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10 Fascinating Facts on Flies

10 Fascinating Facts on Flies

Posted by Muzi On 16 Sep, 2020

People often consider flies as harmless as they do not bite humans, however, flies still pose as a threat to the health of your loved ones. How so? A commonplace to spot flies is near the garbage bins or any place with rotten items.

After resting on rotten items or rummaging through dirt, the fly becomes a carrier of diseases and viruses. Therefore, to maintain the good health of your family, an infestation should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Facts about Flies

  • Their Rapid Rate of Reproduction:

    In 1 month, a female fly can lay up to 2000 eggs which only take 10 days to fully develop after they have hatched. Since their rate of reproduction increases in warmer climates, it is even more important to control their growth to prevent a bigger infestation.

  • Short Life Period:

    If there isn't sufficient food or any sources available, a fly can be alive for only 30-50 days.

  • Only have 1 Pair of Wings:

    House Flies have only one set of membranous wings, unlike other insects. Their second set of wings which is reduced is mainly used for balance while they fly.

  • They Don't have Teeth:

    Instead of teeth, flies have a long tongue which they use to suck in their food. Some species of flies prefer drinking blood or nectar while house flies prefer human food. Did you know? Flies vomit on food when they rest on it and the acid present breaks it down, making it easier for the fly to suck while resting.

  • Active in Daylight:

    Flies are mainly active during the day especially when the temperature is between 80-90 degrees F. When the sun sets or if the temperature drops below 45 degrees F, flies return to their resting spot.

  • Each Species has Their Own Diet Preference:

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    Every species is attracted to different types of food, some prefer meat scraps while some prefer milk products or ripe fruits. Therefore, when using bait, it is essential to select a food item preferred by that species, if not, the bait will not be useful.

  • They have a Favourite Spot for Resting:

    Flies prefer resting on ceilings or walls that are near the food source. They are attracted to the smell of particular foods, flyspecks on ceilings or walls, and daylight.

  • Flies are Capable of Seeing What is Behind Them:

    They have the ability to see 360 degrees all at once as they have ommatidia.

  • Several Species have Similar Genes Like Humans:

    Species such as the fruit fly have similar genes like a human but only have 4 chromosomes. This is why this species is popular in laboratories for the purpose of reproduction.

  • Transmit Diseases by Contaminating Your Food:

    They can easily transmit diseases by defecating on your food or resting on your food. They are known for being able to rest on food for a long duration due to their sticky pads on their feet. It is through these methods that they transfer diseases that could make you sick.

In a nutshell, they are capable of transferring diseases easily and multiplying rapidly due to the facts mentioned above, this is why it is difficult to remove an infestation from your property. To effectively remove them from your property, it is best to consult with a professional and get your property inspected and follow the methods and treatments advised by the expert.

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