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Top 5 Methods for Keeping Your Kitchen Pest-Free Post Pest Control

Top 5 Methods for Keeping Your Kitchen Pest-Free Post Pest Control

Posted by Muzi On 02 Dec, 2021

Sometimes homeowners face a reoccurring infestation even after getting a pest removal service. In such a situation, they choose to blame it on the service provider and refer to the removal treatment as inefficient.

However, a reoccurring infestation is caused due to a lack of post treatment care and preventative measures. Pests easily make their way back into the house especially if the owner is making the same mistake as they did before of providing them with ample access to edibles, water, and shelter.

By following these top 5 methods, you can keep your home bug-free even after you get a removal service to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Eliminate Easy Access to Water in Your Kitchen:

    Insects and rodents look for homes with easy access to food and water. Therefore, if your kitchen provides them with ample sources of water, it would become more challenging to eliminate them.

    After you have conducted a bug control treatment in your kitchen, the treatment tends to dehydrate them which makes them look for and need water even more. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate any source of water as a post removal preventative measure.

    By following this method, you would be increasing the longevity of the treatment, resulting in a bug-free home.

  • Storing Food in Airtight Containers:

    Airtight ContainersAs we mentioned earlier, bugs prefer residing in houses with easy access to food. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of any source of food lying around in your kitchen.

    Restricting yourself to eating only in the kitchen or dining area is the best way to prevent dropping bread crumbs around your house. It is also essential to store all your food items in airtight containers and avoid leaving leftovers out in the open to stop attracting insects. By doing so, you would be making your property less attractive and susceptible to bugs or rodents.

  • Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets:

    Your kitchen is the one place in your house that provides insects with ample sources of edibles, water, and shelter. Often you will find that your kitchen cabinet itself is the main hideout for most insects as it is closer to the supplies and water and easier to hide inside.

    Therefore, it is vital that you inspect your cabinets every once in a while and get rid of any extra storage as that only provides them with more places to hide behind or inside. The more cluttered, messy, and unhygienic your cabinet is, the more susceptible it is to an infestation.

    Even after a removal treatment, you should continue to check your cabinets, just in case an insect has died inside and starts attracting bigger pests as it decomposes.

  • Regular Disposal of Waste:

    Kitchen WasteWhether you have leftovers or waste lying out in the open or a garbage bin full of edible waste, you would be drawing more rodents to your house by not disposing of waste efficiently or regularly.

    Even if you dispose of your waste every day but only leave it outside your premises or uncovered, it could still attract rodents to your property, and soon they would make their way into your house. Therefore, it is vital to dispose of your waste both regularly and efficiently to keep rodents at bay.

  • Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen Every Month:

    We understand that with a busy lifestyle and never-ending tasks, it gets challenging to thoroughly deep clean your kitchen regularly. However, if you wish to keep your kitchen free of rodents, it is essential to do so. By spending a little bit of time deep cleaning your kitchen, you would be saving much more time, effort and money in the long run for treating your kitchen once again for a bug removal treatment.

In a nutshell, pest removal is essential and very effective in eliminating an infestation. However, post treatment care is also vital to determine the longevity and effectiveness of the treatment. By following the above-mentioned methods, you can maintain a bug-free kitchen even after your pest removal service is finished.

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