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Roaches and Their Reach as Disease Carriers

Roaches and Their Reach as Disease Carriers

Posted by Muzi On 25 Jan, 2019

Cockroaches have a tendency to startle just about anyone. While some are mortally terrified of them, others are terrified of the diseases they bring along with them when scurrying around your property. These pests can quickly get out of hand, which means if you spot one there's probably a whole colony behind that cockroach just waiting to set out and explore what food your home can offer.

While most people know that cockroaches are known to emerge from filthy places and therefore have several harmful bacteria on them, they do not know what kinds of health issues should be watched out for if they do have a cockroach infestation.

Below are The Hygiene and Health Compromises They Introduce You and Your Loved Ones to if You have These Pests Living in Your Home.

  • Carriers of Bacteria-Based Diseases

    Research points out to cockroaches having as many as 30 different types of bacteria, which is even more than the parasites on a housefly. It's simple, they keep traveling to and fro from drains, sewage systems, bathrooms, etc. and when they come in contact with the kitchen table or any food or cooking utensils they contaminate it leaving the bacteria on the surface, which you will then ingest when you eat.

  • The Threat of Worms

    These pests also tend to pick up parasitic eggs and cysts like roundworms, hookworms, whip worms, and pin worms. And like mentioned above they are then transferred to various surfaces of the premises. The threat of what kind of health complications worms can cause needs no introduction so if you need to protect your loved ones from this threat you need to keep your home cockroach-free.

  • Watch Out for Fungal Infections:

    Back to previous discoveries - cockroaches have been found to have different types of fungi like penicilium, candida, and aspergillus on their body. These can cause respiratory diseases or infections in other organs, which needless to say can implicate serious health issues.

  • Staying Clear of Allergies is Difficult:

    If you didn't know this earlier you do now. Cockroaches leave behind a musky smell and other bacteria through their droppings on the surfaces they come in contact with, which triggers asthma attacks. And if your skin happens to come in contact with a cockroach you could land up with an allergic rash or swelling or itching.

Long story short, cockroaches are detrimental to your health. Plus, they are immediately associated with a lack of proper hygiene and sanitation, which means that is the impression your home is giving off to those who see them. It is best you call for professional control service at the earliest in order to ensure they do not breed even further.

Ensure you call a licensed professional who can offer a guarantee for their services and treatment so you can be sure that the infestation has been nipped from the root. You may have heard the phrase, 'cockroaches can survive a nuclear attack' so you most definitely need a service that can get rid of them, the entire colony and treat your home against the threat of a future attack.

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