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EXTERRA Termite Baiting

EXTERRA Termite Baiting

EXTERRA TermiteAt Protech Pest Control, Melbourne, every technician is trained and certified to recognize termite/white ant's behaviour and is familiar with the latest technology for termite control and removal. EXTERRA termite baiting system is a renowned treatment in Melbourne as most the effective solution against an infestation no matter what the conditions is like.

A Brief on What the EXTERRA Termite Baiting System Is

This particular treatment has been engineered in a way to effectively target the infestation in your residential building. Not only does it locate the presence of a colony/colonies on the property it also eliminates active white ants.

Being known for its premium quality, this world-acclaimed bait system creates an intercepting zone between your home and termites.

Here's How EXTERRA Termite Baiting System Works

  • EXTERRA termite baiting stations are installed in the ground -First, our skilled technicians begin by installing in-ground stations in a way that surrounds your home and the entire construction. Although there are no clear pointers to understand how termites set out in search of food, it is widely known that they are attracted to factors like moisture, wood, etc.

    Discernment of the same purely depends on the skills and knowledge of the technician, which is why you should ensure you select a reputed and certified pest control service.

    For homes with a concrete surrounding, stations with stainless steel caps are used and for other constructions, in-ground stations are used. These contain a special timber that is proven to be palatable for termites and attracts them if they are in the vicinity.

  • Above-ground stations are installed within your home if termite activity is already damaging your house. This helps track the extent of termite activity and locate their colony quicker and more easily.

    A bait named Requiem, is added to the stations, which contains Alpha cellulose, known to be a favourite food for termites. In fact, once requiem is introduced within the EXTERRA stations, termites stop consuming the timber in your home and instead feed on this bait.

  • The baiting stations are built in a way which allows technicians to check for active termites and introduce the bait without disrupting or alarming the white ants. This is essential to ensure termites do not realize the danger and keep feeding on the bait.
  • White ants find requiem delicious and cannot stop feeding on it, and keep transmitting it back to the nest for the entire colony to feed on. Since they die gradually they do not relate requiem to the cause of deaths in the colony and gradually the whole colony is eliminated.
  • Once the entire colony is eliminated any balance requiem bait is replaced with timber and the mechanic keeps monitoring the stations regularly to ensure a new colony does not enterdevelop into an infestation.

The Power of the EXTERRA Treatment

EXTERRA Termite BaitingDepending on the size of your building, construction and the extent of the infestation, the requiem bait can take several months to act. However, just within a short while of consumption, it affects these pests ability to consume wood, which means the damage to your property’s timber stops at the earliest.

Termites have an exterior skeleton which needs to be shed and replaced by a new one every 2 months. Requiem prevents this shedding of the exterior skeleton, ultimately resulting in the termite’s death.

The Different Types of Baiting Stations

As mentioned above, there are in-ground and above-ground stations. In some scenarios, technicians will suggest above-ground stations so they can tackle the pests at the point of attack and reduce the time between the system’s installation and elimination of the colony.

A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of How This Baiting System Needs To Be Set Up On Your Property

  • A certified technician will inspect and assess your property, giving you written paperwork on the extent of the damage, the problem areas, the species of insects, any further risks that may be involved and the suggested solution specific to your problem.
  • You should receive written recommendations stating the exact point the baiting stations will be set up in and around the property so as to draw the attention of as many of these pests as possible.
  • Bait stations will be set up wherever live activity is discovered so that termites are captured immediately. At this point, the skill and knowledge of the technician plays an important role in identifying the right places to set up the system because the success of the treatment depends on this.
  • Once placed, white ants within the vicinity start feeding on the timber and can be easily noticed with the help of the open cavity design. The timber is replaced with requiem bait, which they feed on and take back to the colony.

Once the colony is eradicated, leftover bait is replaced with timber to keep check, in case a fresh set of termites attack.

Although lethal to these pests, requiem does not harm you or your loved ones. One gram of it in its purest form is less toxic than table salt. Even when set up in your home, it is placed in a way making it inaccessible to children and pets, thereby reducing chances of them being exposed to it at all. This termite management solution successfully tackles the problem by eliminating the source itself without disrupting your property and being hazardous to your health.

Additionally, there is also a $250,000 damage warranty available for compliant property’s that have installed this system.

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