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How Termite Infestations Affect the Value of a House & Methods to Prevent It?

How Termite Infestations Affect the Value of a House & Methods to Prevent It?

Posted by Muzi On 09 Jul, 2021

A termite infestation is a nightmare in itself. However, not only do they damage your property internally and externally but also affect the value of your house and can significantly reduce it depending on its severity. Pest infestations reduce your home value in more ways than you can imagine which is why it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible.

In this article, you will learn of the various ways an infestation damage the worth of your home and how to control it.

6 Ways Termite Damage Affects a Home's Value:

  • Weakens Your House's Structure and Lowers its Aesthetics:

    One of the most serious damages that they pose to homes is structural damage. They weaken the structure of your home by munching on the beams which also affects the aesthetics of your home. A weak structure and a bad appearance play a significant role in reducing the retail value of your home.

  • Create a Negative Market Image:

    Termites on Damaged WoodThe thought of termites nearby has the potential to scare off even the bravest individuals.

    Since no one wants their furniture or property to be damaged by these pesky insects. They would rather avoid even looking at houses that have a history of severe infestation damage.

    Therefore, an infestation can generate a negative market image which would scare off potential buyers and damage the house's value.

  • Increases Renovation and Repair Costs:

    Termites tend to chew on the most expensive items, and once they begin chewing their way through, they do not stop until there is nothing left for them to chew on. Therefore, an infestation can increase the cost of renovations and repairs.

  • Damages Furniture:

    These insects are known for their insatiable appetites and love for wooden furniture and items with high cellulose or highly fibrous. Whether it is your imported carpet from Dubai or your wooden sculpture from France, these insects won't spare anything that comes in their way.

  • Reduce the Value of Your House:

    Your home's value can drop by about 20% just with the discovery of termites on your property. However, this is only if the infestation is treatable and identified at its initial stage. Therefore, not paying attention to your house or letting an infestation worsen can further reduce the value of your property.

  • Damages Your House's Real Estate Value:

    The law requires every owner to disclose all information including any old or existing infestation to potential buyers regardless of when it occurred or how severe it was. If your house suffered from termite damage, it will be taken into consideration while assessing the value of your house and can be used by potential buyers as an advantage for bargaining.

How to Identify an Infestation?

The Common Signs and Symptoms to Identify an infestation are:

  • If you notice mud tubes around your property or on the walls
  • Cracks in your walls, ceilings, beams, or rafters
  • A spongy floor or if your laminated floor seems as if it has blisters or is sagging
  • Deteriorated doors and windows
  • Lastly, sawdust debris or wood damage is one of the first and most important signs to look for when trying to identify an infestation

How to Stop Termites from Damaging Your Home?

Stopping termites from damaging a house is essential for all owners and helps them save on the expenses of an infestation treatment. Not to forget, by stopping them from damaging the house, they are also ensuring the home's value is not lowered or affected.

  • Termite Prevention before Building a House:

    Termite Control MelbourneAlthough this isn't possible in every case, the best way to avoid a termite infestation is by adopting prevention methods during the planning strategy and maintaining it even after the construction of the house is completed.

    To keep these insects at bay, a basaltic barrier is securely fitted below the house.

    Additionally, a termite mesh is added in concrete as cold joints.

  • Termite Prevention for Existing Houses:

    Even if effective methods were not included in the construction of your house, there still are many other termite prevention steps to adopt to prevent them from damaging your property and lowering the worth of your home.

    A Few Prevention Steps to Adopt for Existing Houses are:

    • Get rid of wood, paper, plants, lumber, mulch, cardboard, etc., around the foundation
    • Fix any leakage in your home as these insects are attracted to moisture
    • If there are any existing cracks, fill them up as soon as you can to eliminate any entry and hiding spots
    • Ensure that any wooden item or furniture is not directly in contact with the soil
    • Prevent moisture build-up in your home's foundation by opening up the air vents
    • Get a termite inspection after every three weeks by a certified pest control technician

In a nutshell, termite infestations severely affect your home's worth. Therefore, they shouldn't be taken lightly.

If you notice a termite infestation in your home, it would be best to call a pest control expert at once and get rid of these pests.

Prolonging a pest control service and an inspection gives these pests more time to cause more damage. Therefore, the sooner you call an exterminator, the better!

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