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How to Keep Your Chimney Pest-free?

How to Keep Your Chimney Pest-free?

Posted by Muzi On 23 Jun, 2022

Whether you're planning to stay home for the holidays or not, certain unwanted visitors may be. And these aren't those relatives you dread having over. These are visitors that will try to make their way onto your property and into your home, whether you agree to having them over or not. And the one way they're trying to enter your home this season is the same way we're told a very special someone came over to give us presents - through the chimney!

So, How to Keep Them Out?

By trying to ensure your property doesn't seem as inviting and doesn't draw them in, in the first place. This is done by a few preventive measures. However, it is important to first consider who these uninvited visitors may be.

  • Common Pests Found on Your Property

    A few visitors that may be attracted to hibernating in your home and make scratching sounds while utilising your chimney are rodents and squirrels. Ever thought your chimney may be a birthing home? Whether you did or not a female racoon may have just that on her mind this season. And if she didn't there are the chances that a rodent, bat or bird has.

  • Keep the Flue Closed!

    This may seem pretty obvious and yet it is easy to forget when the time comes to do so. So, the next time you've finished using your fireplace and the embers have died down, shut the flue. This way you can ensure that birds, bast, rodents and other pests do not have a clear entrance into your house.

  • Installing a Fireplace Door

    Fireplace doorThe door acts as a wall and blocks off all the accessible entry points for these pests as sometimes a grate or mesh doesn't do the job.

    With a fireplace door installed, you can ensure you keep insects out while also ensuring that children and pets are kept at a safer distance from the fire, every time you use your fireplace.

  • First Burn the Oldest Wood

    Older firewood tends to offer a longer period of time to insects to settle down in it and make it their house. So burning older firewood decreases this likelihood. You may also benefit from storing firewood off the ground and at the farthest end of your property.

  • Sweep & Clean Your Property

    If you have had a pest issue on your property before, you should ensure you have the chimney swept and cleaned on a more regular basis. Regular checks allow you enough time to spot an issue and fix it at the earliest.

  • Install a Cap

    Chimney capIf you're looking for added security, seal off the top of your chimney with a cap.

    And if you observe cracks in the walls, ensure you seal them to prevent beetles and other insects.

    A cap is an easy and efficient way of ensuring that no birds, rodents, rats or large insects get into your chimney.

  • Use a Chimney Screen

    A screen is exactly as it sounds, it's a screen with a very small opening that's placed inside your chimney. The hole in this screen acts as the vents for the smoke to escape but also blocks all possible entries for any insects, even tiny bugs! However, one small disadvantage to these screens is the time factor as pests can eventually bite through these over time. One possible solution would be to install a cap along with the screen. The cap blocks all rats and pesky creatures big enough to eat through the screens and any tiny insect that does get through the cap is blocked by the screen.

  • Buy a New Damper

    It's important that the damper be closed when you're not using the fireplace to ensure that unwanted pets and cold air stay out of your chimney. You should replace a damaged damper, that isn't doing the job all too well, with a new one. While shopping for a new damper, remember to measure the inside of your chimney. This will ensure you find the right fit.

  • Get an Ultrasonic Bird Deterrent

    If you just can't tolerate the idea of pigeons or other birds making their nest in your chimney, you may find installing an ultrasonic bird deterrent can be very useful! These devices keep producing an ultrasonic high-pitched sound that is inaudible to humans but frightens both birds and bats.

What do You Do When a Pest is Already Inside?

Before you remember what to do, here's what you shouldn't do - light a fire. It may seem like you can smoke these pesky creatures out; however, attempting to do so means coming in contact with the pesky creature. Additionally, you would be coming in contact with their bacteria, fleas, parasites and ectoparasitic insects. The only right thing to do is to call in the professionals!

If you're having trouble with such unwanted visitors on your property and notice they have made their way into Santa's entry door, call Protech Pest control to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home along with an effective resolution - inspection and treatment.

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