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Importance of a Termite Inspection

The earlier a termite problem is detected the better and faster it can be taken care of with lesser damage to the house or property.

If an assessment is delayed, so is the diagnosis and the treatment of the infestation caused by these ever-hungry insects thereby increasing the amount of damage caused by their eating habits.

Having an annual pest inspection is a must as suggested by the CSIRO. Having regular termite inspections and pre-purchase timber pest inspections are a must for every homeowner in Melbourne.

Termite damage does not fall within the luxuries of being covered by insurance for every homeowner which is why it must be prevented in the first place to avoid tearing that extra hole in the pocket. Such inspections help you seek out potential threats of any such problem, look for damage that can prove harmful to your property in the long run and maintain the protection against these pesky creatures for your property.

They are also necessary as these insects are known for their skill to invade homes without being noticed for a very long time. It also helps analyse the species of this forever chomping insect to better diagnose the situation.

The Process of a Termite Inspection

On visiting your home, our skilled technicians conduct a visual check by inspecting all the accessible areas. In order to properly and thoroughly inspect your property, our technicians might ask you for access into private spaces or for you to clear out certain areas that might be obstructed due to furniture or decor. They will also make a note of areas that were inaccessible for the inspection and mention those areas on your home inspection report.

Some of the common spaces that our technicians inspect are:

  • The exteriors, including wooden window frames, wooden items attached to your home, fascia boards, etc. They will also inspect the trees and landscaping in your backyard or garden as well as storage areas.
  • The interiors, including door jams, corners, ceilings, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, floor boards, skirting boards, etc.
  • Voids in the roof, including hanging beams, timber constructions, collar ties, underpurlins, and more
  • Subfloors like concrete, brick or limestone piers having ant caps and any possible entry ways to joists and floor bearers.

Types of Termite Inspections:

The two types include Standard termite and pre-purchase.

termite inspection melbourne

  • Standard Termite Inspections:

    These are for home or property owners in Melbourne that need a regular checking to ensure that termites are not eating away at their home with their ignorance about the same. Our inspections for these ever eating creatures abide by the Australian standards 3660.

    We also look for damaged parts of the property that can be threatened by them in the future by being weak. Our main motto is to ensure there is no termite infestation and keep your property 100 % safe and protected from these insects. Just like a regular doctor's check-up, your home too needs a regular termite inspection.

    Our work of examination is thorough to ensure that we aren't leaving any parts of your home out. We make it a point to give you're a detailed report and explain the situation to you after an examination while discussing resolutions or even just some prevention tips as per your requirement.

  • Pre Purchase Pest Inspections:

    These are for those home buyers that are trying to invest in a piece of property or a home after ensuring that it is worth their money. This includes making sure that the property is not infested with pests or close to being so. It even finds out any damage that might have been caused by pest infestations in the past.

    Investing in a house or property is always one of those biggest investments that no home buyer wants to go wrong on, so to be much more confident of your decision opt for this kind of an inspection that provides you with a detailed report and proof of our analysis.

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

A timber pest inspection is essential for all homebuyers to ensure they are making a good purchase and cut costs so that they don’t end up paying more for damage repairs in the future. A pre-purchase timber pest inspection is different from a termite inspection. As the name suggests, in a pre-purchase inspection, the property is inspected in advance before purchase and it is inspected for termites as well as other timber pests like wood decay fungi, wood borers, etc.

But that’s not all, this inspection also gives you more insight into other potential factors that could lead to an infestation such as poor ventilation, leakages, construction problems, etc. Therefore, homebuyers should always opt for a pre-purchase timber pest inspection.

What Do We Look for in Termite Inspection?

