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Trelona ATBS Bait System

Trelona ATBS - A Ground-breaking Termite Bait System

Trelona Termite ServiceThe Trelona Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS) is one of the most efficient and recommended termite removal system in Melbourne. This is because Trelona's Advanced Termite Bait System (ATBS), consisting of an active component known as Novaluron, requires a lesser dose to control and remove the entire colony whereas other systems require more. This Advanced Termite Bait System(ATBS) has been designed efficiently to allow quick feeding and to prevent the termites from reaching your home.

If you are worried about an existing infestation in your home, then it is best to first get aninspection service by a control and removal expert and then opt for the Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System (ATBS).

Features & Benefits of Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System (ATBS):

  • New Active Ingredient: Novaluron is the novel active component in Trelona's Advanced Termite Bait System which allows it to completely terminate the infestation with lesser bait as compared to other bait treatment systems in Melbourne.
  • Superior Matrix: Puri-cell is BASF's advanced technology that renders a highly appetizing cellulose-compressed matrix which is a favored source by rummaging worker termites. Trelona's Advanced Termite Baiting System consists of 16 pre-assembled stations consisting of around 248 gram of treatment that requires no long procedure of installation or mixing.
  • User Flexibility: After conducting an inspection service of your Melbourne home, according to your home's requirement and construction, our control and removal service expert have the option of combining Termidor HE soil treatment, Termidor Residual, or Trelona ATBS.
  • Durable & Easy-to-use Design: Since the Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System consists of pre-assembled stations that are manufactured using high-quality plastic, it makes them durable and easy to use. Due to its efficient quick-lock cover, it also reduces the chances of children or pets tampering with it.
  • Proven Performance: The Trelona Advance Termite Bait System has proven to be more efficient than other pest control and removal services in Melbourne, as the pest finds the stations faster due to its unique and advanced design and size.
  • Annual Inspection: BASF's Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations provides you with the flexibility and leisure to conduct inspections of the stations once every year without you having to spend a lot of money on frequent visits and inspection services by pest removal service experts.

Why Should You Use the Trelona ATBS?

Trelona ATBSTrelona ATBS is an advanced type of baiting system in Melbourne that has proven to be highly efficient by terminating an infestation with a lesser dose. This monitoring system provides your Melbourne home with 24/7 security from termites and allows our pest control and removal service expert to conduct an inspection regularly to ensure that there is no existing pest infestation.

The ATBS stations are strategically placed around your home to guard your home so that just in case these insects decide to invade your home, the will first reach these stations before reaching your home. And since the active ingredient in this treatment is considered even more delicious than wood, they would be easily distracted, controlled, and removed.

Due to it being large in size, these ATBS stations have the strength to not only hold enough of treatment to eliminate one colony but multiple colonies. Since each station is securely fitted with a quick-lock cover, it eliminates any chance of tampering by your children or pets.

How to Use the Trelona ATBS:

You can use the Trelona ATBS in 2 ways, you can either use a pre-bait or direct bait system:

Trelona Installation

  • Pre-bait inspection: Since the ATBS Home Monitoring Kit includes the inspection cartridges and the wood base, conduct inspections every quarterly. As soon as you locate any activity, replace the Trelona ATBS inspection cartridge with the treatment cartridge containing the active ingredient Novaluron. After inserting the treatment in the stations around your home, conduct thorough inspections after 6 months by using the spider tool that is provided in the Trelona ATBS kit.
  • Direct Treatment: After conducting an inspection of your home, place the stations from the Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit in the locations around your home that you suspect has an infestation. In this kit, there is no inspection cartridge, instead, the bait cartridge is already inserted.

How does the Trelona ATBS Work?

First and foremost, our pest removal service expert will conduct a thorough inspection around your home for any signs of a pest activity. After which the Trelona ATBS stations will be strategically placed around your home and an inspection will be conducted regularly.

While conducting an inspection, if there are any of these insects in the inspection cartridge then it will be replaced with a bait treatment cartridge containing the active ingredient, for these insects to feed on. Once they have consumed the treatment and gone off to their colony, not only will they transfer the treatment to their nest partners, but they will also unknowingly send the others to the treatment cartridge to feed, leading to the full colony getting affected with the treatment and killing the colony completely.

Once the colony is dead, you can replace the treatment cartridge with a new inspection cartridge once again, which will be inspected regularly by your pest removal service expert to find and eliminate any new infestations.

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