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Did You Know Mice and Rats in Your Home and Office Can Silently Kill You?

Did You Know Mice and Rats in Your Home and Office Can Silently Kill You?

Posted by Muzi On 17 Nov, 2015

Pests can be a threat to your home or office any time of year. However, when the weather turns colder they are especially on the lookout for a place to hole up and stay warm until spring. In most cases, a rodent that wants to stay warm and well-fed during the wintertime will choose your house or your commercial structure over a barn or another kind of outbuilding.

Out of all of the creatures that could take up residence, rats and mice in particular carry with them risks that you should be aware of for your own safety and that of your family.

When you suspect that rats and mice have taken up residence in your office or house, you can have them removed permanently by relying on commercial rat pest control in Melbourne.

By relying on a professional mice control company like Protech Pest Control, you avoid the risks that rats and mice bring with them when they come inside.

One of the most present dangers they present involves the risk of fire. A pest like a rat or a mouse will chew through wires, drywall, and other materials to make a nest and burrow further in the wall for warmth.

As a rat or mouse chews through the wiring, however, it creates a fire hazard if one of the wires should short out and spark. Your structure could burn down because of a pest that took up residence inside. To avoid this risk, you can call a professional removal service and have these pests eliminated permanently.

Another advantage that comes with choosing a professional control service involves eliminating health dangers presented by these creatures. Rodents carry with them diseases and mites that can cause illness. They leave behind droppings and urine, as well as the mites and lice that live in their hides.

When you or your loved ones come into contact with these droppings or mites, you could become ill with diseases like the plague. A rat removal service that specialises in getting rid of these creatures can control any burgeoning outbreak of disease in your home.

Rodent NestA service that performs rat pest control in Melbourne will inspect your structure and find where these pests are coming in from the outdoors. The technicians will seal off cracks and find nests as part of their removal service.

A large part of getting rid of these pests involves keeping them from gaining entry to the inside of the structure. When you seal off their point of entry, you make it more difficult for them to invade your living or work space.

Rodents pose a danger to you and your family. They also multiply rapidly, making them difficult to control. Protech Pest Control can help with mice control and keep pests out permanently.

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