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Tips on Staying Pest-free While Outdoors

Tips on Staying Pest-free While Outdoors

Posted by Muzi On 05 Jan, 2021

Whether you are prepping your backyard for a barbeque party or if you are simply trying to make your yard a safe zone for your kids to play, eliminating mosquitoes is essential and should be made a priority. Unlike indoor pests that flee at the sight of a human, outdoor pests such as mosquitoes and other insects are drawn to humans.

When having people or children visit your backyard, the last thing you want to hear is them getting bitten or stung by a mosquito, which is why pest control is vital for the well-being of your loved ones. However, besides regular pest control, you must also follow some steps to keep them at bay.

Those Steps are;

  • Always Use a Repellent:

    Ticks and mosquitoes are known for transmitting various deadly viruses and diseases such as Lyme disease and the West Nile virus. Often you may be told not to wear dark-coloured clothes when stepping outside as it attracts mosquitoes, to wear long-sleeved shirts and pull up your socks, or to avoid going outdoors during peak mosquito hours but many a time, people leave out the importance of using insect repellents.

    The use of insect repellents is essential as it created a barrier between you and the insect, preventing them from attacking you. Ensure that you use an insect repellent that is EPA-registered before you step outdoors.

  • Eliminate Standing Water:

    A female mosquito lays about 100 eggs at one time that hatches 5 days later. To begin breeding, a female mosquito requires as little as 2 tablespoons of water that is easily found in various places in your backyard, including your pet's water bowl, a bird bath, pool, or pond. Does that mean you have to dry out all these water sources? No. It means that you would have to remove any unnecessary standing water in your backyard and treat the other necessary standing water such as your pool or ponds, weakly.

    If you do so, you can rapidly decrease the population of mosquitoes present outside and inside your home, reduce the chances of getting bitten, and prevent that number from increasing.

  • Regularly Trim Your Lawn:

    Lawn TrimTicks and mosquitoes are drawn towards damp, cool, and shady places that include your lawn too. While ticks love to crawl up the long glass and wait for a human or pet to pass by, mosquitoes enjoy resting on the tall grass to keep themselves cool and protected from hot temperatures. That is why tall grass is a preferred hideout and resting spot for ticks and mosquitoes. Therefore, it is essential to trim your grass regularly.

    A regular trim destroys their preferred spot, making your lawn undesirable to ticks and mosquitoes. This method has proven to be very effective in getting rid of ticks and mosquitoes from your backyard.

  • Watch out for Anthills:

    You may notice an anthill in your backyard and pay it no attention thinking why bother since it is outside, but avoiding it could lead to a massive infestation inside your home as well as outside in your yard. You may look at the surface and see a small mound, but below that mound and underground are thousands and thousands of ants that are hidden away from your sight. Since they work in a group, it doesn't take them much time to divide into many colonies.

    There are various types of ants, some of them quietly invade your home and cause a lot of physical damage to your property, while some are known for their horrible bites. That is why to protect yourself and your property from any damage, you should get a control and removal service done as soon as possible and avoid experimenting with any DIY methods that you see online as it could only divide the infestation to various parts of your home rather than treating it.

  • Inspect Wooden Structures:

    Wooden StructureIf you spot some rather large bees flying around your premises, it might be a sign of carpenter bees. Although they look harmless and cute, carpenter bees can cause serious damage to your home by making holes in untreated softwood to make their home. Often people confuse carpenter bees with bumblebees, but you can identify a bumblebee by its fuzzy stomach.

    If you spot a dime-sized opening on your home's exterior, get it inspected and consult with a pest expert on what step to take next. Sometimes conducting a treatment in the hole and sealing it with sealants or wood filler helps, but you should also consider staining or painting the wood as a preventative measure to keep them away.

  • Beware of Stinging Insects:

    The fear of being stung by them itself should be a motivating force that drives you to adopt preventative measures to keep these insects at bay. However, if you do spot a stinging insect nest, call for an expert and get professional help immediately as it is not advisable to remove it on your own.

Pest Control for All Outdoor Pests:

With Protech Pest Control services, you no longer need to worry about mosquitoes barging into your backyard party. For any pest-related services and treatment, contact our certified experts.

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