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Termite Control

Termidor Termite Treatment

Termidor Termite Control

Termidor Termite Treatment For Effective Termite Colony Elimination

Termidor termite treatment has a premium place among other insecticides for treating a pest infestation. Most homes in Melbourne struggle with a termite attack that soon drains them financially while also eating into the longevity of their building construction.

While most insecticides in the market serve as a deterrent, this one functions in a unique and fool-proof way, which targets the termites and also systematically eradicates the colony. Not only does this give you the benefit of a solution to your present-day problem but it also has more long-term effects when compared to other insecticides.

The Termidor Advantage

Made from the active ingredient Fipronil, Termidor has a non-repelling property. This very ability distinguishes it from other chemical solutions in the market and guarantees its effectiveness. To begin with, other solutions repel termites.

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Hence, these insects stay away from the treated zone. However, sooner or later they figure a loophole also known as spot in which the treatment is absent and make their way into your property. This isn't the case with this solution. Since they can't identify the medicated zone, they tread right through it. This action makes them carriers of the solution, which gradually transfers to the colony and eliminates the pests.

In comparison to other treatments, Termidor carries out faster termite elimination, has long-term residual control, mixes well with the soil so there is hardly any leaching during heavy rainfall.

Additionally, it needs to be applied in low dosages, is water-based, does not harm soil micro-organisms, and will not harm you when used in domestic and commercial properties.

Understanding The Different Types of Termidor

  • Termidor Foam:

    With this solution, Termidor can be used to treat live termites visibly attacking your home or building. This means that if you have discovered these pests in a piece of timber, wall or furniture, this particular solution can help stop your building or home from being consumed further before the actual Termidor treatment is carried out.

  • Termidor Dust:

    As a new formulation, this treatment refers to the Termidor compound in its dust form. Once your home or building has been assessed by trained professionals, the team skillfully drills holes into the spots where termites have been working and Termidor is introduced in its dust form.

    Post this, the pests come in contact with the solution and become carriers of the compound, transferring it to the colony. This transfer effect is the main theory on which the success of the solution depends. Being extremely social and hard-workers, it is just a matter of time before the termites transfer the chemical solution back to the colony.

  • Termidor Residual:

    This is used to treat the soil in and around your building and home. Termidor is thoroughly mixed into the soil to take care of termites that might be making their way to your construction.

    As mentioned earlier, being non-repellent, termites do not realise they are passing through a medicated zone and hence become carriers of the treatment, which soon kills them and their colony.

How Termidor is used to treat an infestation?

Termidor can be applied in various forms to treat an affected area. This helps tackle an existing pest infestation and also provides protection in the long-run.

Knowing the risk houses in Melbourne face and the destruction that a termite attack can bring, home-owners are urged to take the necessary precautions to protect their most beloved possession - their home.

5 Reasons Experts Recommend Termidor HE over Termidor SC

Although Termidor's effectiveness is backed by its manufacturer BASF, the newest formulation offers increased effectiveness and convenience, making it a more viable option.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  • With its advanced formulation, it blends with the soil more evenly, allowing deeper and thorough penetration. This creates a more secure medicated zone, enhancing the protection cover for your home.
  • It mixes well with all the organic matter in the soil. This means that as long as the soil isn't disturbed, Termidor HE's strong bind with the soil continues.
  • It offers better convenience for you and your family when getting this treatment done for your property.
  • Due to its ability to blend evenly, it allows more spacing between the drill holes and hence minimises the number of holes that need to be drilled in your home or building. Technicians can even include the same in the grout line, saving you from the hassle of drilling entirely.
  • Termidor HE needs shallower trenches to be dug up around your house, minimizing the damage and disruption of your property's landscape.

Our Technicians are accredited to execute this treatment

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For over 30 years, Protech Pest Control has been securing homes against termite infestations. Along with skills, the necessary knowledge, and latest technology, we have become a trusted name in the residential, commercial and business space.

Having being associated with BASF, we have continually seen the successful execution of Termidor termite treatments protect and save many homes. All of our technicians are certified in this treatment and we along with them vouch for it as the world's premier solution in termite protection.

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