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All You Need to Know About Termite Treatment Costs

All You Need to Know About Termite Treatment Costs

Posted by Muzi On 08 Mar, 2018

Determining how much a termite treatment can cost you can be difficult. Though the choice to get one done may root from the fact that you don't have any other option and want to get the job done right by hiring professionals, it might seem important to know how much money you would need to shell out for this process.

There are a number of instances that can affect how much you are charged for this process. From having inspections conducted to being able to receive a detail report on the same continued with the procedures to treat and deal with the infestation can all seem very confusion to narrow down an approximate price.

While prices can vary according to different companies and the services they offer, here is how you can gain an understanding on how much of money you need to shell out (approximately!)

Factors That Determine the Cost

There are a number of factors that play a vital role in affecting the overall cost of this procedure. Understanding these factors can help gain a better understanding of the approximate expense.

  • The Total Area of Your Home:

    Bigger homes include more space, with a need for intensified inspection and treatment. The total square foot area of your home has a major impact on the total expense, the bigger your home is, the most you will need to pay professionals for their service towards a bigger area to inspect, treat and provide other services for.

  • The Amount of Infestation:

    Termite Infestation

    While some homes can be lightly infested by these destructive busybodies, a few other homes can be intensely infested with extreme damage already caused.

    In some cases the infestation can have caused structural damage that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent complete destruction of your home.

  • How Old the Infestation is:

    While a new nest of termites below the age of 5 years old can have caused little damage, a nest that is as old as 15 years or more can have caused a lot of damage! The older a nest or colony is the more damage it has caused which will mean that replacement of damaged wood with treated wood and a few check-ups on the same are a must. The older a colony is the more likely it is that they have established more colonies in the nearby parts of your home or property.

  • The Foundation's Layout:

    Your homes foundation plays a major role in determining the cost of a treatment. It is important for experts to consider the layout before delivering treatments. Monolithic slabs and a few other types of foundation require customised treatment procedures.

    Professionals also need to consider if there is space in your foundation to occupy a basement or any other space that can cause termites to have infested and destroyed the same.

  • Location of Your Home:

    The expense can also be largely based on the location of your home, a more developed city or town tends to have more expensive services compared to smaller cities or towns.

  • Climatic Conditions:

    Climatic conditions are an important part of assessing expenses as the overall life span of termites depends on favourable weather conditions for them to thrive, The more favourable the climate, the more likely the fact that they have thoroughly infested your home in Melbourne.

  • Termite Types:

    There are different types of termites that infest home. The type of these busy bodies is an important factor for pricing. The cost of treatment depends on what kind of termite your home is filled with and which treatment works best for the same.

  • Applied Methods:

    There are various methods applied by different companies and these have been added to with new inventions of the recent times. Each method has its own pros and cons that need to be considered before selecting the solution or method to be applied.

    The method can be more expensive or less expensive based on your property and its reactions to the method used. The more difficult it is for experts to access and treat the infested areas, the more expensive the treatment might be.

Analysing the Approximate Cost:

Here is how you can consider an approximate cost for your expenses:

  • Measurement:

    Measure your property and its external perimeter. This should be only up to 150mm from the wall. You will also need to count how many posts are attached to your property's structure or building.

  • Chemical Choices:

    Chemicals you can choose from are:

    • Termidor - Induces poison to kill termites by transferring the poison to the colony. 8 years of life recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Altriset - A safe and non-repellent chemical. 5 years of life recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Biflex - Poisonous repellent used to create a treated zone. This keeps termites away from your home.10 years of life recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Estimator:

    Use the measurement and chosen chemical to judge the expenses based on an approximate cost of a termite treatment.
  • Reducing the Expense of a Termite Treatment:

    Treating an infestation can be a costly affair impacted by the many factors stated above. No home owner wants to deal with extra expenses that cut a hole through their pockets.

    The best way to ensure you aren't paying for expensive treatments from time to time is to ensure that the curing of the infestation if based on the perimeter and not just the interior parts of your home.

    You can also choose to consult more than one Pest Control Company to ensure you are getting the best price for your money's worth. While trying to cut cost do not hire a cheap and ineffective pest control company to avoid having to deal with infestation again.

    Good pest control companies provide you with estimates to know the cost before hiring them for their services. Avoid an infestation as much as possible to cut down on treatment expenses.

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