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Sentricon Termite Baiting

Sentricon Termite Baiting

Sentricon Always Active - Effective termite bait for your home

What Is Sentricon?

sentricon bait stationsSentricon is a well known effective baiting system by Dow Agro Sciences LCC. The active ingredient used in Sentricon is Noviflumuron. It is well known for its effective elimination of the queen and termite colonies.

As a complete method designed to protect your entire home from termites, it doesn't require any additional liquid termiticide.

If your house is infested with termites or if you want to safeguard your home from any future infestation then Sentricon Baiting System is what you should consider installing.

How Does It Work?

Most baiting and monitoring systems fail at succeeding in terminating the infestation because the termites die or fall sick near the baiting procedure. Such an instance causes the other termites to avoid the bait rather than continue approaching it.

The Sentricon monitoring and baiting procedure, instead, affects the termites but doesn't kill it instantly. Moreover, it gives the termite time to get other colony members to feed off the bait.

The Procedure

Now that we are aware of what Sentricon is and how it affects white ants approaching your building or construction, let us move on to the procedure of the treatment in Melbourne. The procedure is quite simple; you may call a professional to investigate your home for any existing termite infestation or for future protection from termites. After investigating your home, he will install monitoring station bait tubes that will be dug into the ground surrounding your building or property. The termites prefer the bait over wood and will get attracted towards it which will lead to the elimination process.

Sentricon Always Active Technology

Sentricon Always Active baiting method is a modern and unique technique used to constantly protect your house from termites that are currently residing in your house and from a future infestation. This baiting and monitoring system is a highly successful solution that is environment-friendly, non-toxic to humans and animals and is minimally invasive to your home.

Termites repeatedly shed their skin and this process is prevented due to the active ingredient in Sentricon Active Always baiting method, which is known as a termite growth regulator. The inability to shed their skin ultimately results in the death of the termite colony.

Monitoring Your System

Monitoring SentriconConstant monitoring is required in order to ensure that your system is still functioning well and doing its job. During the warmer seasons the stations need to be monitored every 3-5 months and during the cooler seasons, they need to be monitored after every 6 months.

If half or more of the termicide is eaten then a new termiticide rod will be inserted into your station for constant protection. When signing up for this procedure does remember to ask the professional (from any reputed service in Melbourne) how many times they will come to check the baits.


  • No trenching or drilling required in the exteriors or interiors of your property.
  • Safe to use for properties with wells.
  • Cost efficient treatment.
  • Works 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Hassel free treatment.

Trust Our Experts

We have the perfect treatment for your infestation problem and can assure you of treating your home with care using an efficient baiting method. You can always rely on our professionals to do the best job of terminating termites from the roots. We also provide the best certified professionals in Melbourne, who can answer all your questions and solve your termite infestation problem with precision.

Our experts are highly qualified and up to date with the latest training, including all the information required for pest infestation. We can assure you of providing you with the highest level of service and assistance.

Here are a Few FAQs

  • For homes with other baiting systems fitted, can we use Sentricon Always Active?
    Yes, you can retrofit it into your property but you will find that it works better than other systems.
  • Is Sentricon marked in Australia?
    Yes, Sentricon Always Active was given code mark accreditation in the year 2016.
  • If I sell my home can I transfer my system to my buyer?
    Yes, you can and there won't be any transfer fee.
  • Is it green friendly?
    Yes, it is the only system to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award and is used to protect national landmarks like the White House.

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