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How to Efficiently Repel Mosquitoes from Entering Your House?

How to Efficiently Repel Mosquitoes from Entering Your House?

Posted by Muzi On 25 Aug, 2020

Most of the year 2020 went by with everyone staying at home and refraining from traveling around the world. However, after spending months within your 4 walls, the desire to go out still continues.

Although there are restrictions preventing you from getting out of your property, it did not say anything about spending time in your backyard. The only thing stopping you from having a nice barbeque or playing in your backyard is mosquito bites.

As mosquitoes and their bites can lead to diseases such as Dengue and Malaria, during a critical time as now, it is best not to fall ill. But fear not, you can repel mosquitoes from entering and still have plenty of fun by following these suggested ways to repel mosquitoes:

  • Step 1 - Get to Know the Enemy

    For you to be able to repel them, you need to first understand what they are actually attracted to and why they chose your property. Most people think that mosquitoes are only drawn to blood or the food humans eat but that is just a misconception. The truth is that they are actually attracted to human odour and scents such as sweat, perfumes, shampoo, scented soaps, etc.

    They are also attracted to carbon dioxide and heat which is why mosquito magnets are an effective way to lure and trap mosquitoes. If you notice too many mosquitoes around you, then it is time you get rid of your favourite smelling perfume.

  • Step 2 - Shield Your Skin from Mosquito Bites

    Mosquito BiteA mosquito repellent is essential to avoid mosquito bites. However, you should choose the right repellent and use it as directed for it to be effective. Ensure you read the label on the product before you use it and look for any age restrictions or specific information regarding how often you should apply it.

    If you are using it on children, don't apply it to their palms as it could come in contact with their mouth or eyes and opt for a natural mosquito repellent instead of a stronger chemical repellent. You could also use lemon eucalyptus oil or picaridin instead of DEET if you do not wish to use DEET.

  • Step 3 - Turn Your Property into a Mosquito-Free Area

    A few natural mosquito repellents are Catnip, Lemon balm, Rosemary, Basil, Marigold, Lemongrass, and Lavender. Planting any of them in your yard are effective ways to reduce the number of mosquitoes flying around your house. You could even use these selected scents and oils to repel them and prevent them from returning.

    Another way to repel them is by bundling the plant and burning it. Since they dislike the scents of these plants, this method is an easy and effective way to get rid of them and prevent getting a mosquito bite.

  • Step 4 - Find their Hiding & Breeding Spots

    Mosquito LarvaMosquitoes are known for breeding in stagnant water, once they have begun breeding, it won't be long before you find them hidden in almost every nook and corner of your home and yard. To prevent their number from increasing, it is best you get rid of any stagnant water lying around your house and if you find their breeding spots, get rid of it immediately.

    A few preventative measures would be to regularly clean and refill fresh water in your pet's bowl, fountains, ponds, bird baths, and to turn over any empty flower pots, bowls, watering cans, etc. to prevent water from collecting in them, doing so will reduce the chances and places for them to breed.

  • Step 5 - Add some Aesthetic Ambience

    Give your yard some ambiance by adding lit citronella scented candles, since mosquitoes despise the smell of citronella and hate the smoke that is produced, this method can be useful to keep them away while making your property look and feel aesthetic.

    You should also ensure that you are clothed well before you step outdoors. Opt for long sleeves, socks, and long pants along with closed shoes and cover any exposed skin to prevent mosquito bites. You should also avoid using repellents under your clothes.

  • Step 6 - Ensure that You Secure Your House

    Mosquito NetOnce these insects have made their way into your garden, it won't take them much time to enter your home. To avoid this, keep your doors and windows shut once the sun has set. If you wish to keep your doors and windows open always, you can use insect screens on your doors and windows to keep the mosquitoes away while allowing airflow.

    You can also use sodium lamps, yellow bug lights, or LED lights to decorate your door for an aesthetic look which will also keep them at bay. If you have an existing insect screen on your door and window, ensure that it is well-maintained and doesn't have any holes or entrances from which they can sneak inside.

    However, if they have already entered your home, you can look in dark corners, rooms, beneath your kitchen sink, etc. for their presence and if you still find it hard to repel them from your house, it would be best if you get an insect control service done as soon as possible to avoid the number from increasing.

These 6 Tips are simple and effective ways that you could repel or prevent mosquitoes from targeting your garden and home. Following them will not only keep your garden and house well-maintained, insect-free, and pleasant-smelling but it will also add to the greenery that you have in your garden while chasing away any pest.

If you followed these tips and still find a reoccurring mosquito infestation, then you should get your property carefully inspected by a professional exterminator and conduct the suggested treatment to avoid getting bite marks and falling sick while enjoying yourself in your backyard.

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