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Nemesis Termite Baiting System

Nemesis TermiteTermites pose to be the biggest threat to property-owners across Melbourne. With an alarming statistic of one in every three houses being prone to an infestation, the need to secure your building with an effective termite monitoring and control system becomes that much more important.

In comparison to other infestation countering systems in the market, termite baiting stations are engineered to detect termite activity in a house or building by providing these pests with a timber/chemical bait that lures them from feeding on your home's timber and instead start feeding from the stations.

What is the Nemesis Termite Baiting System?

Nemesis Termite Baiting SystemLike other baiting systems, the Nemesis baiting and monitoring stations system are placed in the ground around your property. These stations contain nemesis bait known as chlorfluazuron, that goes on to do the job of an insect growth regulator.

In simple terms it prevents termites from shedding their exoskeleton, which is a process that their existence depends on. Not only does this process stunt the life-span on every individual white ants that feeds on it, it causes the white ants to keep returning to the bait and monitoring stations. This helps expose the white ants when the technician comes in for monitoring the in-ground and above-ground stations.

The pests carry back the bait to their nest for the queen to feed on. Once the queen dies, the colony's populating pace comes to a grinding halt, which is half your battle won. Besides this effect, the rest of the termites in the colony cannibalize the dead white ants, ingesting more of the poison. And the best part is all this takes place while the pests in your home or building remain oblivious to the fact that the bait they're consuming from the monitoring stations is the reason behind the deaths in the colony. Simply put, what they cannot detect they cannot save themselves from.

The Nemesis System at Work

This raises the question of how the Nemesis termite baiting and monitoring system is setup in and around your building and home. It begins with our technicians visiting your home for an assessment of termite activity.

Being trained in termite behaviour and backed by years of experience, their assessment is thorough, detailed, and comes with a report that will inform you of the current threats you face with regard to an infestation and how quickly the Nemesis baiting system can bring results. In the areas where termite activity is observed, above-ground monitoring and baiting stations are introduced directly over the affected area. This gets them to immediately start feeding on the bait in the above-ground stations so that the poison can start working on them immediately.

In case there is no activity, in-ground stations are placed around the construction. The stations are checked every 2-3 weeks and the bait is refilled as and when is needed. In-ground stations may be used where chemical soil treatments are not possible.

How can you benefit with the Nemesis system on board?

  • An effective and innovative treatment to eradicate termites present in your home.
  • Does not invade or disrupt your property as much as other traditional chemical treatments.
  • The process and method are visible, making it easy for you too, to check-in on the stations along with your pest control company.
  • Only targets the termite colonies present on your property without harming other insects or animals.
  • More eco-friendly in comparison to other traditional chemical methods.
  • Can be used to treat certain areas like sheds, gazebos. etc or along the full perimeter of your property, depending on your need.

Some FAQs

  • How long does this treatment take to eliminate the colony?
    This differs in every situation. Environmental factors like the species of termites, time of the year and the number of termites that consume the bait all influence the tenure of the treatment and how long it takes to yield results. Under ideal conditions, it would take anything from 6-12 weeks to eliminate the colony.
  • Do in-ground stations around the premises attract termites inside the house?
    No. The bait stations include timber and only once it is infested by termites, is the bait added. The stations are installed in a way where they can be chanced on when the white ants are scavenging for new food sources.
  • Does the Nemesis bait work?
    Yes, the Nemesis bait is highly effective but depends on the rationale that it needs to be 'found' by the termites so that once consumed it can yield the results it is supposed to.
  • Do all the stations need to get baited?
    No. We only introduce the bait in the stations which have termites.
  • Will the chemical cause any harm to children or pets?
    The chemical is less poisonous than salt and is completely safe to be used around children and pets.
  • Do I get full support once I sign-up?
    Absolutely, our technicians will guide and instruct you on termite activity signs. We also provide a monitoring chart, lid opener and are always available on call for any questions or needs you may have.

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