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7 Methods That Might Help You Deal with Wasps This Autumn

7 Methods That Might Help You Deal with Wasps This Autumn

Posted by Muzi On 16 Feb, 2017

If you see a yellow and black stripy insect in your home or the outdoors there is a probability that they might not be your garden friendly bees. This year Australia is facing European wasps in multitudes leaving everyone to question how to get rid of them efficiently.

European wasps also known as Vespula germanica are not of Australian origin and have been known to slide into Australia and be quickly spreading since the early 1970s. Similarly to the bees the wasps too live in nests and have a queen bee to govern their reproductive males and army or females in the nest.

Another similarity to bees would be that wasp's sting too. The stings of European wasps are known to be very excruciating and lasts for quite a few hours especially if your happen to react to the toxin released into your body by the wasp's sting.

A fact differentiating wasps from bees is that a wasp can sting more than a single time anyone that receives multiple stings must visit the doctor immediately.

Here are a Few Ways to Help You Deal with the Forces of the Wasps This Autumn

  • Try Not to Engage With Wasps

    Wasp NestWasps are known to look for meat for protein and sugars for carbohydrates. Compost heaps are known to be an attraction to European wasps too.

    A good way to avoid contact with European wasps in Melbourne would be to pick up fruit that has fallen of the trees and feed your pets indoors.

    It is also advised not to drink soft drinks from a can, the reason for this being that if a wasp has gotten into the can a person can get stung in their mouth and throat while taking a sip of soft drink from the can.

    As consolation one can find comfort in the fact that European wasps are insects with short lives. Their nests may help create quite a lot of wasps from spring to the maximum number of wasps in autumn; however they start to die as the climate begins to cool at the start of winter and will have disappeared during the winter season.

  • Disregard Them

    Wasps tend to remain busy or occupied with their search of food until they are instigated. Wasps only tend to strike or summon other members to accompany them in striking when they face a threat. Unless they sense the onslaught of an attack, wasps seldom will make a move to harm you.

  • Drive Them Away

    If the spirit of risk taking does set in and you find yourself feeling rather gutsy you can attempt to gently or mildly leading a wasp away from your food or meal. However doing so mildly would be a key factor to complete such a task without being harmed.

    Any kind of grabbing or holding of the wasp will provoke it to sting you. A good suggestion would be to gently flick it keeping in mind that it might take a few attempts before the wasp stops getting back up and moves away. This however is not a permanent resolution as driving away does not last long.

  • Water Trap

    Killing a few wasps can be acquired using the water trap method. This can be acquired by setting a container with sweetened water with a dab of dish washing detergent or soap which is quite tempting to these pests.

    The dish washing detergent helps to penetrate the tautness of the water in the container causing the wasp to sink to the base and drown immediately after it land on the water. The unfortunate result of the water trap is that oh-so-helpful bees seem to be just as fascinated as the wasps to the water trap and serve the same fate as the wasps once they land on the water in the container.

  • PET Bottle Trap

    PET bottle trap is another such remedy or trap for the removal of wasps. Any empty bottle that has a lid should be drilled with 8mm holes above 100mm from the bottom and then filled with a food substance.

    One can even consider mixing some cat food with water as a replacement of food. Mixing cat food and water to a paste that is almost overflowing from the holes will cause the wasp's antennae's to tingle with an irresistible feel. Now all you need to do is hang the trap for the wasps on a tree using some string.

  • Flea Treatment

    As per a recent research, fipronil was found to be effective in killing wasps and also was an active ingredient in a few pet flea treatments. However, it is against the law to make use of off-label chemicals.

  • Demolish Their Home

    European Wasps are known to travel short distances from their nests in search of food and may fly only about at a radius of 100m from their beloved homes in search of a meal. Once their hunt is complete they seize their precious meal and dash back to their nest with it so it is possible to find their home. Finding a nest can be very helpful as reporting it to the authorities it can help eradicate and demolish it which resolves the wasp problem in the location of the find.

    The nest of wasps can be any size from a burrow to symbolizing a round greyish nest that looks as though it is made of paper material. They are also known to build their home inside the roofs or walls of houses in Melbourne.

An important detail to keep in mind would be that wasps can be quite protective of their nests so one might want to stay away from it.

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