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Get rid of termites once and for all with the homeguard precision!

Termite infestations are both a big reality and catastrophe all over the world, but more so in Australia.

While one in every three houses is prone to a termite attack, the costs that houses have borne for fixing structural damage amount to more than $140 million per year. And that's not even the biggest blow!

This cost excludes the removal of the termite infestation and protecting your house from a future attack. These statistics make it all the more necessary for you to have a termite barrier system and treatment in place that will ensure you against such damage.

HomeGuard Can Help!

Homeguard Termite BarrierMost chemical barrier treatments claim to be effective but raise concerns on any side-effects that they can have on the health of your family and pets. Plus, there's always the question of how hazardous they are to the environment. Then again, physical barriers only claim to seal up entry points leaving you with the thought of whether termites continue to encircle your property.

Does this mean you continue to live with the threat? No! HomeGuard combines the best of both these solutions to give you a termite treatment that is almost unbeatable.

While termite bait stations, physical barrier systems, and chemical treatments are among the various options you have to choose from, when safeguarding your building construction from termites, there are some very strong reasons for you to opt for a termite treatment like HomeGuard instead.

HomeGuard is a flexible building product that can quickly and easily adapt to unusual shapes, fit into joins and crevices, while offering you an eco-friendly defence system that will last up to 50 years!

That's right! It is a single sheet membrane that replaces the moisture membrane in constructions. This physical-chemical termite barrier is the first of its kind non-soil matrix that immediately blocks, repels, and kills termites that come in contact with it.

Installing The HomeGuard System

Preferably HomeGuard should be installed at the time of a new construction. However, existing constructions can also benefit from it. This termite management solution is sealed into the core and foundation of the building to ensure permanence.

The installation process is safe and easy. Additionally, the material used will not cut or sensitize. It is lightweight, non-allergenic while also being odor-less, making it an easy blend into your building's construction.

Post installation, a qualified pest manager, preferably from the same pest control company, will need to inspect the building or property, once, every year to ensure the termite treatment is delivering as promised.

How does HomeGuard Actually Work?

Being manufactured in Australia, the HomeGuard physical and chemical barrier system consists of polymer-based products that include FMC's one of the leading liquid termite barrier, Biflex.

The effectiveness of Biflex has been proven and is also the reason behind the protection of 1+ million households in Australia. Obtained from the pyrethrum daisy, Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid and sourced from nature.

While this enables it to be highly effective against insects and termites, in particular, it also implies how it does not have any ill-effects on the vegetation or life in and around your building and property.

The HomeGuard Range

HomeGuard PB HomeGuard Collars HomeGuard TMB HomeGuard DPC

  • HomeGuard Blue: Utilization of homeguard blue is mainly as a cavity or perimeter barrier, this product is generally installed below the timber framing or blockwork.
  • HomeGuard DPC: Along with being a termite protection barrier homeguard DPC also prevents dampness from seeping in. This product is used for the protection of the retaining walls and as a cavity and perimeter barrier.
  • HomeGuard TMB: This Termite & Moisture Barrier keeps termites as well as the moisture locked out. Being a versatile product, homeguard tmb offers under slab protection, retaining wall protection, and also for steps downs in a slab/ ground layout.
  • HomeGuard Collars: Available in multiple sizes, these are especially used to block concealed entry through service penetrations in a concrete slab. Not only does it act as a physical barrier but also provides chemical protection. In case service penetrations are too close to each other or hard to fit, the technician can use HomeGuard sheeting.
  • HomeGuard GT: Manufactured in a granule form, this versatile pest control product is applied to a cavity as a full perimeter installation as well as in areas where the sheet material cannot be used.
  • HomeGuard Termiflex : This adherent and sealant utilizes the features of a verified, premium-quality, polymer-based, construction adhesive with Bifenthrin and works as a conjunction to other HomeGuard products.

Good For Your Property, Health & The Environment!

Homeguard blue on top of stumps termite protection

As the only physical termite barrier, officially registered by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines authority, HomeGuard blocks, repels and kills subterranean termites. That's hitting 3 birds with one stone. That's not all!

It carries out this function for up to 50 years, addressing your hassles once and for all. Such a premium level of effectiveness might leave you questioning its effect on the environment.

However, the homeguard precision system is non-invasive, non-corrosive, will not crack & delaminate, and environment-friendly! As an HIA GreenSmart partner, it allows you to carry out normal gardening, property improvements as well as maintenance activities without disruption. Your vegetation, soil, and water-quality stay the same just like how it was before the introduction of the treatment, minus termites of course!

The range of products in this system enable coverage and protection for a diverse range of property structures and scenarios. The fact that HomeGuard is the preferred choice of several known construction companies across Australia, is in itself, proof for anyone to know it is a well-known and trusted solution.

Bonus - HomeGuard comes with a million dollar warranty!

FMC HomeGuard million-dollar warranty

Knowing that regular insurance wouldn't cover termite infestation damage, the manufacturers of HomeGuard, FMC, developed and vouched for a pest control product that guarantees protection and comes with a million dollarwarranty.

The application of this warranty is subject to correct installation by an accredited operator, such as us at Protech pest control, and an annual inspection by an accredited operator, as detailed under Australian standard AS 3660.2.

Trust us to guard your home with HomeGuard today!

The HomeGuard physical and chemical barrier treatment is code mark certified, with a minimum product life-span of 50 years. Plus, backed by the FMC HomeGuard million-dollar warranty and the Australian Pesticides and veterinary medicines authority (APVMA), it gives you no reason to doubt it!

Speak to Protech professionals today, who are certified to carry out the installation and can assure you of reliable service thanks to Protech Pest Control's two-decade experience.

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