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Greenzone Termite Barriers

Greenzone Termite Barriers

An unparalleled solution for termite control

Termite control has got to be one of the most sought-after insect solutions across Melbourne. With an alarming statistic of termites causing structural damage to homes, it comes as no surprise that people are on the lookout for a solution that will not disappoint in its performance but also has other benefits to offer.

Greenzone termite barriers are exactly that kind of protective barrier system. Along with offering a one-of-a-kind advantage, this termite protection system can be incorporated into your home or building construction in a seamless way.

As a bonus, this treatment also solves another problem of filling in the joints and spaces between concrete slabs. By blocking out any openings near joints, cracks or crevices formed near concrete slabs, this treatment barricades out cockroaches, white ants, and several other insects.

What makes Greenzone such a Unique Treatment?

Time, money and a hassle-free approach - these 3 summarise exactly what every resident is looking to save on during pest removal. Greenzone termite barrier system is a treatment that skillfully incorporates bifenthrin into an expansion foam made from polyethylene. Not only does this solve your insect and white ant problem, it is a way to cut down your expenses by merging two necessities.

The Bifenthrin used in the Greenzone system is termed as a pyrethroid insecticide/termiticide. This fourth generation pyrethroid is safe & practically insoluble in water, meaning it will not dilute in the years to follow. Additionally, it is the longest residual termiticide currently recorded in the market.

During the creation of the Greenzone treatment, bifenthrin is introduced into a closed cell polyethylene material that is cross-linked. This process is carried out through an extrusion process. The product is then kept to dry. Thanks to this unique process, once dried, it is impossible for the bifenthrin to start degrading or leaking.

How can Greenzone be Applied to Your Home?

Infestations don't happen overnight. They start with a small opening through which termites, cockroaches, and other insects can enter in. This is the very reason why a physical and chemical protection barrier treatments are such a reliable treatment. It can be applied in 3 ways:

  • Penetration (Pipe) Wrap Application

    When applied in this way it equips your home with termite protection while also being a single step solution for the problem of concrete that might expand or contract around penetrations. There is no need for a secondary termite collar barrier. It is applied in a way where the expansion foam is wrapped around the pipe penetration within the concrete slab, closing off any gaps.

  • Control Joint Application

    Concrete slabs have control joints in any construction. Greenzone can be used to fill in those gaps, ensuring a firmer construction by preventing cracks, etc caused due to the expansion and contraction of concrete. And while doing so, it importantly becomes a physical barrier for termites and other insects.

  • Concrete Infill Slab Applications

    Because of the way it is uniquely made, the Greenzone system can also be used to fill in joint spaces between the concrete slab and wall of a building or home.

Greenzone - a Builder's Favorite...

Having mentioned the process and benefits of this method above, this physical barrier serves a number of purposes that work to the advantage of builders:

  • Has multiple uses as an expansion joint foam and termite/insect barrier.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Advantageous for sites that have multiple units and where the construction progress varies.
  • Lessens the need for using chemical sprays
  • Can be set up beforehand, allowing minimal upheaval to the concrete construction.

...and also a pest controller's favorite!

And that's not all!

It even Makes Things Easier for Pest Control Technicians:

  • Quick & easy installation
  • Single size fits all requirements.
  • The best solution for multi-unit sites.
  • Lessens the need for chemical sprays.
  • No need for nails, clamps, or clips and ties.
  • Plumbing pipes don't have to be removed or cut off.
  • Easily sticks to PVC, concrete, brick & metal.

Comes with a Two-Million-Dollar Warranty

Greenzone comes with a 2 million dollar warranty against its installation and functionality. However, for this warranty to stand, the installation has to be carried out at the hands of an accredited installer.

In order to offer you the security of this warranty, our technicians undergo a thorough Australian license check, followed by an examination of study material from the company. On completion and passing the test, our pest control business got the license to carry out this treatment and also provide customers with a warranty for our work.

A Protection Treatment against Infestation that is crafted with Your Needs in Mind

Greenzone Termite Perimeter

This termite and insect physical barrier combined with a compressible expansion joint foam forms a reliable protection system. In most constructions, it has a one-step installation process that ensures minimum upheaval of your property. It is adhesive-backed for easy application and adhesion.

This termite barrier is an insect barrier and expansion joint foam, all at once. The best part? It can be used in residential areas, commercial spaces, government offices, hospitals & healthcare buildings, retail constructions, food storage and warehouse, cafes & restaurants, and supermarkets!

Call Protech Pest control to get this system onboard. Our team of skilled experts will visit your home on the same day you call, ensuring this protective barrier begins safeguarding your residence at the earliest.

Client Testimonials

Very happy with the service we received back in May. The technician, Dwayne Bailey explained in much detail to us what was required to be done and made us feel that the right outcome would be achieved, which it was, much to our relief. Would highly recommend the Company.
- Helen Wilson

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