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Agenda Termite Baiting System

Agenda Termite Baiting System

Makes the Agenda Termite Baiting System Different

The Agenda Termite Baiting system was introduced by BAYER to provide a unique and revolutionary approach to dealing with the problem of termites in constructions, buildings, and homes.

Baiting systems are an integral part of the solution in dealing with these pests and prove to be extremely powerful in intercepting termites. By working with a network of timber pest managers the company incorporated their knowledge to formulate the Agenda termite baiting system.

This approach consists of on-ground stations, in-ground stations and agenda termite bait, which comes packaged in a foil pouch and is used for the in-ground and on-ground stations once termite activity is observed.

How the Bait is Prepared?

Each agenda termite chemical pouch weighs approximately 170gms and can be introduced directly into the stations or structures ruling out any possibility of bait contamination. Our technicians will wear gloves to avoid any contamination by hands.

The tear hole needs to be at least 10 mm above the bait matrix to avoid water spillage or contamination by coming in contact with the sticky label. They will then add about 600ml of clean water, allow it to absorb for 2 minutes while the bait mixes without the need to be physically mixed. After this, the label is re-affixed to cover the ready-to-be-used bait. The pouch is then turned over while the bottom label is taken off and the adhesive on the pouch helps it stick to the surface the chemical is being introduced to.

On-Ground Baiting Stations

On-Ground Baiting Stations

Like the name suggests, these stations are used above the ground and the rationale is based on previous study findings that the monitoring and baiting stations do not need to be hidden in the ground for termites to find it.

Based on the behaviour of these pests, wherein they surface while in search of new food sources, it makes more sense to place them above the ground at skilfully detected locations that they are bound to come to while foraging through the soil.

Some advantages of the Agenda termite baiting approach are easy installation, can be moved to another location of the house, no need for digging or drillings, slim chances of timber decay, each station includes two different types of timber - Tasmanian oak and Radiata pine, the stations can hold bigger pieces of timber, allowing more termites to feed at a time, stations are made from UV stable plastic to withstand extreme environments, stations are concrete grey in colour and easily blend into the environment.

Naturally, the on-ground stations need to be placed in a way that allows no disturbance and at a distance of 3m apart. For termites to find the stations, it is important to install them in places where the pests are likely to bump into them:

  • Against the perimeter wall of the home's structures
  • Above any cracks that are larger than 2mm in size
  • Inside a shed or a garage, if you have one
  • Garden beds
  • Above any cracks in the pavers
  • Above expansion joints
  • Areas of high-traffic

These stations are checked for whether the inspection hole has been mudded up, which is a sure-sign if termites are present. Once termite activity has been identified, the lid is removed without moving the base and bait is skilfully introduced from the pouch without disrupting the termites. Post this, the 'Bait in progress' sign is placed in the lid to seal the station. Our technicians will inspect them every 3 months and although there is no possibility of timber decay in on-ground stations, our technicians will still check for the same.

In-Ground Baiting Stations

In-Ground Baiting Stations

In-ground stations have been the approved standard for over 15 years and are believed to reinforce the attempts to offer protection to the home or building construction from termites.

The advantage of in-ground stations include an aerial that allows easy spotting and opening of the station, accommodation of bigger timber pieces, the station includes up to 2 types of timbers - Tasmanian oak and Radiata Pine, the timber volume is 558 cm3, the depth of the station is 160 mm and diameter 150mm, ensuring less digging for setting up. These in-ground stations can be placed anywhere they're not easily visible, around your lawn or garden.

However, as mentioned above for the on-ground stations, they too need to be at a distance of 3m. To prepare them you can push in the blanked off holes in the lid. Just like in the case above, once termites find and start devouring the timber, they will mud up the holes, giving off a sign of their presence.

Our technicians will visit to check them every 3 months and introduce the bait from the foil to start the baiting process as soon as the pest activity is identified.

How the Bait is Introduced in the Above-Ground Structures?

If required our technicians will also suggest the agenda chemical be introduced in affected structures like retaining walls, home-sheds, parts of the house, fences or the gate or posts.

Once they spot termite activity in these structures they make a 5-10mm hole while ensuring little to no disturbance. They then introduce the bait directly from the pouch into the hole, filling it up entirely and ensuring no adulteration. The baiting in progress lid can be attached to the foil pouch.

Our technicians will inspect the structures every 2 weeks, confirming the termite feedings through the bait matrix and will introduce fresh bait if needed.

At Protech Pest Control, we are committed to tackling the termite problem in your home with precision. We utilise the latest tools to study the affected areas of the building/home construction in a way that allows for a comprehensive protection plan and can assure you of services you can blindly rely on.

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