What to Do When Termites Strike

What to Do When Termites Strike

Posted by Muzi On 12 Mar, 2016

The discovery of termites in your home can really gnaw away at your peace of mind. Termites are one of the most menacing pests of all because they can destroy the structure of a home. These unwanted guests actually eat away at the wood framing of a building until its integrity is compromised. The resulting damage can be extremely costly.

If you suspect an invasion at your home or building in the Melbourne area, the clock is ticking when it comes to finding effective termite control solutions.

Are you worried about your house falling down at your feet because of an insect invasion? Take a look at the things you need to know about these problematic visitors.

How to Detect Termites

Termites are extremely difficult to detect because each one is about the size of a sesame seed. In fact, it’s almost impossible to verify their presence if you’re not a trained insect removal expert. These intruders are experts at hiding.

A colony will actually remain hidden in an underground nest as a select number of soldier guards feed on your home’s wooden parts. This means that you can’t eradicate the problem even if you do manage to destroy the feeders.

The Consequences of an Infestation

The terrifying thing about termites is that you might not have any idea they’re doing damage to your home until the damage that’s been done is severe. They begin destroying homes by feeding on the interior fibers of wood. This means they will eat a hole right through a wooden surface.

You may actually look at your home’s deck or frame and not notice that wood parts have been hollowed out. Of course, these seemingly sturdy parts of your home could actually collapse at any moment.

Where Termites Hide

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to carry out termite control in Melbourne is that the local climate makes it ideal for colonies to thrive. These pests typically like to hide in areas of high moisture.

They will take opportunities to take up residence in subflooring, roof spaces, garden beds, sheds and wood piles. They often creep into homes using cracks in concrete slabs or gaps created by piping. Virtually every home is at risk for an infestation.

Don’t Handle Termites Alone

Attempting to handle an infestation on your own can actually make the problem worse. If you suspect activity on your property, do not cause any disruptions.

Disrupting a colony could actually cause the pests to move to an area of your home that makes detection more difficult. This can result in double the amount of damage. It is very important to call in a professional company that offers termite control in Melbourne.

The team at Protech Pest Control offers safe and effective termite control solutions. Take a look at their modern approach to ridding homes and buildings of pests by visiting Protech Pest Control today.

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