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TERM-Seal Termite Barrier System

TERM-seal:Termite Management Systems

No matter what type of construction, this treatment is a reliable solution

Termite physical barrier systems have become as much of a necessity as any physical safety measure.

If you have recently come face to face with the problem of securing a newly constructed extension of your home or a newly acquired residential property with termite treatment, TERM-seal is the perfect solution for you.

In a nutshell, it can adapt to just about any construction or building type and offers you an unmatched combination of water-proofing your home as well as equipping it with a termite physical barrier system that won't disappoint.

What is TERM-seal?

A home is the most important investment for most people. TERM-seal includes a comprehensive range of innovative products that offer termite treatment as well as act as a water-proofing treatment for your home.

The TERM-seal range of products is non-hazardous and works like a physical barrier. With an addition of 0.1% Bifenthrin, the inorganic compounds in the sealants, sheets and strips and coatings repel termites, keeping them away from discovering your building as a possible place to build their colony.

Technicians will also make use of the TERM-seal multi-purpose compound, penetration collars, and fiber reinforced membranes which contain TERM-seal compound to completely seal out any entryways for termites or water to seep in.

Why choose TERM-seal?

This physical termite barrier that doubles as an excellent waterproofing solution has several advantageous features:

  • Patent-protected
  • Versatile
  • Effective
  • Adapts well to conventional and unusual constructions
  • Termite and moisture protection

A Range of Barrier Systems That can Fit Every Construction Type

This cost-effective treatment is designed to cover the building for as long as it lasts and is available in a range of products that are designed to suit your requirement.

    Building Perimeter Protection from Termites
  • Termite resistant sealants designed to treat construction joints
  • Penetration collars that equip the building to be termite and water-proofed
  • Termite resistant and waterproof coatings including sealants that can be used on internal walls and back-filled walls, it can also be used on perimeter systems for closed infill construction.
  • A Ura-Fen shield TWB Perimeter system, a great solution for new buildings
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Perimeter system, another alternative for new constructions.


  • The product has a 50-year warranty, however, conditions apply.
  • It is tested and covered under C.S.I.R.O. Appraisal #309.
  • It is in compliance with standard AS 3660.1.2000
  • Thoroughly compliant with A.S./N.Z.S. 4347.6 Damp-Coursing standard
  • Is installed by trained and certified installers
  • Has multi-functional usage that covers all kinds of construction joints, methods of building constructions, penetrations and retaining walls.
  • Offers a dual solution to make the premises termite and waterproof
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Accepted by local government
  • UV stable

Where you can Use This Product?

  • Concrete slabs
  • Cement render
  • Concrete and masonry blocks
  • Timber posts, poles, fences, or any timber structure
  • On compressed fibrous cement sheets

TERM-Seal to the Rescue of Builders and Architects

With 6 main components and many other ancillary components that can be used during installation, the TERM-seal physical termite barrier is a treatment that can easily be incorporated pre and post construction as well as during renovations.

This premium-quality treatment offers two advantages of securing the premises from the damages caused by termites as well as by water, making it a viable solution for builders and architects to rely on, in spite of the difference in building structures across Australia.

TERM-Seal Product Warranty - The Assurance you can Bank on

Manufactured to give you the peace of mind you seek, this system comes with a 50-year product warranty for the perimeter and penetration system. In order to be covered by the warranty, a yearly inspection needs to be carried out to check for maintenance, at the hands of a trained and certified inspector.

Additionally, the product warranty can only be obtained when the system is installed by one of the accredited installers. The multi-purpose coating system (for walls and external joints) is backed by a 20-year product warranty. The multi-purpose coating (for back-filled walls and waterproofing) comes with a 10-year warranty.

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