In order to conserve the environment, protect your loved ones and eliminate these insects from your property the right way, professional control and removal services are a must.

At Protech Pest Control, Melbourne we consider the safety of your loved ones and these insects while treating your property and carrying out services for inspection, control and removal. What's more, our technicians are highly skilled and abide by the necessary industry standards while using environment-friendly products to treat your home and the hive.

You can be assured of a thorough inspection, removal, and control of the bee infestation not coming back again too! Are you still wondering whether you need a professional inspection, control and removal service to rid your home of this kind of problem? Read on to understand an bee behaviour better and gain an insight into how complicated treatment of their control and removal actually is.

Difference Between a Swarm, a Nest and a Hive

  • Swarm:

    This consists only of fully grown adult bees that hang off a branch or in a bush temporarily. A few of these insects scout for a new home while the others remain in this cluster and they all move to their new home once the scouting bees find one. A swarm does not include a comb with pollen or honey.

  • Bee Nest:

    These insects prefer dark niches to build their nest and may often choose a small space in the structure of your home or the hollow of a tree to build their nest. They may even choose to build their home in the open like on the branches of a nearby tree. These pests store honey and pollen while raising their young in a nest and so you can be sure you will find these in their nest.

  • Bee Hive:

    These are man-made and used to manage colonies of bees. A beehive helps remove honey without causing any harm to the insects and is usually kept in an apiary. However, removal services should only be carried out at the hands of skilled experts in Melbourne.

Types of Bees

Learn which species you're dealing with through our inspection services.

  • European or Western Honey Bee:

    These little ones were brought into Australia to encourage the supply of honey in the country and are very recognisable, thanks to their brown and yellow striped body. Although they can sting when they feel threatened, their sting gets trapped in the skin of the victim along with the venom. This results in death for the insect.

  • Native bees:

    If you suspect this species living around your home in Melbourne, you should know this kind is widely found throughout Australia and includes more than 1,500 species of bees ranging from 2- 24 mm in size.

    These insects are more prone to stinging. Most native bees do not store honey and have small nests while 10 species live in large colonies and have many worker insects along with queens and drones.

Need Expert Help For Your Bee Problem?

These insects can establish their homes again within a very short period. This is why it is necessary to remove them from your property as soon as possible while ensuring that the control and hive removal services are correctly conducted.

The best way to ensure both is to get professional control and hive removal services executed for the same as any little mistakes can be dangerous and a pinch to your pocket too!

Not only could people and pets around get stung, but you can also incur high costs of repairing your property and home if the hive removal is not conducted properly.

Get Bee Swarm & Hives Removal Today

Bee Hive Removal

When you spot these little insects on your property it is important that you don't make any hasty decisions like carrying out the inspection/ DIY treatments yourself or a decision that involves trying to spray pesticides or other chemicals on the hive.

Keep your distance from the insect's hive and keep pets and children away and at a safe distance too as stings can sometimes be life-threatening.

Hire professionals in Melbourne for swarm control and hive removal services instead of trying to reduce costs by practicing any removal treatments/systems by yourself.

Remember, aggravating the insects by throwing sticks and stones at their hive is never a good or safe idea.

Is Your Business Property at Risk of an Insect Attack?

As you have understood by now, coming in contact with these insects can turn out to be both painful/life-threatening and an expensive affair.

These effects are not limited to yourself and every family member, friend, employee or pet is subjected to this risk too. Further, the damages your home or business structure incurs can create quite a hole in your pocket.

Did You Know Bees Pose These Dangers?

Did you know their stings cause inflammation, swelling and itching too? While this may not be very severe in some cases, there is the possibility that a sting can be very severe in certain cases.

Further, it may be even worse for those that have an allergic reaction to it. An allergic reaction can also result in death if not treated immediately by medical services.

In other words, a bee sting can be bearable but may also be life-threatening. Imagine how much worse it could be if you have an entire swarm attack! Do not take on this risk by missing out on having a protective system in place and regular inspection.

Is Your Home Pest-Proof?

How to know if you have a swarm of bees around your home or property in Melbourne? Preventing an infestation in Melbourne if you don't have a control and removal services system in place becomes difficult.

Although it is strongly recommended that you must have a control and removal services system in place. You can prevent these insects from making your home and the environment less of an attraction to them. You must also control the number of fragrant and flowering plants. You can fill cracks in walls or other spaces that the swarm of bees seems drawn into.

Lastly, have a reputed pest control company in Melbourne give you tailored advice on their control and removal treatments to keep these insects at bay with a reliable control and removal treatment system in place.

Bee Hive Removal Treatments Services

  • Bee Proofing:

    This involves sealing up cracks and crevices that these pests would want to build their home in. Usually, metal, durable wood or mortar is used to seal up these cracks to prevent them from eating through it.

  • Bee Repellents:

    This involves using repellents to prevent them from wanting to settle down on your property. These repellents are not applied to plants that bees will only use for pollen. Further, the repellent does not endanger them or your loved ones.

Fun Facts About Bees and Their Hive

  • A queen bee can live up to 6 years
  • The honey bee is the only insect that produces food for human consumption
  • A hive can have up to 50,000 workers or more
  • Bees need to collect nectar from over 2 million flowers to produce one kilo of honey.

Beehive Services: Your Go-To This Season!

These services include inspection services, treating an infestation in the safest, most effective and most economical way. It also involves treating it in such a way that the infestation doesn't return in just a few days.

A reputed pest control company will comply with the necessary safety regulations and also use environment-friendly solutions to ensure zero adverse effects on your loved ones, employees, animals and these insects themselves.

Why Choose Protech Pest Control?

Protech Pest control, Melbourne believes strongly in customer satisfaction and cares about the safety of your loved ones as much as you do.

Their team of Melbourne's finest technicians promises to offer you the best advice and resolutions for your infestation and also help you with the best prevention measures to practice. All products used are environment-friendly and treatments are free of harsh chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Signs of Bees Infestation?

    You can assume you have an infestation when you start seeing cut grass and get a strange smell while also spotting a swarm buzzing around your home and property. You may also see them laying in the mulch heap in your backyard. This should be enough proof to call for control treatments and removal services.

  • How do You Get Rid of an Infestation?

    By calling in the professionals and setting up a treatment system in place! Don't try to inspection or eliminating these insects yourself as you may end up hurting your loved ones, yourself and the insects too.

  • What is the Average Cost of Hive Control and Removal treatment services

    Speak to our experts in Melbourne who will visit your home for an inspection and then propose how the treatment should be carried for maximum relief. They will also give you a quote for their services.

  • How do You Get Rid of Bees Naturally?

    You may not be able to control them naturally even though you may be able to take some natural measures to prevent an infestation or swarms being attracted to your home. The best way to ensure you protect all those on your property and the structure of your property intact is by getting professional services to set up a control and removal system.

  • What Type of Bees would Most Likely Nest in My Property?

    Commercial honey bees that aren't native to Australia and Melbourne are most likely to be the ones nesting in your property. However, having a professional in Melbourne visit for an inspection could help accurate identification and devising of a control and removal service system that guarantees reliable treatment.

  • Do You Use Pesticides to Free Me From a Beehive That has been Built Near My Property?

    No infestation is equal and it would take an inspection of your property to understand the infestation in order to treat it. However, in our treatments and services, we strive to use ensure the safety not just of your loved ones but of these beneficial insects too.

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