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What to Look for When Buying an Insect Light Trap?

What to Look for When Buying an Insect Light Trap?

Posted by Muzi On 03 Feb, 2021

If you are considering buying an insect light trap, it is probably because you have identified an existing insect or fly problem or because you wish to secure your environment from flies and flying insects. Flies and other flying insects carry with them a variety of fly-borne diseases that is why it is important to eliminate flies as quickly as possible before the damages are made.

Whether your business belongs in the food industry or not, practicing good food hygiene and installing insect light traps are essential to maintain an insect-free environment.

However, before you purchase an insect light trap, there are a few things you should ensure your new model has, they are;

  • Attractiveness to Flies:

    It may be stating the obvious, but it is essential to choose an ILT that flies find attractive. Not all UV lamps used are the same. Fluorescent lamps are designed in various ways with various components that alter the emitted wavelengths.

    These lights have a low lifespan and require often replacements. LED lamps are manufactured to emit a specific wavelength. You may think the intensity of the light is essential but instead, the intensity above the ambient light is essential for attracting flies.

    Therefore, flies find the light outside the visible range more attractive than the light inside the visible light range. Therefore, you should look for highly attractive LED lamps that are optimized for a high catch rate to render more efficiency in catching flies and other insects.

  • Energy Efficiency:

    Commercial insect light trapSince an insect light trap is used throughout the day and even during the night, a significant proportion of the full cost is the energy usage.

    To reduce the energy consumption and lower the running costs, look for an insect light trap that has different settings for day and night and monitors the surroundings.

    Insect light traps having LED lamps with low-energy usage lasts up to 3 years that is longer than a standard insect killer.

    The low-energy usage and long lifespan lessens the replacement and running costs and lowers carbon emissions.

  • Area to Protect:

    Before purchasing an ILT consider the shape and size of the room where you are going to install it and if there are any objects that may block the UV light.

    Ensure you check the manufacturer's rating and verification regarding the area coverage and if an accredited lab verified its coverage. While deciding the number of units, ensure every corner of the room gets sufficient light from the ILT including the shelves and partition areas.

    If not installed in the right place and position, an ILT could be ineffective. This is why installation and placement are essential. The ILT needs to be between the entry point and the area you want to protect, and it should be at a proper height, far from other light sources, and not above areas used to prepare food.

  • Contrast with Background:

    Research shows that ILTs placed on a contrasting wall such as white and black have a higher catch rate as this contrasting effect makes it stand out more to flies and other insects. However, if the aesthetics are important to you, you can opt for other colours that will still provide a contrasting effect.

  • Aesthetics:

    Fly light trapWhen your business interiors and exteriors look aesthetically pleasing, you wouldn't want an unattractive and boring ILT to ruin it. Practicing good hygiene doesn't mean having to compromise on the looks of your ILT.

    Modern ILT designs are not only advanced in efficiency, but they also come in various styles and colours that blend well with the environment yet stand out to these flying insects.

    You can also install coloured panels on the front of modern ILTs to complement the background and hide the glueboard, keeping the flies and other insects out of your customer's view.

    You also have the option of making your ILT sleek and slimmer if you have LED lamps. Also, consider an ILT that allows you to switch between control and monitor mode.

  • Shape:

    Flies are more attracted to insect light traps that are wide, as compared to tall, narrow, and circular ones. This is because of the orientation and shape of the lamps as well as the shape and effect of the light that it emits.

    Flies are attracted to the bands of light that are emitted from the horizontally wide insect light trap because it imitates the shape and effect of natural light like the horizon.

    Therefore, wide insect light traps are more efficient in catching these flies as compared to others.

  • Servicing:

    Similar to other equipment, insect light traps also need servicing every once in a while to replace the glueboard and the lamps. Therefore, it is important to choose a design that is easy to open and service.

    As compared to LED lamps, fluorescent lamps require servicing every year as they degrade rapidly. If not replaced in time, it could compromise your fly control, making it ineffective. LED lamps are a better choice as they last up to 3 years, saving you frequent servicing and product replacement costs.

    In the food business, insect light traps are required to have glueboards or rolls instead of electric grids as they help contain the flies hygienically.

Insect Light Traps for Commercial Fly Control:

If you are looking to purchase an ILT, make your decision keeping in mind the size, servicing, attractiveness to flies, aesthetics, energy efficiency, area to protect, and contrasting background options. 

In a nutshell, the efficiency of your ILT and catch rate all depends upon how precise you are when deciding which one to purchase. Only after keeping in mind the servicing, size, attractiveness to flies, energy efficiency, aesthetics, area to protect, and contrasting colour options, should you make your decision.

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