During such an inspection we try to find all potential threats and damages, here are some of the things we keep an eye out for during termite inspections while assessing till the limit of your property or 30 meters of it:

  • Termite activity
  • Termite damage
  • Rising damp
  • Borer activity
  • Black and white wood deteriorate
  • Bad drainage
  • Improper ventilation
  • Bad construction of the sub-floor
  • Leakage in the bathroom
  • Higher than floor soil level
  • Plumbing problems

The Equipment We Use for Termite Inspection

Our well trained and certified professionals make use of the latest technology equipment such as the following to aid them in better findings and the most thorough and detailed report of the assessment:

  • Moisture meters
  • Termatrac (A device that built from microwave technology that detects movement)
  • Termatrac bore scopes (Helps get visual access of areas hidden behind walls and other enclosed places)

What Parts of the Property Do We Inspect?

Below are the various parts of the property that we thoroughly inspect:

  • Every part of the building that is accessible
  • Interiors of the building
  • Building exterior
  • Sub-floor
  • Roof void
  • Roof exterior
  • Any other part of the property that is within 30 meters of the building
  • Outdoor constructed areas like garages and carports.
  • Walls and fences under possession by the property.
  • Steps or decks on the property or building
  • The property's drain system
  • Driveways or pathways of the property.
  • Gardens

Termite Inspection Reports

home inspections report

  • The Importance of a Report:

    It is important to know the real status of your property for basic management and maintenance to ensure that you do not face any potential threats to your investment in a home. This report helps analyse the current status to better equip you with the best solutions for any termite problem.

  • The Information in a Report:

    The report gives your detailed information of the findings of the inspection including details of the species of timber pests, how bad the damage has gotten, the weakness of the protection level of your home, what the best solutions are, the best timber pest management plans for your property's requirements, advice on existing termite control plans etc.

  • What is the Next Step Following the Report?

    Based on the findings of the inspection and the report, we will help you achieve the best plan for your property from prevention to cure and maintenance.

Tips to Prevent a Termite Attack:

Termite MudsReducing Moisture on Your Property:

  • Keep all groundwater drainage directed to flow away from your home to prevent moisture retention and fix broken or leaking pipes and taps
  • Have fans installed to deal with moisture in sub-floors
  • Ensure the plants are not watered adjacent to the house
  • Regularly fix any leakage laundry room, kitchen, basement or bathroom

Reduce Food Sources for These Insects:

  • Keep wood, timber, and mulch stored away from your home and not within close proximity.
  • Ensure all timber is termite resistant and treated.
  • Avoid storing cardboard boxes, firewood or waste timber.

Clear Areas Around Your Home:

  • Ensure no plants or stored items are lying around the surrounding areas of your property. Keep the surrounding of the building clear
  • Avoid storing anything in the subfloor as it could retain moisture and turn into food for these pests.
  • Refrain from storing any timber or other items against the exterior walls of your home.

Protech Pest Control for Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections Melbourne

When it comes to pre-purchase termite inspections in Melbourne, Protech Pest Control is the company to contact. Why? Here are a few reasons why we are the best:

  • Over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Advanced technology and the latest equipment.
  • Certified, experienced and knowledgeable technicians.
  • Free quote and same-day services.
  • Cost-efficient and reliable services.
  • Comprehensive and accurate termite inspection reports.
  • Constant training to be up-to-date with the latest equipment and techniques.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Should I Get an Inspection?

    The moment you doubt or spot any signs of a termite infestation, you should contact a pest control company and get a pest inspection as soon as possible. By doing so you will be reducing the cost of damage repairs and it still wouldn't require that much time, effort or money to eliminate the infestation.

  • How often should I have a Termite inspection?

    The recommended duration to have a termite inspection is after 6 months. Not only would it help you detect any early signs of an infestation but it would also give you more peace of mind knowing you don’t need to worry about termites. However, even if 6 months aren’t done and you doubt an infestation, it is best that you get it inspected as soon as you can.

  • What Do Termite Inspections Cost?

    The cost would vary depending on various factors such as the size of your property, what type of inspection you are doing, how accessible the areas of your home are, etc. To get a better understanding of our costing, you could contact our experts today for a free quote.

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